FNL 19, 1:19 ,Unicorn Powers?

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  1. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    And here all along we thought Mepps was a healer at heart. Nope. A troll. A mental one, I'd bet.
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  2. Entity Committed Player

    What dragonball z isbthat in your sig
  3. Zicorahk Well-Known Player

    First they need to be added. Then everyone is going to be like dang it, why WHY?? Then Odyssey will reveal sweet stuff for it, then the Revengencers will make T.C. guides and silly videos, then DC Universe Online will get a pic on IGN for Unicorns, then Greg Miller is going to say he is pro-unicorn, then Unicorn powers will be flavor of the month, then FamigladiYthril will find how to become awesome at it for PvP, then Jens Andersen will say for the 57th time, WHAT HAVE WE DONE? Then they will nerf Unicorn powers, then Odyssey and the Revengencers will assemble for SOE Live and demand Unicorn powers to be back the way they were, then other players will rally with DCUO players, then a food fight will break out at SOE Live, then it will reach MSNBC, CNN, and Jon Stewart of the Daily Show having the name close to John Stewart will relate to it, then DCUO will receive mass media attention, then more and more players will begin to start playing more DCUO with Unicorn powers or others, thus it being called the Unicorn Revolution.

    I totally just made this up right now.
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  4. Sparkles New Player

    Are you positive you're gadgets, and not mental? I'm pretty sure you just foresaw the INCREDIBLY EPIC future of DCUO and the Unicorn Agenda.
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  5. Quantum Edge Loyal Player

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  6. Lights Derp Loyal Player

    So majestic!
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  7. Tikkun Loyal Player

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  8. Breakforce Loyal Player

    How he goes about it, is his personal business.
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  9. Splinter Cell Dedicated Player

    This prophecy has been foretold, the Unicorns are coming. Nothing can stop it now.
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  10. Breakforce Loyal Player

    Woof woof
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  11. Splinter Cell Dedicated Player

    That's it! You and me, buddy, let's go!
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  12. JayJay2515 New Player

    Tapion from Dragon Ball Z Wrath of The Dragon

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  13. Ketsurose New Player

  14. Entity Committed Player

    And what exactly is that?
  15. Meta Flare New Player

    It is a dbz movie that is about a giant dragon. It also shows how trunks got his sword.
  16. Free2BeMe Loyal Player

    Unicorns are coming, and then the Joker's Funhouse community will reign over all of DCUO in all its beautiful, majestic, rainbowy glory! Bow to us, SOE.
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  17. SuperSoldier Devoted Player

    Relax everyone, it's just the Pretty Pretty Pegasus DLC following the Trigon story arc.
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  18. MolleaFauss Active Player

    Soon to be announced: DLC 8 3/4: My Little Unicorn
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  19. Breakforce Loyal Player

    When we were at SOE Live, Toad, Z and myself were watching Teen Titans in the room. In the episode, Beast Boy is reading spells from Raven's book. One of the spells turns Robin into a Unicorn. We freaked the eff out.

    Why the Raven bounty does not have this as an attack, I cannot even fathom.
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  20. Notangie New Player

    If they do make it a trinket, I sure hope it's tradeable...$$$
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