Fear Is Yellow Quest Can Be Stopped By Heroes. Villain's Can't Progress If They Do

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Drake_DuCaine, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Drake_DuCaine Well-Known Player

    Clip starts at around 30 seconds of the first revive. Sorry for the extra space at the start.

    Video of it. Me and my brother are running quests together to level him up. We are on this quest and every time we try to pick up and protect the sinestro corps forces, the heroes attack them and kill them. There's nothing we can do. We could maybe change instances.

    I left, came back, the guy who was killing them in the video left. Two more heroes came in after I reconnected and are now killing them as I type. This mission needs to be made where heroes can not stop the progression of villain characters on this mission. Thanks. :)

    Update : One of the new ones is a healer, so on top of killing the people I have to protect, he is healing the green lanterns who are attacking and trying to kill me.
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  2. willflynne Unwavering Player

    It works both ways. Villains can also impede the progress of heroes at that same point in that mission series.
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  3. Drake_DuCaine Well-Known Player

    I only played on Villain side so I didn't know. It's not fair for either side and needs to be patched or fixed. I don't know how often this happens but it's kind of annoying that I can't progress now.
  4. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    That's the way this mission has been since the start, if you continue to have trouble, switch to the PvP Phase; at the least you will be able to smack the 'Heroes' around but more likely the phase will be empty
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  5. Fawkes2574 Dedicated Player

    As Visor said, just switch to PVP mode. A lot of people don't play on that side, so its essentially a ghost town, and you'll be left alone to do that mission without inference. Some people get bored and wait around there to disrupt the progress of other players. If you do go into PVP mode, just bear in mind that if any players come along from the opposing faction, they can attack you without permission if they choose to.
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  6. AquiloFury Well-Known Player

    This mission is one of the reasons I hate leveling new characters lol. Last time this happened.. It was villains actually doing their missions too....i came in with my level 220(at the time) hero and wiped out everything for about 10 minutes straight...when I came back...they leftmy recruits alone lol
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  7. Nyx· Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Something needs to be done with this mission. This is frustrating.
    I had it happen to me while leveling alt. Sometimes there are actual high CR sitting there killing them
    on purpose. Either move the mission for either side or make it so we can't attack each other's recruits.
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  8. ALB Committed Player

    It was mayhem in 2011. The population was through the roof and getting this mission done was luck based lol.
    It's no where near as worse for heros. Idk the numbers, but it's a lot more heros than villains.
  9. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    This mission is one of those nightmares the devs created that can drive you insane... And it does not just stop at the mission itself. The side mission you can grab is the exact same way. Heroes can go up on the top of the building and take out the Yellow Lantern Rookies the villains are supposed to assist and Villains can do the same with the Green lantern rookies waiting for a hero to help them figure out how to use their ring. I have done the mission as each and have run into GROUPS of villains or heroes hanging around purposely making it impossible for you to complete your objectives.

    I have used the .. run to the watch tower or hall of doom and phase to PvP trick and it works.. Lets face facts that zone is basically DEAD..... But I'm sorry to me that is not a solution Its a temporary fix. Considering the lack of any effort by the dev team to add any kind of significant PvP content is forever.. How about we just go and fix that mess that seems designed to start duels between heroes and villains and let new players DO the mission and get to level 30? With all the other changes they have made to make leveling up and even in ways to speed up increasing CR in lower tiers why do we still have this one PITA roadblock?
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  10. TheLorax Loyal Player

    Go to PvP phase, there's hardly anyone there.
  11. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    I don't actually get it. I'm usually level 30 with a new toon before having to do that mission....
  12. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    It's Both Sides.

    They really need to just separate this mission. Alot of players end up griefing each other without even knowing it.

    This mission is why I don't use my XP pack until after I'm done with this lantern corps mission.
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  13. Fawkes2574 Dedicated Player

    Gotta agree with him on this one. It is indeed a temporary fix, like putting a bandaid on a broken leg.

    Its a shame there wasn't a teleporter say on top of Lex's tower that links to either the watch tower, the HoD, or both. Maybe one on each side? We have that one in south gotham that links to the WT's meta wing. How about putting one up in this corner or area of Metro? And it doesn't have to be on the very top, just somewhere towards the top of it. I can't think of a better place.
  14. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    These missions were designed in an era where the devs were trying to promote Open World conflict between the factions, back when entire servers were pure PvP (Killing Joke for life!).

    It'd be nice if they tuned down the griefability, but in the meantime, you might consider the experience a rite of passage in DCUO.
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  15. DarkVisor 15000 Post Club

    Was just about to post something similar

    Personally feel there should have been more examples of that sort of interaction, why should just the Ring-Pullers get all the fun? Believe the only other examples is in Gotham at Amusement Mile and the plants
  16. Noble One Well-Known Player

    this is set like this purposely as IIRC this was the first line of missions where heroes and villians came head to head for missions. back at launch this was 100x worse and a 1000x worse on pvp. like above has stated just change to pvp or better yet just call in a healer (even on villian side people will still come to help).
  17. LastSonOfEarth Committed Player

    This was actually a selling point of the game before it came out, and coincidentally was my favorite part of what DCUO was supposed to be (pre-f2p.) Shame the audience didn't like it. :(
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