Game freeze on Tab out!

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Hemmy, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Hemmy Committed Player

    I've now tried this on four different PC's. Two of which can run this game at 300+ fps. Spec's aren't the problem.

    The game freezes (permanently) when I tab out. Simple as that. This also happens to a very limited extend when changing resolutions (though those freezes only last about 30 seconds.).

    This was not a problem until the last few game updates. I cannot figure out why this happens, but I can garuntee it's not the computer I'm using as so many people want to suggest.

    This is happening on The Test Server client, and I do not have the live client to test this issue with.

    Can be repeated 100% of the time. Seriously just try it... I've only found that a Task manager close out will successfully close the program after this happens.

    Happy fixing! :)
  2. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    Well it's for sure not an issue with the live server as I was tabbing out just fine last night. I'll see if I can replicate it on the test server tonight
  3. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    so i got home and tried to replicate this first on the live server with no success.

    Then i went on the test server to try to replicate this issue and again, no luck.

    The game does not freeze for me when tabbing out.

    Have you tried validating your game assets?
  4. Hemmy Committed Player

    Yep. As I said, I've done that. Not only have I validated my game assets, but I've done so on four different computers. I'm willing to think it's something to do with maybe my account, but I'd like to reserve judgement on that until other people chime in as well :)

    I'd even be willing to consider it my internet, or heck, even the electricity in my house. If I hadn't moved in the last little bit, and as a result those things have also changed.
  5. Hemmy Committed Player


    I've included the link to the bug report here.

    I've also just tried something I can't believe I hadn't thought of before. I tried editing the .exe of the actual game (not the launcher) to all comparability modes and variations of being run with and without comparability mode. Despite all this, the problem still persists. :(
  6. Hemmy Committed Player

    I tried re-downloading the game (again) and still no luck, even when doing so for the launcher and having removed ALL files relating to dcuo. The problem still persists.

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