Extreme Stuttering After Around 1 Hour of Playing

Discussion in 'Game Support' started by DanPhyronix, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. DanPhyronix New Player

    Hi, for some reason whenever I play for around for 1 hour I get some really bad stuttering in addition to a gradually decreasing framerate. My task manager also shows 100% core usage on CPU 0 even though I've set the core affinity to everything BUT cpu 0. Restarting the game only helps until it starts stuttering again, and I'm at a loss on how to fix it.

    Has anyone encountered this issue before?

    I'm running this game at 1080p@144Hz, every graphics setting set to the highest possible (in-game Vsync OFF), with some forced Nvidia control panel settings (AF 16x, AA 8x, supersampling 8x, MFAA, Nvidia Vsync ON).

    These are my specs:
    • Intel i7 4770K@4.2GHz
    • GTX 970
    • 16GB 2.4GHz RAM
    • SSD for DCUO
    Theoretically I shouldn't have any problems running this game, but I do. Is there some kind of magic ini setting that forces the game to use a different CPU core or something along those lines?
  2. FlashingBolt05 Active Player

    Hello everyone, recently i bought all access and when i tried to enter new genesis my game crashed. Now whenever i try and log in as that character my game crashes instantly. I checked and the character is not link dead. Any advice.
  3. DanPhyronix New Player

    Yes: Create your own thread :I
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  4. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    The Nvidia drivers for their GTX cards suck, but it should work with those settings.

    Do you have the latest MB BIOS? There are known issues with some MB and newer graphiccards.
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  5. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Go to http://help.daybreakgames.com/ and sed a ticket.

    While you wait for the answer, which may take a few days, do Vallidate Game Assets.

    Don't try to hijack other people's threads. That's rude ;)
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  6. DanPhyronix New Player

    It's really the only DX9 game that stutters like crazy after a while. Every driver is up-to-date. I can't be the only one with these issues..
  7. DanPhyronix New Player

    Wow I think I found the problem...
    After messing around with the Nvidia control panel settings (to no avail) I finally tried disabling the Steam Overlay for DCUO and it stopped stuttering... ridiculous o_O

    I've got so many other DX9 games on Steam and none of them have this problem. Weird.
  8. DanPhyronix New Player

    Nope, the stuttering has returned. This game hates me :/
  9. ErickStrife New Player

    You are not the only one, this is an old problem that has been around for years. I recently got it as well. normal play-through for about an hour or so, then the game starts to stutter and gets choppy. Even worse if I try to get into Watchtower while this is happening. I have searched the forums and tried every suggestion ever written (even the ones that make no sense). No luck.

    I dont use steam or any other overlay or anything. I play directly from the DCUO laucher. When this happens I have to close the game (which takes about 3 minutes), then I can restart and play for another hour or so.

    My computer and graphics are top of the line and my computer can handle anything I throw at it (it is used for heavy 3D & video sampling editing) and every game (far more complex and advanced than DCUO - they all run smoothly).
    This is a DCUO problem and a simple google search will show posts dating back years.
  10. Sorcery Dps New Player

    I have this problem too now I play through the direct launcher and still after 1 hour starts stuttering really hard i contacted support they basically told me to go get my BRAND NEW Laptop fixed.... I have a MSI gp62 2qe Leopard Pro
  11. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    The stuttering is commonly caused by the graphiccard. If you check the framerate, it is probably at 300 FPS until the stuttering starts.

    The DCUO engine was not build for that many FPS (it makes not sense to have that many!) and will begin to fail over time. Once you cap the FPS at a reasonable limit (30 FPS for 2D, 60 FPS for 3D) it will work just fine.
    This is not an issue of only DCUO, but all older games on Nvidia GTX cards.

    Daybreak Games support is correct, that only you players can fix the problem. Don't ask me how to set up the cap, because I don't know. Ask Google or smth.
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  12. DanPhyronix New Player

    I'll try halving my refresh rate to 72 and see if it works, thanks!
  13. Sorcery Dps New Player

    Tried it, Didn't work still after 1 hour kept dropping frames hard I capped at 60 first and after 1 hour it started spiking then i tried 30 and still same results.
  14. ErickStrife New Player

    Nope.. that doesnt work. That was the VERY FIRST THING I ever tried. Was the first thing that came to mind. It has NEVER happened to me on ANY game, and I play all kinds of games on my system. From old crappy ones to the newest most graphic intensive ones. Problem is ONLY HERE on DCUO (at least for me)
  15. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Uninstall Nvidia Experience.
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  16. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

  17. Arwen Skywalker Loyal Player

    Check for Xbox DVR and storage sense in control panel.
  18. TheLastSupermanPrime Well-Known Player

    This may sound odd however I had your same exact issue, the stuttering and then when trying to alt-tab out (when it never did this before) it would crash the game, all black screen and had to restart pc each time it happened.

    Intel i7 960
    24GB Ram
    Nvidia GTX950

    Reference: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/654675/geforce-700-600-series/nvidia-control-panel-crash/4/

    What will sound odd is the simplest of fixes. I read that the nvidia programs tend to read through titles on your desktop i.e. program/game names ad I happened to have over 150 games on my desktop (call me Steam happy lol) and on one forum, someone mentioned the nvidia control panel freezing up after going through a few titles, they moved all their icons off their desktop into a folder on the desktop - I've since done the same and I'm no longer having issues w/ DCUO or it stuttering and/or freezing. Bear in mind some of you on pc may not be using a 50" LCD tv as a monitor and may only be using a widescreen 20'ish or so but even so, if you have multiple shortcuts on your desktop move them to a folder, now try. Currently I have no stuttering in DCUO and its running at 60fps w/ vsync off in the in-game settings but enabled in nvid control panel, here is a thread where I took screenshots of my settings - https://forums.daybreakgames.com/dcuo/index.php?threads/nvidia-control-panel-3d-settings.287751/

    One other thing I've been doing for quite some time due to issues with other games in the past such as Battlefield and Call of Duty is to uninstall all nvidia "extras", even run one of the driver wiping programs to remove old versions that the OEM Nvid uninstallers do not remove, then when you re-install nvidia drivers ONLY install the driver itself, don't install nvidia experience, the 3d vision drivers, or any of the "bloatware" even if you feel its required or not bloat, it is in a sense - only the basic driver is required for games to work fine and all that extra stuff is just one more thing that can go wrong.

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