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  1. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    What do you do if you have everything already you can buy with the fate tokens? The daily rewards mean nothing. Most of us end users really don't get nothing from the daily rewards. It's good in theory, but maybe throw in old and new extremely rare collections. Leave gear out of it cause it's bugged. Enhanced Wardens hands dropped twice and I know for a fact I claimed it both times.... yet I do not have the style.

    Leave CR progression out of any gifts. Those and feats should be earned, not given.

    "Make SP matter again"
  2. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    This has been answered multiple times already. The reason later rewards only give fate tokens is because they front loaded daily login rewards. This was done intentionally so that if a player is unable to login for a few days for whatever reason they wouldn’t miss out on any rewards. Imagine if there’s a login issue during the only time a player can login to play. They miss a reward and now they miss an important reward because of it. Players would complain that they missed a reward and it dc should do something about it. This is that something. Now if someone misses a few days they can still claim rewards.

    They could’ve just as easily spread out all the rewards through the full month and said it’s up to you to log in. But instead they did this system to help players. If you have everything you need than what’s the difference than before? The rewards available are the same ones that dropped from the vault and lock boxes. Progression gear with some styles. Random bots and the occasional toys/transformations. If you have everything than buy some bots to pop so that you don’t have to warp to a zone.
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  3. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    I do think, yeah, that you should only get styles from the daily rewards, & not scalable gear boxes. & like base items etc when you buy them from the marketplace, they should not count towards any feats. I also think we need other stuff from the vendor. I've been playing this game long enough that I got all that stuff, already, so Fate Tokens are pretty useless, to me. I think maybe a converter. X - amount of Fate Tokens for X - amount of Destiny, or Ally Favor, or whatever Seasonal Currency's doing the rounds. as it is, they're pretty much useless to me, otherwise. all the rest of the stuff I get? awesome, ta! but not so much the Tokens. . .
  4. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    I think it would be nice to purchase movement styles (perhaps ones already owned on another toon) with them. I have like 2500 and I'd spend every last one of them to be able to use Purple Lightstream on my alt without having to purchase the $100 Lantern Pack again...