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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Mepps, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    So yeah, here we are. Light FX, again, I haven't been on test but I'm not surprised that clipping with channeled abilities feels awkward. My understanding going in the revamp was that the channels were for Pftt, and that we're supposed to use things like mini-nuke and shotgun for hybrid. Did you try that?
  2. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Power Regen with Munitions is really good actually.

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  3. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    Just going off your video, munitions pftt looks more or less like it does on live. Would that be accurate? Actually seems like I might have worried for nothing.
  4. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    It's more or less the same. You have to reapply PI at the beginning of every rotation. This was a first go, with a heavy power spec. I also used EC hand mod but not sure if it's worth it. This particular rotation seemed to flow well but there are many permutations to try. Also the option of 3 or 4 channels. My 5th power could easily be the finisher for raids. I can post the damage parse for this later, if I remember. I was lucky to get paired with a healer and not a Rage DPS.
  5. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    You don't need to post the parses on my account, although others might want to see them. I was actually planning a hybrid build, with chain grenade launcher and shotgun, but it's reassuring to know I have this to fall back on if that doesn't work out. Thank you for posting this. Do you think my plan A is likely to succeed though?
  6. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    To be honest I haven't tested Munitions much and the one raid I did I was controller. What weapon were you thinking of?
  7. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    Brawling. Want to be like Doomguy in Doom 4, alternating between blowing enemies away with an improbably large arsenal, and tearing them apart with my bare hands. I hope I can make that a reality. I'm not bothered about topping the scoreboard, I just don't want to be deadweight. :)
  8. MastaMind Dedicated Player

    This makes me a feel a bit better. Still a bit peeved that I have two "tactical mods" that will be going into the gutters. RIP BG III and whatever the one that reduced the cooldown on KI.
  9. spack2k Steadfast Player

    Munition is in a real good spot playing just from the tray
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  10. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I haven't tested the damage on Bug Gun vs 100% SC from other powers.
  11. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    I'm curious about this. See even without its much maligned special effect, it was still the biggest single hit in the munitions arsenal. So I'm not convinced it would be totally useless with that effect nerfed.
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