Fireburst v. Empowered Channeling - Change Suggestion

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  1. Kimone Devoted Player

    Is there a reason (beyond arbitrary decision making in assigning the status of Channeled to an Ability) why Fireburst is exempt from the interruption protection and defense bonuses afforded by this Tactical Mod?

    It's subject to the same categorical functionality rules as other Channeled Abilities (being specifically a longer cast time and Vulnerability to Interrupt) and even suffers a bit more than other Vuln: Interrupt Abilities due to the fact that the payoff isn't until the end of the animation, as opposed to being provided consistently throughout the course of the Ability's execution.

    The damage it delivers isn't out of line or overpowering either; the wind-up time is basically the same as Snuff Out, the damage output is actually FAR less for single target than Absorb Heat (almost by a factor of two). It's a fun move and it's useful in the right setting, but I'd like to know if there's a chance to discuss changing its status to a Channeled move in order to take it from being "fun" to being "consistently useful".

    Fire doesn't really have too many other Abilities that straddle the line of usefulness between Single Target and AOE quite as nicely, and it's kind of mindboggling that it's considered non-Channeled. Plus, you know, pyroclastic shotgun hadoken.
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  3. DeitySupreme Dedicated Player

    I agree. The only reason long behind it that I couldn’t think off (not agree with) is that the damage isn’t throughout the cast but at the end of the cast. Same goes for frost blast. Both should be protected under empowered channeling but neither do and both do damage at the end. Again, I don’t agree with that but that’s the only reasoning I could think off.
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  4. Plowed In Committed Player

    Is Mass Det in there as well? I was thinking along the lines of the 450 power cost moves…high risk/high reward? I wish they’d just standardize the damage and adjust to a 300 power cost move (speed up that wind up/reduce the damage).

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