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Discussion in 'Game Support' started by golddragon71, Jul 31, 2017.

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    Ok so here's my problem.
    Over the last few days when i've gotten into the game I get stalled out and my screen reads Game Data corrupted.
    I end up having to shut down, start up and go through several restores before I can try to get back into the game.
    I go to the support link and when i type Game Data Corrupted it gives me these instructions
    Go to Game
    Select Saved Data Utility (PS3)
    Select the DC Universe Online folder *
    For each DC Universe Online file, press the triangle, and select Delete. **
    Once complete, restart DC Universe Online, and check to see if the problems you were previously encountering have cleared up.

    ok, simple enough i go through the motions make sure my disc is clean and put it back in.
    Now, the Game starts up I get the joker wallpaper, I get a terms and conditions page that I have to agree to and then the Batman wallpaper followed by the game data corrupted stall out.
    Now there is a game data folder on the PS3 system section but I'm really reluctant to delete it as I'm afraid it will delete all my characters and progress.
    taking a chance I have just purchased a new disc on Amazon hoping that a brand new out of the package disc will help. If not...well then deleting the DCU Online game Data may be my only option.

    has anyone encountered this? how bad am I off? any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    You can't delete your characters by deleting files on a local device. All characters and purchases are stored on a server.

    The CD is too old to work properly. If you can cancel your purchase, you should. It is a total waste of money unless you want the box for decorating.