Final Fantasy XIV

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  1. Chicago Bull New Player

    What's your favorite race and class? Currently in the beta.
  2. Rebelled New Player

    I played cat guy warrior. It was fun but playing on a playstation controller gets overwhelming fast. It's not DCUO or ESO, it's a mouse & keyboard game.

    Also, warriors do not get to raid in that game.. and people hate them in dungeons.
  3. General Zod 10000 Post Club

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  4. Chicago Bull New Player

    I know how you feel yet the character creation feels so nice and looks stunning..the whole game play is meant for keyboard and mouse. And good thing I made a arcanist.
  5. MercPony Devoted Player

    Miqo'te simply because I love cats :) I absolutely loved LR:FF13 even has the FF14 Miqo'te garb, complete with victory pose if you use it. I'm pretty sad I've been unable to actually play FF14 outside of beta for financial reasons. Really wanted to get into the Lightning event quests :mad:

    As far as class, its a tough decision. I like healing classes in RPGs so I'd work my way into Scholar from Arcanist.
  6. MercPony Devoted Player

  7. Chicago Bull New Player

    I don't get why these new MMOs (FF14 & ESO) would make them selves cost 60$ + sub..
  8. MercPony Devoted Player

    Yeah its pretty painstaking for those of us that has to be careful with our money lol

    I am looking forward to EverQuest Next for PS4 though. Its only Buy To Play! No subs :D
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  9. Black Arrowette Well-Known Player

    I used to play a Miqo'te White Mage. My favorite race is the Roegadyn though. The men are handsome and the women are gorgeous. I want to switch races but I already used my fantasia :( Can't wait to start playing again when I get my PS4.
  10. Chicago Bull New Player

    I downloaded it on the PS4 last night..its graphically amazing and smooth.
  11. Chicago Bull New Player

    I already applied for beta for it on PC Ivenever played SOE other games so it'll be a nice start with EQN
  12. Rebelled New Player

    Played Everquest back in August, it was fun.

    Also, the full price+sub is stupid. FF14 is a japanese game and the game will have less than 1000 players on it and they'll still make those people pay for a subscription and they won't ever mention the game doing bad.

    Elder Scrolls is just greed. They see it as guaranteed income per month and hope to make a lot of profit, quickly. They're expecting Skyrim/fallout level of sales and probably a few months of subs from every one of those sales. When that doesn't happen, it'll hit them hard and I can only hope, hard enough to make them go back to Single player goodness.

    I'd gladly welcome some co-op with a few friends in the games though.

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