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Discussion in 'Game Support' started by Wellsrage, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Wellsrage New Player

    since starting the game the power quatum is one of the most pleasant powers, but with all the updates that have been implemented have made this power as dps is useless.
    The role of troll is one of the best but in the role of dps so far do nothing to be able to make this role is more enjoyable to play.
    The main mistake of this power is the time bomb that needs to wait for many powers to strike.
    All other powers attack faster and strike much more because they do not need to concentrate their powers on one and wait a lot of time to hit the hit. When the time bomb is released until another dps explodes and kill all the add.
    A possible solution of the time bomb would be that it has no relation to the other powers, once it appears explode like the other powers that always have a power that appears, hits and does a lot of damage.
    I hope they can fix the power quatum is one of my favorites and I get bored enough because every time I go to an alert or raid I'm always at a disadvantage and sometimes even the quantum no one wants to invite them because the power is useless for harm.:(o_O
  2. stärnbock Loyal Player

    what is more a concearn to me is the fact that quantum, electro and mental have two PI's wich splitt your burst power options in half, make you lose dammage for a second setup and get less options in loadouts instead of more options. seriously. and as a compensation? nothing... you do even less dammage if your power has CC effects, even though you cant even stun in alerts and raids!
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  3. stärnbock Loyal Player

    well, other than that, i think quantum hits pretty hard if time bomb gets timed well... make sure it is allways the first power you activate and if you see the targets are getting low, use other powers if it is uncertain to land a last full hit...
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  4. Wellsrage New Player

    yes, but not what happens in reality, almost always the time bomb explodes when all adds are already dead Also, whenever you play with a quantum in raids or alerts does less damage than all other powers for that reason that the bomb takes its time to do damage :/
  5. stärnbock Loyal Player

    look my edited post ^
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  6. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    i always pick one and only one,,,you are right,,,any mixing only further weakens you
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  7. stärnbock Loyal Player

    i do a mix of weapons with around 90% dammage from powers:

    starting with time bomb > gravity well >cw> warped reality > alcubiere wave > distortion wave
    normally, i do then a brawling WM shuriken storm > alcubiere wave > distortion wave > time bomb
    then again > alcu > dist > WM >alcu >dist > time bomb... repeat...
    depending on the situation, i do either time bomb as soon as ready or WM instead,
    if the targets are low and the time bomb wouldnt hit with maximal potential.

    noteworthy: distortion wave will not exploit dillation.
    also: you will need to go heavy into power with your mods
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  8. Wellsrage New Player

    yeah bro , but i tried all combinations of loadouts in testserver and always when you compare the damage per second with other powers is low( based statics) . In the game my pj have 339 sp and is full mods ,but the problem is the same the powers dont help to do more damage than other powers . :/
    This not only for revamp since starting "advanced mechanics" when the time bomb need wait for many powers to strike.
    I think that this power dont need have one power very low "time bomb" ,with revamp in all powers erase many powers that is not nescessary and the quantum i think need to formulate it better .
  9. stärnbock Loyal Player

    THAT ^ is because powers with CC effects are doing less dammage than those without.
    all trolls suffer from this, and because quantum and mental have two PI's to setup aswell.
  10. Exostorm Well-Known Player

    I've finally found my groove with Quantum (somewhat), but I use a destabilizing loadout instead of a graviton charging one:

    Time Bomb > Time Shift > Warp Barrage > Distortion Wave > Tachyon Blast > Tachyon Blast.

    It's faster, doesn't split nearly as bad as graviton charged powers, and is a little more friendly on power. It'll never catch up to the likes of Earth or Rage (and sometimes electric), but I usually average around the same damage as the second and third dps on the scoreboard. I have a single target/boss loadout too, but that's my personal secret.

    Now if there's a power that they need to fix, it's ice.
  11. stärnbock Loyal Player

    not sure why you say ice. but as i am playing mental, i see so much powers of it glitchy an useless, i would go with mental. it doesn't even needs to get buffed, it just needs its broken power working and it will be balanced... for example: invisibility goes havoc with your loadout bar if you use movement powers, horrific visage should be a multiple target setup for terror, it just doesn't work in dps role (you can see how it should work in troll stance though), terror tendrills popps like soap bubbles on your allies and doesnt hit jackster... just to name a few problems... however: if they would add that those power setting up daze/terror, dillation/graviton charge, polarisation/electrifyied, would also exploit the other PI's they would do much better in my oppinion. basicly: because my main hero is mental and my main villain is quantum, i am punished on both sides of the track with multiple PI's... at least give those powers something to compensate for it and it would be fine...
  12. vespa neo Active Player

    If you make time bomb exploded right away, then it's not "time" bomb, is it?
  13. Exostorm Well-Known Player

    I don't have much experience with mental (I'll get to it eventually), but you're definitely right. Most of the power still haven't separate PI's like they did pre-revamp really does limit what you can use, and what can give you the best results damage-wise. I don't understand why there are only three powers that are still like this.

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