Forming a group on PS/PC can be annoying, but...

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    It is down right IMPOSSIBLE on the Switch. (Just a forewarning, this is a “rant” thread, I’m not expecting the devs or anyone to be able to do anything to significantly mitigate this issue. I mean what are they gunna do, force more players to play? Lol)

    Anyways, my PS4 broke recently (sad times, I know) and so I decided to download DC on my Switch and play since I have nothing better to do while on lockdown. Everything was going smooth, leveling is the same, content isn’t difficult, etc, but I noticed that duos had realllly long que times. Coming from USPS, even tho it might take a few minutes to find someone, I could usually run everything pretty easily given it was the right time of day. On the Switch tho? It’s damn near impossible, even during “peak” hours. I’ve gotten my toon up to 131cr so far and I LITERALLY haven’t ran any raids, only ran a few of the alerts, and still haven’t been able to run all the duos.

    I used to get frustrated on PS when it took a while to que into something or find a group but the Switch has really made me appreciate the population on that side. So for those of you that are looking into getting it on your switch, just be warned, unless you find a really good league, you won’t be running much content. However, with the limited options I’ve had, I’ve had no trouble actually gaining CR, I just wanted to share my experience because man I knew it would be lower than the PS server but it’s damn near DEAD lol.

    (I wish they could merge the server somehow like they did with PS/PC but I know that’s just wishful thinking haha)
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    I waited for over 30 minutes on Switch for Stabilizers to pop. On USPC, that is literally instantaneous, any time day or night.

    Eventually the Nintendo Switch is going to need crossplay. My Fire character is now CR194, and has never run anything larger than a Duo.
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  3. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I think switch needs Adjustable Queue Size more than even PS4/PC. From the few times I've played my switch account with any seriousness, if you see any groups forming in LFG, it's for new content only. I can't imagine trying to get through 8 player content other than events (and that's no picnic either) or as league runs, assuming you have a league with 8 active players.

    The sad thing is that even if you wanted to give the switch a try, the low pop almost guarantees you'd miss half the game (80% really with alerts and raids), so almost no chance of a 'new' user getting to the point where they would be 'hooked' and draw more friends in. Not sure the real stats, but I'd wager that most of the switch players are people who've played on other platforms and just wanted to do things on the switch for the mobility vs people who discovered the game natively since it was launched there.
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