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  1. Laff Riot New Player

    So whats the best loadouts for both?
  2. Laff Riot New Player

  3. Octantis New Player

    My Controller Loadout was:
    Claws, Ram, Word of Power, Recharge, Whip Thrash, and Hand Clap
    (note that other Powers I took were Fan, Snap Trap, Grasping Hand, Impact, and Light Blast)

    My DPS Loadout was:
    Snap Trap, Ram, Word of Power, Chompers, Claws, and Hand Clap

    Another NOTE: I used Brawling and/or Two-Handed exclusively for both. Mainly Brawling for the 11-Hit Tier 3 power regen threshold

    Controller Rotations:
    PoT: Claws - Ram - Whipx2 (11-hit combo)
    CC: Ram - Trap - Light Blast (7-8 hit combo)
    Ranged Power Regen / CC: Clapx3 - Grasping+Pull - Light Blast (11-hit combo)
    Melee Power Regen: Ram - Whipx2 - Impact - Malee Attack (12 hit combo)
    (usually drop a power dump after every combo if needed)

    DPS Rotations:
    Trap - Fan - Clawsx2+Hold - Ram -Trap (repeat)
    Ram - Trap - Fan ~ Jump Cancel - Ranged Tap ~ Clip ~ Ram (repeat)
    Trap - Fan - Clawsx2+Hold - Whipx2 ~ Clip ~ Trap (repeat)

    Never really tried getting the top DPS spot, but usually come close or succeed.
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    HL dps in a nutshell.
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  5. DarkThorn Dedicated Player

    Reviving this thread to ask... are there benefits of going Controller role with Light versus DPS for solo content? Someone was saying that you can remain in Controller role but still do equal DPS. I am CR54 and have been running fine as Light DPS but his input now has me wondering if there is an advantage to running solos in Controller role.
  6. Prodigy_Deity New Player

    For solo content I run troll mode on my dps just to get the added power in exchange for damage out
  7. DarkThorn Dedicated Player

    Well, this person was saying that the controller role doesn't lose any damage out, which I thought all roles lost the damage modifiers when not in Damage role but gained the various power effects in exchange. Is he correct or not? It just seems that if he is correct, you'd never see a single controller DPS as they would all be running in straight controller mode.

    I have followed OMAAR's guide and have set up my Light DPS accordingly with a couple of slight changes to the loadout and have done well in solo content. I have not had a problem with running out of power and when I do get low, Brawling tends to regen power quickly and the power regen tactical weapon mod helps too. As I am fairly new to this game, I am still learning the ropes, but want to know if there is something I am missing by not running in Controller mode during solos.
  8. Delta795 New Player

    Running in Controller stance you DO NOT get a damage penalty (like healers or tanks), however you also do not damage modifiers either.
    Solo content I would just go DPS and set up my rotation accordingly, but for me I prefer to control when in group instances.
  9. DarkThorn Dedicated Player

    Thanks for the reply and the information.

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