For the Love of DCUO, can you fix Adaptive Augments?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Cordelia, Sep 23, 2022.

  1. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    So... you spend the entire DLC building up these augments and enjoying the benefits of them, but as soon as the next DLC comes out you switch to a new set - which is fine... except when you go back to play the former DLCs and suddenly have to remember to switch out the augments to get the bonuses you spent so much time earning!

    It kind of makes it annoying to play previous DLCs.

    As a quality of life improvement, would it be possible to grant the benefits of a fully ranked Adaptive Augment to a character permanently?

    Like, once you've fully ranked it, can it just be absorbed into your character somehow so we don't have to deal with it in the list of adaptive augments (which is getting awfully unwieldy) and we don't have to constantly remember to switch augments every time we Omnibus into old content? Maybe make it an option so people who want to feed their old augments into new ones can do that, while people who want to keep old adaptive augments can have the benefits in game without a huge list of augments to deal with? Maybe add a base item that old adaptive augments can be installed into to continue to get their benefits?

    Or is that what the dev team is going for? A choice between an unwieldy and annoying list with benefits in specific content versus feeding old augments into new ones constantly and losing all benefits in old content?

    If I had a buck for every time a leaguemate swore as we defeated the first boss and said, "I forgot to switch my augments!" I'd be able to pay my subscription and have enough extra for coffee as well.
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  2. Starry Knight Active Player

    You would need to account for the 'Are there one or two augments equipped' thing to consider, but overall I like this plan, provided it's the advanced bonuses and not the stats. Though characters having so many active effects might cause lag issues.
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  3. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    couldn't we make it so we have one set of augments we keep building on instead of replacing them each dlc maintaining those abilities we've unlocked?
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  4. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    I would expect only the DLC-specific stuff to carry over, so when you go to a DLC's open world or enter an instance from a DLC, there would be a check to see if you have the augments. I think most of what is in an adaptive augment is specific to that DLC, so as long as it's not loading all of it for all content, maybe it wouldn't cause lag?

    I know that my leaguemates generally notice it when they don't have the extra gear choices from that first boss, since that's the most dramatically visible part of the augments most of the time.
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  5. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    That would be another potential solution.

    The way it currently stands, we either get a huge unwieldy list of augments or we lose advantages in old content (thus lessening reason and desire to run old content).
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  6. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    There is a third option, get rid of them all together.
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  7. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    Considering the fact that they sell catalysts for augments on the marketplace, unfortunately I don't see that ever happening.
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  8. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    this is also why i dont see them entertaining a few of the other ideas in this thread either, sadly.
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  9. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    People have been asking for this for a while now. The devs "apparently" have it on their radar, but when we'll actually get it is unknown unfortunately. It seems like it just isn't a focus for them right now, especially with them hiring and stuff. It sucks cus there's a bunch of QoL stuff they could implement to make the game much smoother and yet they just... don't.
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  10. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    Yes. I mean, just making the feats list searchable would help so much... but yeah... I hope they do something about this sooner rather than later. One or two more DLCs will make the adaptive augments list completely unusable instead of just mostly unusable.
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  11. GermanM Committed Player

    Agree. but i hardly imagine people buying those, but hey, is a big world, who knows, right?
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  12. GermanM Committed Player

    I would love an "Omnibus General Augment" who would be feed it will old augments and will retain all their effects.
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  13. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    Just finished maxing out my latest set of augments, and I'm just thinking about this again. I wish the devs had enough time and money to do all the stuff they want to do. *sigh*
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  14. Leonite Well-Known Player

    I have a huge list of augs bec I don't feed the older augs to the latest augs. 2 for dps, 2 for support x 4 o 5 DLCs. Its annoying to have to scroll past them in the Fortify section.

    I agree to have the maxed out augs be absorbed permanently. I'm sure they'll get some money off of this bec players will start maxing out their older augs just so they would go away from the Fortify section list - I know I would. A tank might even want to absorb 2 resto and 2 dom augs or a dps with 2 prec and 2 might augs, if they allow it.
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  15. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    The obvious solution to me would be... have the game suggest augments upon entering content.

    For example... you warp to chaos gotham as a dps and you have more skill points placed into precision than might. Would you like to use these precision augments? If so press X.

    Best case scenario... the system reads your mind. Worst case scenario? Its still a reminder to switch them yourself.
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  16. Tolly Committed Player

    I would still see this as one of the biggest stupidities added to the game, origin increases, why not, but origin increases, this thing was thought out of the stats clamp, now we have to suffer this stupid DLC increase + clamp...
  17. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    Yes, I would max 'em out to get them out of the list. I'm sure others would do the same. Or if they've already fed them, buy new ones to max. I think you're right that they'd probably make more.

    Ah well.
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  18. Aetrius Well-Known Player

    I still think the best solution would be to leave the stats on the augments, but move the effects to the feat itself. So, if you had leveled that DLCs augs to the appropriate level, you’d have the feat and would always get the effect in the appropriate content.
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  19. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    This would work. I would like this.
  20. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    While it wouldn't be 'raid breaking', having all the battle benefits active (like the % stat buff or reductions in inbound damage, or things like the dark robins in M1), as well as the increased stats from the higher augments, it might cause some issues. I'd be happy with just getting the non battle benefits, like the +1 loot or mark, as long as you retain the augments, and would only get the battle benefits if you equip the actual proper augment, at the cost of the newer augment's higher stats.

    And as Starry Knight pointed out, what if you have a if you have Might and prec, or dom augs, which ones does it 'choose' to make active? Again, this wouldn't make a difference for the 'loot' related benefits as those are the same across all augs.
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