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  1. Captain Hideous New Player

    In your opinion, which were the hardest missions of each type upon release and/or at level? I've been playing since early 2012, for reference. I haven't played any of these at level in a REALLY long time, so bear with me. I have not idea how hard these are now.

    Mine would be:

    Level Up - Bruno Mannheim's dungeon back in the early level 20's was pretty brutal back in the days. I had to get a piece of T1 in order to finally beat it by myself.

    Single Player Challenge - Everything from T1-T5 was pretty boring. If I had to choose, i guess it would be Circe's Stronghold (Wonder Woman/Circe mentor mission).

    Duo - OMAC base was pretty bad, but do-able. I remember it taking me awhile for me to beat Flashback as well. Cape Carmine Lighthouse is up there as well. Spark of Ion is terrible with a bad partner

    Alert - Oolong Island T2 and HIVE Base T2 were absolutely unforgiving at release I absolutely hate running Demon's Plan. Everything can go well until you allow for a small mistake in the boss fights. Fatal Exams is brutal with PUGs. I can comfortably say that I will never do Fatal Exams again.

    Raid - FOS 2. There's no contest. Though I actually liked running it. Those Marks of Krypton felt well earned. Sometimes, I wish I could go back to struggling along with the team to get past that dang bridge, lol. Ones that I hated and considered extremely hard are Inner Sanctum and Paradox Wave.

    Seasonal - This one may come off as stupid, but I could never beat Larfleeze's Christmas special or whatever back in 2012. I waited a whole year until I actually started getting feats for the holiday.

    Which are yours?
  2. Yaiba Well-Known Player

    Alerts: Inner Sanctum (T4), DC (T7)

    Raids: FOS 1-2-3 (T3), Prime Battleground (T4) :mad: , Paradox/Nexus (T5) :mad: , UM (T7)

    Duos: Omac (T1)
  3. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    But Paradox Wave was so fun?
  4. Deus Ex Machina Well-Known Player

    Level Up: Any leveling mission with the Wags.
    Single Player Challenge: Gotham Subway. Pengbot Maximus. Nuff said.
    Duo: The Heist with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. So many Wags.
    Alert: Phantom Zone Elite. Second boss.
    Raid: Throne of the Dead. Essence...
    Seasonal: Anniversary.

    These are chosen to be my personal hardest at release/ at tier.
  5. Steve Trevor Loyal Player

    God I hated wags back in the day lol
  6. Captain Hideous New Player

    "Tell me if you've heard this one before!" :eek:
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  7. Steve Trevor Loyal Player

    "Spppaannddeexxxx" lol
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  8. Great Architect Committed Player

    Levelling to 30:-

    Solo: Yeah, Bruno was pretty brutal - until I remembered the Tutorial and interrupted his channelled attacks. I think I finally beat him when I got hold of a Rifle - the grenade ranged attack was pretty insane back then.

    Alert: Gorilla Island. Wipe after wipe after wipe after wipe after wipe until somehow Ultra-Humanite just seemed to give up and die sometimes. Even Bludhaven was kind by comparison, and that was my number two pet hate back then.

    Early Post-30:

    Solo: Either Gotham University Warehouse (Catwoman), or Gotham Subway (Penguin). The first was a long haul, had hard-hitting guys that would two-shot you, and had a bunch of situations where you could just get mobbed by Lions. The second had Pengbot, which was my first *really* frustrating sub-boss fight. Penguin was a breeze, but *that thing*, I think, was introduced to prepare us for Enrage mechanics (q.v. Zetta Drone).

    Duo: OMAC Base or Gotham University. Either your partner knew the mechanics, or they were: - In the first case: Beating on the paired OMAC Nanosynths futilely while you ran back and forth to grab Ice Barrels to try and encase and separate, or attacking the shielded OMAC instead of clearing the drone adds, or even better - they would activate two Neurosynths at the same time in the boss fight, which was a wipe. In the second case, I'd get deja vu - people beating on a shielded opponent (the Magent subboss - forget his name), and ignoring the add spawners.

    Alert: Inner Sanctum, pre-GU20-something. What can I say? The A.R.C. - popularly assumed to be an acronym for Ah'm Rage Cwitting. Brother Eye's One-shot Disco and the Zetta Drone also deserve honorary mentions.

    Raid: Kahndaq. You know why.
  9. TechWarrior0329 Devoted Player

    let me think

    Level up .... I'd say Bruno. It was not bad once you figured out how to use the healing barrels to keep health and power up when he became invulnerable but I had alts so I'd been through the thing a number of times.. For a brand new player still learning the game.... That was a tough one. Still see players when I am hunting Exobits/Bounties in Gotham hollering for help with him.

    Solo challenge..... I'm going with the AF3 solo where you battle Faust and then Artemus. You get access to that at CR166 but it takes a few added CR before Artemus isn't a giant pain in the butt. Now I fly so my tactic is hover high above and unlease my back up and hit her with orbital strike, Put up my shield and make sure I have a soda and my supply drop ready to use. POH yeah and whatever you do get to that damn healing barrel before she does. I had her half dead one time and she was the one that broke it.... She was back at full health again. :eek:

    Duo...I'm going with the Omac. Get the wrong team mate that has no idea of the mechanics and it can be a real nightmare. I've had guys that could not grasp the concept of .. WE need to separate the drones or they heal each other. YOU go over there and attack THAT one while I stay here and attack this one. Follow that with TRYING to get some team mates to grasp the concept.. STOP shooting and grab these or we can't get past the robots shield. And I even had one guy that managed to spawn the drones from both places they spawn at the same time. I thought we were in a bee hive. Oh hey as a runner up.. Zamaron Corrupted .. The mission itself is not that bad but this was the first duo where CR 113 were allowed to join in even though you were battling CR 130+ mobs. Nothing said fun like dragging a 113 through that and taking 30 some minutes to complete a dup you could do with a good team mate that could stay alive for more than 4 seconds and actually do some damage.

    Alert.... Numerous candidates based on who you are teaming with but I'll agree with the OP. FATAL EXAMs on a pug can be totally brutal and I PUG everything these days.

    Raids.... For me I'd say Unholy Matrimony. I've lost track of how many PUG teams I have been on that had a list of team mates so long it was ridiculous do to team wipes and players quitting.

    Seasonal?.. I don't find any really that bad but when we start talking team mates I'd go Winter again because way to many just can not grasp the idea that until the objectives are dealt with you are NOT going to defeat Larfleez. and I'll add on the Anniversary because you spend half your time being tossed around like a kitten's toy and the other half wondering why 1-2 guys are WAY over there doing absolutely nothing. Runner up would be Halloween because there are still players out there that can not grasp the concept that you need to deal with the crystals or Klarion will never take damage... Oh yeah and this was the first holiday event where players would Que up and join an alert, use the soda machine to buy the new furniture they wanted and then leave without firing off a shot. BECAUSE? It was too long of a trip to turn them in at the Safe house. :mad:
  10. Great Architect Committed Player

    All of that *and* the open-world missions are a real pain / may be bugged. Lantern Behemoths that can't be attacked for up to three seconds after they spawn - the usual reduced damage from superpowers to targets is an order of magnitude greater here than any other Seasonal (so weapon spamming is required), short timers on presents, lots of CC from adds - encases, transformations, and massive knockbacks are a part of *every* encounter. Since the likelihood of you snagging *two or more* actual presents between the traps, the CC and the short timers is low, then you have to rinse and repeat at least 4 times, usually 5 or more. It's just hard work. I find it completely thankless, especially knowing I still have to run the (overly long) instance at the end of it.
  11. Great Architect Committed Player

    ...Almost like posting on these forums - where it's hit or miss whether I shall still be logged in if I take more than 60 seconds to write a post, and I now have the added pain of a recaptcha to deal with before I can get back in if not :(.

    I had to login twice to post both of these posts... that are two minutes apart :(:mad:

    Edit: Three times - to change X( to :mad:.
  12. lordexecution365 Dedicated Player

    Pengbot Maximus used to have players shouting "Need help with Gotham Subway" with a reply "it's a solo".

    Gates would have people kicked for having gear lower than 78 item level.

    Area 51...hard, at level,... groups couldn't get out the front door.

    Fos 2 and 3, would make a many logoff at the beginning with Prime after 1 wipe the group would disband with everyone blaming everyone else.

    The hardest raids had glitches that was exploited a lot.

    Oh yeah, Arkham Asylum was so bad there were 8 man teams to beat it.

    Basically Nexus, Dox, HH both reg and elite, Khandaq, oolong island, home turf Stryker Island...as a Troll even Ace Chemical as a Troll, and any raid that can't be random qued into.

    I have watched as Sub Construct was a nightmare for people at level.

    Duo's weren't to difficult like solo's, only the solo's mentioned I would see as difficult or hard, me I didn't find the pengbot to hard... It help that I was able to watch my better half struggle with it and see how to beat it.
  13. GhostsAndMagic Dedicated Player

    So for all of these I will assume you are around the suggested cr:

    Leveling up: The one where you fight as Specture vs Eclipso, the mission wasn't particularly hard but every quest in that mission was annoying to do

    Solo Challenge: Probably Iceberg lounge because of those damn penguins in the final encounter

    Duo: Ferris Aircraft, the 1st part of the mission was really hard if you didn't have a reliable teammate and you were squishy

    Alert: T2 Hive Base, it seemed like all the enemies hit way too hard in there, even the trash mobs

    Raid: FOS2 like by far. If your group was good enough to make it through the split tunnels without giving up good luck beating the final boss that could hit you before the things that hit you could even load into the game
  14. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Leveling mission: villain star labs, before I learned you could turn one of the Flash's to an ape..it was fun getting hit for 2k a punch at lvl 17.

    Event: that one time when the Halloween event was ridiculous.

    Solo: Gotham subway, **** pengbot maximus to this day

    Duo: villain version of Harley Hiest. Still poses problems today on my lower cr DPS.

    Alert: Arkham asylum when it was still T1... My very first time in there we spent 2 hours on Mister Freeze and still couldn't pass him.

    Raid: both Nexus and Wave pre-nerf. Followed by FOS 2 and inner.
  15. DCUO SmackThem Well-Known Player

    Solo - Gotta be the black lantern one (I forgot the name but it wasn’t a queue. It was a Weekly mission I believe in the teleporter next to Mogo in battlezone) I could even give it to Gotham Subway because back in my noob days, I could not pass Pengbot Maximus no matter what. That boss actually made me quit for half a year lol.

    Alert- I absolutely hated Fatal Exams in my pugging days. Could not get past the forst boss to save my life. I could also give it to T2 Oolong island yeah bad memories from that one.

    Raid - FOS 2 (I remember going through a 6 hour run of this raid back in its prime. Yeah, dark times) or unholy matrimony. I didn’t mention DWF for 2 reasons I ran it one time, and I never really had the determination to beat it like Unholy or FOS 2.
  16. SkyyRin Dedicated Player

    For me when I leveled up it was always a nightmare to fight Whisper A'daire,
    And Gotham University, Always got knocked down at the wave. lol

    Solo: The Science Spire.

    Duo: Wastelands Wonderland, last boss. Still having issues to these days XD

    Alert: Bludhaven, The adds there hits so hard and for me it was always the hardest when leveling.

    Raid: The Prime Battleground. Still hell to these days lol

    Event: They aren't hard for me, but Swamp thing hits like a truck. XD

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