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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by TKMcClone, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. TKMcClone Devoted Player

    Does anyone have 2 lairs for the same toon (from 2 deeds)? One in Gotham, one in Metropolis or whatever.

    I've got some questions:
    1) can they be at the same location and how does the entrance work?
    2) can you choose which one to warp to?
    3) can you have duplicate amenities in them (ie. bank in both etc)

    I was thinking of buying another deed to set up one for R&D and modifications in addition to one that I use regularly (mail, broker etc,)

    Would be really cool if I could just get (or purchase) more amenity spots though...
  2. Singlemaltkiller New Player

    Not sure if they can be in the same location (seems kinda silly, but to each their own). You can have amenities in both lairs. I have 4 myself 2 in Gotham, 2 in Metro. I placed mine strategically (or at least they were at the time), I have a base on Strykers, one across the street from Ace chems, one in the building next to the parking lot in East End where Dawn moves to after Metro, and the other is a block North of the Eclipso boss fight at the end of Vengence.
  3. Warrant New Player

    The title to this thread is extremely misleading......... here I was thinking of a different "2nd base". Bad dirty mind.
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  4. TKMcClone Devoted Player

    Thanks for the reply,

    Can you have the same amenity in 2 or more bases at the same time (ie a Bank at your Strykers and at Ace Chems location for example).

    Do you have the option to choose which base to Warp to?
  5. Singlemaltkiller New Player

    I have a Soder Cola machine in all 4 bases, the others tend to change based on my needs of the moment. When you select warp to base the names come up and you can pick which one, unfortunately they share the same timer so you can't warp from one to the other and back.
  6. Flea New Player

    You can have the same amenities in both bases.
    You also can choose which base to warp to but they share the same timer.
  7. Evian New Player

    What are you in early high school?
  8. Evian New Player

    Could've swore I tried to place some of my amenities in another base, but they did not appear in the list, because I thought they had been placed already and could not be placed again in another location. I hope you're right, because I've been underusing some of my extra bases, because of this!
  9. Flea New Player

    Come on Evian why would I lie! I live in my bases and they are set up exactly the same Bank , Broker, R&D table, Mail. My Hero mule lives in my base also so I dont have to deal with the Watchtower.
  10. The Kitsune New Player

    I am most def out of High School and thought the exact same thing.
  11. Evian New Player

    Probably because of all the re-runs of sitcoms like "That 70's Show"...
  12. The Kitsune New Player

    Being male and having a good old fashioned dirty mind helps a lot.:D
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  13. Evian New Player

    I can't reply to this or justify my response without using certain inappropriate concepts and terminology :p
  14. MrsSupreme New Player

    Deathstroke getting to 2nd base with Mrs Supreme!

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  15. The Doctor New Player

    Yeah, but honestly, I'm assuming everyone who clicked on this thread assumed it was something dirty, right? A legit thread? Real letdown OP...
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  16. Flea New Player

    I know I did. Then I felt guilty and had to give an honest relpy!
  17. Deathmike Loyal Player

    You do have to admit it's misleading in a pretty clever way, unlike most misleading titles on this here forums.

    Deathmike out.
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  18. Captain Cold New Player

    Anyways the answers to your questions are:
    1) yes. It comes up with a menu of which one you want to go to
    2) yes comes up with which base you want to warp to in map with base 1 or base 2
    3) yes

    Hope that helps. I personally use my Gotham base as only a quick port between cities since you can just quickly redecorate your base to swap amenities as needed
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  19. Nodens New Player

    My main has 3 bases (2 in Metropolis, 1 in gotham), and I can supply a little info.

    As Captain Cold said, you may have 2 or more bases in the same spot. When trying to enter or warp to one, you'll get to choose which. Keep in mind, however, that you probably wont be able to put 2 in the same spot if they're of different themes. Each lair theme seems to have its' own specific list of places where it can be placed.
    Once you've completed the collection set to gain a particular amenity, you'll get to place that amenity in each base you have (so you wont have to do the collection over again. Remember, tho, that amenities may only be placed in the pink rings when decorating your lair.
    The Generator... (this is the cool part) Powering up your generator in one base each month applies to ALL your bases. You won't have to do it separately for each one. Good thing, because otherwise it'd be really expensive. Most people call it rent, but I prefer to think of it as the electric bill. ... After all, when you forget to pay the bill, your generator stops running, but you don't get kicked out of your home.

    any other questions? :)
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  20. TKMcClone Devoted Player

    Thanks everyone for all the answers and info on the topic...I'm getting a second base going today.

    ... I just couldn't resist using the headline. :D (it's a designer thing).
    stay tuned for my next thread.... "If I only had a leather whip..."
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