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Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Lights Out, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Lights Out Member

    Hey there guys! I just recently created a new toon that was Gadgets and wanted to know if anyone can offer an optimal loadout for someone who is might based such as myself. If you think that going might based isnt the right choice please leave an explanation why, I am taking all constructive criticism and appreciate the time you took out of your day to reply :)
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  2. BrotherMutant Well-Known Member


    that was the nicest post I have seen all day. Loadout should include at least three really good AoEs that also interact if at all possible. The three I am suggesting are MY choice, you can choose it or change it as you see fit. Gauss Grenade/ Fear Gas/ Cryofoam are the three I like. I am sure there is better, but the Gauss + Fear gas sets them on fire; the Gauss + Cryo Foam does the same. All three are cheap(ish) to cast and they are fast animations if you "jump clip" them (cast Fear or Foam and stay there for a long time; cast Fear or Foam and tap jump to cancel animation and still do the move). Many use Intimidation and use their fast melee attacks to add the procs from Intimidation to increase their damage. Set up your DoTs first, then weapon combo to get your blue back and add some much needed damage to those DoTs. The move that does more damage to those at <35% health is the BEST one in the game I am told, use it and love that beam. After that, (thats 5 power choices) what Super Charge you get is up to you. Some like the self heal, others go for another damage dealing attack, the pet is nice (I think that is SC now yes?) and if its the one I am thinking of, gives blue back to your team while it is up. I am Flight so I just get Vacuum Bubble for the HUGE AoE damage I can inflict on the baddies.

    Might is important for your damage to be sure, but also weapon combos are your friend. I like Staff and 1 Handed combos as well as their cool animations but you may go for Shield or Pistols or whatever you want. Know that MELEE weapons get a crit bonus and some Status protection that the range weapons do not get. As you will use both weapon (precision) and power (might) attacks, you may be better off investing a few slots in Precision, but I have never tested this. Good troller(s) on team makes Might attacks soooooooo sweet though, and Gadgets attacks can be spammed with impugnity.
  3. WhiteW0lf Well-Known Member

    I hate myself for never bothering to memorize the names of my loadouts. I am a DPS gadget main and I have worked outwhat I believe to be the best loadouts for gadget DPS. I will try and get on later tonight after I get home to my computer and let u know my loadouts. What I can tell you so far though is you definitely want to use the self healing SC. It has saved my life many times over.

    I also wanted to add that I also use the SC bunker buster. I use both SC's as a DPS because their costs are low enough that if need be I can use both at the same time. Heal myself and highly increase damage all at the same time.
  4. Anierna Active Member

    I've already described in great detail in previous threads how to play Gadgets. I've copied the relevant parts below.

  5. Anierna Active Member

    You suggested Cryo-Foam. That is vastly inferior to Cryo-Field. C-Field grants a DoT and PIs that last for it's entire CD time, it's CD time is identical to that of Intim so it can be clipped with Intim to keep both on CD, it's 360-degree AoE, and (with PIs) it hits harder than C-Foam. Never use C-Foam instead of C-Field in DPS role. C-Foam's ONLY use is as a health-debuff while in troller role, and even then, Napalm is a better health debuff since it's AoE.

    DO NOT "set up your DoTs, then weapon combo to get your blue bar back." The extra power regen'd by going up a tier in the hit counter will NEVER make up for the DPS lost by doing long wep combos instead of clipping short wep combos with powers. You ought to be interspersing wep combos with powers WHILE you set up and renew your DoTs. For example: GG, Spin Chop > CF > Intim, Spin Chop > FG > Jump > GG, etc. You lose DPS by setting up DoTs first and afterwards doing long wep combos - it's always better to intersperse combos with powers than it is to do all of one first and then all of the other.

    Photon Blast is useless for multi-target, and even against bosses, you will do more damage PER SECOND by clipping Spin Chop > FG > Jump > GG, while CF and WD are active and Intim is proc'ing.

    For SC's Bunker Buster beats Vacuum Bubble hands down. You suggested "the self heal," by which you meant Anesthetic, and the Battle Drone SC. It's your job to deal damage - not to heal or to give power, so you should NEVER use either of those SC's in a raid or alert. You should only ever use Battle Drone if you're fake-trolling for PvP (since unlike Speed Drain or WoP, the power it provides doesn't scale with Vit), and you should never use Anesthetic, except perhaps for lair battles.
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  6. BrotherMutant Well-Known Member

    You still here? First, I KNOW I mentioned that there are combos or better power choices, which I am sure others (like yourself) would chime in on. I am sure the OP appreciates your advice/TELLING people what they SHOULD and SHOULDN'T do (always nice to be told how to play MY TOON). Second, I have yet to hear of ANY good reason for a health-debuff except in rare instances and of course PvP (and again, this is a DPS, not a Troller loadout).

    Next, I never said Photon Blast was a Multi-target attack. I said I heard others thought it was the best one out there. IF I were to use it, I would probably like it for the range (plus it has a nice damage buff associated with it in DPS stance). Also, I did not SUGGEST the self heal, just said others use it.

    Lastly, my JOB is what allows me to play this GAME, which is what this is. Finally, I would like to close by saying:

    I don't care what you think and I don't care for you attitude. I was not asking for your advice, and I doubt I'd take it anyway. Doesn't fit my play style. The OP can choose what of my or your advice he/she likes and what doesn't work of course. Hope this helps, OP, hatred of Anierna notwithstanding. Good day sir.
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  7. Anierna Active Member

    LOL! So you don't appreciate my "attitude" or my "advice/TELLING people what they SHOULD and SHOULDN'T do."

    I can tell you how to play your toon because I know better than you do how to play it - and I know that because I've done a LOT of mathematics to determine to best way to play each role (most of which are on the old PC forum). Just because you created a toon in the Character Creator does not in any way mean that you know how to play your role with that toon. This thread is about Gadgets, so I'll stick to that. I know better than you do how to DPS with Gadgets - which I've proved in previous posts on this thread. I know better than you how to dual-spec Gadgets - which I've also shown. And because I am 100% confident in my knowledge of these things, I share my knowledge so other people can become better players. If I'm wrong about anything Gadgets on this thread, tell me and I'll test it, rerun my calculations, and either tell you why I'm not wrong or say "thanks for telling me, I'll fix that." But the reality is, I'm hardly ever wrong because I put a lot of work into running the numbers to find the optimal way to play. And that's why I can tell other people how to play - I've actually bothered to test everything myself and do the maths, and you haven't.

    If you don't want to take my advice, and hence become a better player, that's your choice. But don't fool yourself by thinking that I'm wrong. When I make claims such as "Cryo-Field is better for DPS than Cryo-Foam" and I even explain why, you ought to be grateful that I've gone out of my way to try to help you become a better DPS by using a better loadout. I'm bothering to post my advice because I subscribe to the belief that the best methods of performing tasks ought to be proliferated throughout a community, in order to benefit the maximum number of people. If you want to stick with your ineffective DPS loadout, then go for it. But don't get mad at me for explaining point-by-point why your loadout's rubbish. If you don't believe something I say, you're welcome to test it for yourself in-game - but I guarantee you'll come to the same conclusion I did.
  8. Karasawa Well-Known Member

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  9. BrotherMutant Well-Known Member

    I never said you were wrong on any of your points (unless you actually were). The problem is your combative ATTITUDE! You see, unlike you, I am attmepting to share what I find to work for me and why. Othere are free to disagree and I am sure there are MUCH better loadouts/more effectual loadouts/better dual spec loadouts than mine. The difference is, I DON"T CARE. I was not asking for advice. If I were, I still wouldn't want to take it from someone who accuses me of creating a toon and assuming I know best becuase it looks pretty.

    Its this pisspoor attitude we are talking about, and your clear and obvious lack of people skills. There are any number of ways to point out why one method is subpar or inferior to another method without making yourself out to be superior to the person you claim to want to help.

    Finally, since you are the spreadsheet master, calculate this:
    IF the number of toons out there for each class ALL mimic each other's loadouts for OPTIMAL Role utility, how long is this game going to stay in business? Kind of boring if you ask me to just use what everyone else is using. That's why we have choices. One power rotation may yield you or others better results than mine, but mine are comfortable and I use them effectively. To say I don't know what I am doing because of "this" or "that" may be better, but its a far cry away from this statement "Just because you created a toon in the Character Creator does not in any way mean that you know how to play your role with that toon. ". putz
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  10. Sakamaboto New Member

    I don't know about everyone else, but if someone had a loadout that did more dmg than me, I would copy that in a second. I can just imagine what my GM would tell me if I told him I'm speccing this way because i don't want to be "boring"

    At the end of the day it's all about numbers. You will either get kicked form a raid or get replaced if you are not up to par with everyone else. I play this game to have fun. It's not fun being benched.

    Just saying...
  11. BrotherMutant Well-Known Member

    Granted. Except there are a dozen different ways to contribute and still do your "role" in any alert/raid. Telling me I MUST have THIS loadout and MUST have THIS set of gear slotted THIS way and THIS exact skill point distribution is idiocy. You all are lazy. You are used to rolling with league mates perhaps. That's cool and I am happy your raid works well together. What you are forgetting (or ignoring) is that I pay for my game and I will be damned if I am told by children what I must do. Screw them, they weren't top tier gear and slotted to the hilt AND at max SPs all the while having the SAME loadout as any other troller/tank/Healer/DPS. It was learning process for them and I am happy they found what works for them and their league. I will play my game my way, and if I get kicked for it, I hope you lose your only competent troller and get all dps so you guys can choke on your superior failure.
  12. redeyedgamer New Member

    Aniema is apparently a social idiot . Calculations?!? Wow dude you're really out there, its just a game Sheldon.
  13. TheDark Well-Known Member

    This thread is so old.

    Her name is a synonym for the word naive. I think she left around the time they fixed Whirling Dervish. That was her answer to everything lol.
    Just be glad she doesn't play anymore. Players seem to have realized and have become open to variation these days. With the exception of one european league and a grouchy narcissist.
  14. DaKrushmor Well-Known Member

    This is necro, LOL :D! Last message dated March - i.e. before Quantum & connected to it Dox Raids - then melee abilities for DPSes made sense. & WD wasn't fixed.
  15. DaKrushmor Well-Known Member

    P.S.: often l use both Cryo Field & Cryo Foam in one LO. Why not, if their DoTs completely stackable & having Field means you've Foam as well?

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