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  1. xGMZen Well-Known Player

    good lord... can we just put them all in the marketplace?!! there's just too many... ain't nobody got time for all those feats??? (at least I freakin don't, look at all those collections!!! redunculous!)
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  2. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    There's even more now. I haven't updated this guide in awhile :D
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  3. M4gik New Player

    Extra Life Materials:
    Caregiver's Neon Chroma

    Hiii i would like to know the name of this waist or legs? i can't find it anywhere looks amazing!
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  4. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Haya! This is the Dark Raven style from Teen Titans Time Capsule :)
  5. Ninjabiscuit Well-Known Player

    Thanks for this. Can you do the male versions too?
  6. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Hey! I'd love to but I don't have half of the materials\chromas on my male character. They all look pretty much the same, though.
    Plus, this guide is not up to date. Not sure when I will get back to updating it. But glad it was helpful!