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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. jamiejacket Well-Known Player

    Is the boost on the EU server yet? I’ve logged in but can’t find it.
  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    To use the CR210 advance, you need to log a character all the way into the game, then back out to Character Select or Character Create to use the boost.
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  3. Dene Prince Loyal Player

    U need to create a new character or boost one that is under 210cr.. there will be a button, at the final screen before you click to create your toon, that will say "boost to 210"

    it is not an "item" so to speak :)
  4. Skahr New Player

    Thanks for the anniversary stuff
  5. DoctorP2 Well-Known Player

    The item description says it "is redeemable for every character on the account." If that's not true, you should change the description.
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  6. DCUO Addict Committed Player

    The gear box is granted to the character that you skip to CR 210. You use the skip from the login/character selection screen to either advance an existing character or to create a new character that you skip to 210.
  7. Xander_Enigma New Player

    Many congratulations dear friends of DCUO, and thanks for the gifts, keep going with this great videogame.

    Long Live DCUO !!! ;)
  8. Legion_of_One Well-Known Player

    Thanks for this gift. It's generous and surprisingly diverse. One point of feedback I have is that the marks, instead of dropping into inventory as a clickable item, went straight into the marks bank. I lost out on some marks because I was bumped up to the max (for the first time ever). I'm glad it was just 4 marks that I was shorted, but someone else might receive nothing for the same reason.
  9. Aerith Rose Well-Known Player

    I appreciate the gifts. The new base lair theme looks nice, is a shame this is not for all characters on account.
  10. Akumakazama Level 30

    Can someone explain
    And that's not all! Also starting today, open episodes are back! All players can play through Episode 32 (with increased loot lockout times) now through January 31, 2019. Log in, rank up, and get a taste of what you have been missing.

    I just tried to get into Episode 32 and it told me my CR was too low.
  11. bigbadron alt Committed Player

    Open episodes just means you don't need to have bought the DLC, or have a membership, to play them. You still need to have a high enough CR.
  12. Akumakazama Level 30

    Thanks would have been nice though.
  13. Jay Leon Hart New Player

    Woo! Subbed to get the extra swag, but I got a regular Artifacts Cache with the standard choice of 8, not the Member Gift Artifact Cache with the choice of 14 - should I e-mail support, or was this changed?

    Either way, thanks for the swag, just when I decided to start playing again :D
  14. Jay Leon Hart New Player

    Can't figure out how to edit - ignore the above, didn't realise it was a marketplace redeem item.
  15. Captain1Dynamo Well-Known Player

    CR 210 + 85 SP = totally incapable of playing CR 210 instances.
  16. UltimateGamerGod New Player

    When I logged on I didn’t notice anything different about my character.
  17. UltimateGamerGod New Player

    When I logged on and clicked character advance I didn’t notice CR210 free it’s 5000 daybreak cash.
  18. Foxlima New Player

    Well, thanks for the gifts and happy birthday.
    However, and knowing that probably is not forgotten, I would like to point out that, we, on the EU server, are still waiting for the Extravaganza! with bonus materials, cheaper fees on the membership and cheaper marketplace cash...and perhaps, during a sale that maximises that cash...like how it happened in December on the US server.
    Other than that, keep up the good work!
  19. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    U need to fully log into the game(with any character) first, then log out to character selection, then use 210 boost on a alt or go to character creation and make a alt with 210 boost
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  20. Professor Saiya New Player

    I have not logged in for a few months. I picked the perfect time to randomly check out the DCUO message boards it seems.
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