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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Mepps, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Please use this thread to discuss Atomic in the Stats Revamp.
  2. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Actually I am personally testing atomic tank and I provided my feedback in dm's since it was so massive because I'm slightly long winded lol.

    To give you guys a sneak peak though, Atomic tank has absolutely no damage mitigation without the CC/stun on Atom Splitter which is causing it to get mutilated in content. We ran DWF yesterday and both myself and the other tank had the most deaths throughout the entire raid that lasted 122 minutes......We were all 189 which is 20+ CR over geared. The tanks are in bad shape and there isn't enough people providing feedback to get any actual changes made I guess. Feel free to hop on test and join an actual raid and tell me how you like the feel of it. Fatal and I went through every tank power in the game last night trying not to be suic*dal DPS in tank stance. Daybreak doesn't have to hire a group of testers who aren't familiar with the game because that would not benefit anyone. Just need to listen to the experienced players giving a ton of feedback for each power and role (imo). Hope that clears up my sadness for Atomic tank.

    P.S. I'll be salvaging my tank set on live if tanks aren't fixed properly!
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  3. L T Loyal Player

    Lots of atomic testing-- both tank and dps-- has been done over the long course of the revamp. Just because you don't see anything recent here doesn't mean it was never looked at.

    The revamp has been going on for a full year now. It seems kind of silly to call it "rushed".

    Atomic Tanking is essentially unchanged since the 1.7 release. My feedback remains unchanged. The self-heals are pretty good. The power drain is a problem. And the fact that your abilities no longer counter is an annoyance that will take more than a little getting used to. It hurts to stop healing yourself in difficult content in order to get a counter in.
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  4. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Been testing Atomic tank since it hit in 1.3 its undergone a bunch of changes since then. Its almost comparable to live except it has no damage mitigation. The juggle from TE doesn't last long enough to account for the animation time of AS which needs its CC/stun back. You are right the combos can't be interrupted to an extent. If you have adds that have specific CC/stun attacks that interrupts the combos. If you have multiple adds using those specials repeatedly (because they aren't CC/stunned) it can interrupt you're combos consistently to the point of the aura dropping which is a massive no no for atomic tanking.

    The best way for Atomic tank to mitigate damage is to have the juggle from TE and the CC/stun from AS especially since the combos/animations are so long that you have no other real options to mitigate damage on your own. Keeping PR up isn't enough to mitigate the damage. I have been apart of testing group since the beginning of this and we test almost daily together and work like a well oiled machine because we've spent so long playing together now. We have excellent communication using in game VC and discord. I can't speak for anyone else when I say this, but for me personally I don't want to have to beg my trolls for CC's to help me mitigate my damage. I don't want my trolls saying don't worry Charm I got you and giving me their group shield and CC's in an attempt to save my life because even with PR up and Density up its not enough to mitigate my damage.
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  5. Juiceman936 Well-Known Player

    Let me be clear... I AM NOT ABLE TO TEST, I am not on test servers. I only play on Ps4. Now that's out the way.

    Change your loadout. Tryout the AS/NBurst. Take out TE. I normally wouldn't do this but I'm trying to help atomic in any way I can. No pun intended
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  6. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    AS has the biggest problem not TE. You would still find yourself getting murdered for the duration of AS which is long but would seem like an eternity seeing your HP doing like mine in my sig. I understand you can't test, but this problem has a very simple fix and the l/o isn't it. All tanks are failing in the mitigation aspect for one reason or another.
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  7. Juiceman936 Well-Known Player

  8. High Troller Loyal Player

    You are very qualified to give advice.
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  9. Captain Cold Level 30

    I have just started testing tanking after charmed mentioned that the tanking was rough and I can confirm that it is in fact the case. My tests have been from soloing the paradox executioner in time torn area 51 and the bounty in war torn village.

    From my observations, atomic tanks health just goes down too fast and cannot be related (maybe solely at this point) to Atom Splitters stun as you can permastun adds but you can't permastun bosses.

    My thoughts on what I could see are related to the defense value being too low as when I swapped from executioner in a51 to bounty in war torn where we have the buff there is only a buff to our defense value and it was quite possibly too easy to stay alive with no issues with that buff.

    Secondly, the cc resist is too low as I am being thrown about everywhere now and struggle to pull off combos when being swatted away constantly. If we can't pull off our combos relatively effectively there goes our active mitigation from self heals.

    TL;DR: Defense stat is way too low currently, possibly need a boost to 1.5x what it currently is. CC resist is too low as well, unsure of where a good feel would be to be increased to. Aborption and Self Heals feel in a good spot.
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  10. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Keep in mind if it was defense Ice would be suffering as well. I do agree CC resistance (15%) is too low and possibly damage absorption (20%) too. I do think the CC being removed on AS plays a role. You need to factor in a boss with adds is gonna be a lot to mitigate when nothing at all has any CC on it. The troll has other jobs and cba to sit and baby sit the tank 24/7 applying CC because we are lacking our own.

    In general Atomic tank functions very differently compared to the rest of the tank powers. It was hard to nail down the perfect percentages when it was on test originally to be released, and Atom Splitter was an issue then too hence why we got the CC/stun to begin with. It is a very long combo to be without anything when adds are involved. I just feel its probably a combination of that missing and CC resistance being so low. I can't decide how I really feel about the damage absorption percentage. It sounds too low but that could be just me after being beat on repeatedly in multiple test runs lol.
  11. Captain Cold Level 30

    Yeah I don't believe atom splitter will change much as far as our survivability. It really only contains the enemies into an area for us into a neat pile and holds them there with a stun. I mean it does have the added effect of if they can't hit us then we can survive as a tank, but that from my point of view is not what we should be basing how we tank.

    This also creates more issues as I have stated as we can't cc a boss so what do we do then? Just get pummelled into nonexistence as we attempt to "mitigate" his damage with stuns which won't work on him?
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  12. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    I agreed already CC resistance is too low.You need to also factor adds are walking away from us like we don't exist anymore. The CC/stun on atom splitter prevents that from happening. I would love it if you would look on DCUO Healz YouTube Channel. You will clearly see where the adds walk off after atom splitter like f--- you in the dwf raids and murder different group members. Once you get on to the last boss fight you will also see the struggles Atomic is having with the adds where we use to dominate. :(

    I know it's not the soul cause of Atomic's problems, but it's not helping matters where adds are concerned.
  13. Captain Cold Level 30

    Thermochemical explosion still cc's adds. I picked up as many adds as i could and cc'd those adds till the cows came home. Atom Splitter is now pretty much a pbaoe pull so I have no issue with it. It just means we are now just as effective as the other tanks on adds and won't be "the OP add tank". I love atom splitter on live but it is OP as hell, just saying it should be something looked at after we figure out what is wrong with our tanking and then see if it is completely necessary.

    After all if we can survive boss hits, multiple add tanking should be a cakewalk with our other tools at our disposal, just will mean we will hafta change how we play slightly compared to before.
  14. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Raid adds have a different breakout profile than open world trash npc's. I think considering this is all going live in just a few days it needs to be sorted properly, and all at once which would be CC resistance, possibly damage absorption, and CC on AS. We can continue our conversation in DM's now so we don't plague the Atomic thread anymore lol :p
  15. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D
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  16. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    I think that Mitigation+ Health based healing bonus should be further increased.

    At Live Im speccing more towards Health rather than Dominance since healing bonus is almost the same but extra Health is increasing the max damage I can take at once and is making healer's job a tad bit less stressful.

    It was very upsetting for me to see the emphasize being put at Domi based healing for the duration of the whole Revamp! Dominance based healing bonus is hardly as helpful and is a bit of a wasted stat allocation IMO.

    EDIT: My preferred atomic tank mods are:
    Red: Might+Health
    Blue: Dominance+Health
    Yellow: Resto+Health
  17. High Troller Loyal Player

    I tanked Olympus on test server last night. 4 DPS configuration.

    I used the same rotation as live server. Atomic Reorganization, Energize, Neutrino, Atom Splitter, Proton Remedy, Thermonucleic Explosion.

    Superpowered spec. Blue and red sockets got Dominance and Might mods, yellow sockets got Restoration and Might mods. All skill points went to dominance and damage crits. 11k might. 100% tank gear. No tactical mods at the time.

    Other tank used a different rotation. The other tank was atomic. That tank died twice.

    I was number 3 in damage as a tank. I was only 30% behind the top 2 DPS. Top was quantum.

    As a atomic tank, I did 3 times the healing out as the other tank. I felt like i was getting hit very hard.

    Also, I don't like how energize is a fifty percenter. That supercharge is my go to for instant reactivation on the atomic aura! It was only 25 percent I recall. 50 does not feel right. I feel like, as a first adopter of atomic, that energize supercharge should be at 33% tops.

    Fifty percent gives me only 2 of energize. 33 percent would give me 3 of energize. 25 prevent gave me 4 of energize. Please consider reducing the cost.
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  18. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    You're just OP tall stuff <33
  19. Derio 15000 Post Club

    I will say it again. All tanks need more mitigation across the board.
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  20. Goddesssilver Well-Known Player

    I said the same thing and it went on deaf ears.:mad: This is going to get bloody once people start testing elite raids:confused:
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