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  1. Jordan153 New Player

    Batman is my personal favorite when it comes to legends characters. So I feel like I should share my strategies with this character.

    Right off the bat, I clip, I barely ever do a combo without clipping it in some way. If you aren't very familiar with clipping I recommend practice before attempting to try out any of my advice.

    So first off, ALWAYS keep the bat-drone up when you can, it is very easy to kill but gives power back to the entire team. In a map like FOS, you can give support to the entire team, just try not to get close to anybody if that's your main goal because the bat-drone can die within a power or two.

    Martial Arts is a very good weapon to use if you clip powers alot, and Batman using it along with very clippable powers makes him very good. For example, if you can master this combo, you can become extremely deadly with this character. First, do the x4 then hold combo, while he punds the ground immediately go into stealth and then use L2+square, then finally L2+square again(2 different moves depending if you're in stealth or not). If you can pull off that combo within 2-5 seconds it can do 1200-1600 damage or more.

    Ever had those players who just stay in the air spamming block breakers? Batman has a pull just for that, although I believe this ability is only good for that situation unfortuantely.

    The exploding Batarang can help you pull off those clipping combos, it not only stuns but does the same damage is sticky bomb with gadgets, plus, when people spam breakout they sometimes accidentally block, giving you a free block breaker.

    The L2+square and L2+X abilities are the best for clipping. Any of the hold combos from Martial Arts can be clipped with these for very good damage. I use x2 hold then L2+x frequently.

    But here comes the main issue with Batman, his block breaker, his batarang's take awhile to charge and if you let go too fast it won't even block break your target leaving you very vulnerable, so use it wisely.

    Thank you if you read the entire thing, I hope to make more character guides in the future.
  2. Yallander Loyal Player

    Kind of a cliff notes to Batman and not really a "guide" imo. I play Batman alot myself and find that he is a single target beast, but lacks alot of the AOE damage other Legends players possess. 1 v 1 he can go toe to toe with any of the characters. It does take practice to time his CC's and if you can do it well enough can actually juggle a player and prevent them from countering.

    The biggest trick with Batman is timing. Clipping is important as well, but it is the timing of your clips that helps. If you clip powers out too soon sometimes they don't register or the target will get CC immunity and it will end your juggle. His BB is no different than clipping 1H's BB and can be very fast. You don't have to charge it for long and it can be clipped with lasso, sticky bomb or the forward leaping punch. Lasso can be jump cancelled, but once again don't jump too soon or the damage component won't tick. It takes a bit of time to get the timing down, but by practicing and mixing up his powers you can create some nice CC interactions.
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  3. eel_nigiri New Player

    As much as I love Bats, I feel like his Legends version leaves a bit to be desired. Huntress can basically do everything Bats can do, but also gets a dual pistol weapon set to swap to and a better BB. You lose stealth and the drone, but I think Huntress is way more versatile.

    Or you can just go Nightwing and get the best Bat Family character in Legends thanks to dual wield which comes with an instant BB. Future Batman is not bad by any means, but this is something you need to spend money on to access...yet there are better characters available without spending a dime.

    But now this begs the question, is the pre-order Batman identical to Future Batman? If he's different...I think it's high time SOE just allows us to unlock regular Batman, kind of stupid to keep him exclusive this late into the game's lifespan, I have never seen one in Legends so I doubt anyone who does have him unlocked even plays the game anymore.
  4. Yallander Loyal Player

    Pre-order is exactly the same in stats, powers, and weapon moves. The only difference is the skin. I'm all for giving a grey/black version of Batman, but the pre-order one should remain exclusive to those that pre-ordered the game.

    Batman is alot like the tango, you have to time your moves and can't just go clip happy like with other players you mentioned. I've played him for over 2 years and while I like other Legends characters I still come back to him in the end. He isn't the fastest, hardest hitting or even good at AOEs, but he can juggle--oh man can he juggle.
  5. eel_nigiri New Player

    As long as they're identical, then yeah, keep the other one exclusive if it's just a skin. I think Future Bats looks a lot better anyway. And yeah I don't doubt Batman's usefulness, I just think there are other characters that can do the same things even better. I'll definitely take Huntress or Nightwing for burst damage and versatility. Batman sounds a lot like Superman or Power Girl, they can hold their own 1v1, but they really shine when you try to avoid direct fights and just support your team. I know when I play Power Girl I ruin peoples' day if I'm left unchecked to do all my annoying "zip in and out" combos or sit around spamming laz0rs, I notice good teams will really love to try and focus on me, not sure if it's because they know Power Girl can be a big threat if ignored or if they think she's easy to beat (I've proven enough people wrong 1v1 with Power Girl that I don't think anyone sees her as an easy target like John Stewart or Two-Face).

    If Bats didn't cost station cash I'd probably a different opinion of him. I just can't bring myself to pay for a Legends character.
  6. petvpets New Player

    I just want to point out the drone doesnt last long.

    The best and obvious use of it - in between clipping of course - bat drone then either trinket and/or soda help cancel the animation well.

    I use it in the middle of a fight between 4 or more players. You will get more out of it then, then casting it early, usually by the time the enemy team comes back from being pancaked you should still have this buff up.
  7. Jordan153 New Player

    I completely agree. It seems like people block more in legends so timing really is everything.
  8. Clutchmeister Loyal Player

    Batman not having as good of a BB as huntress? He arguably has the best BB in legends, at least in terms of punishment window (along with robin). It's an insanely good BB!
  9. FameYack Committed Player

    This TRULY helped me to get my act together and i could actually stand toe to toe with other players.

    BATMAN is real fun to use and it is incredible how fast paced he can be.

    I know it's being a long while since this being posted.

    I wanted to know, if there is someon around who could share, some strategy to work with characters suchs as Amon Sur, Atrocitus, Bane, Nightwing,

    I just feel I'm still not getting his full potential against those guys but then again it could only be a matter of experience and timing;
    Sometimes i feel i shouldn't go up front but can't quite get how should i initiate an attack specially if my powers are not getting cc,

    If there is still someone playing with BAT around i would really appreciate some tips,

    Thanks, XD

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