Exotic pets what would you like to see that's already been in DCUO?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Lord Jareth, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    Exotic anything regarding animals/pets, for me i would like to see These 3 for league hall/base pets.

    Minotaur cause why not its awesome.


    Second Phoenix:



    i cannot think of anymore at the moment, but those are the top 3 that i know exist in dcuo and would like to own them myself as a pet.

    Anyway what would you like to have as a pet?
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  2. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    Phoenix and loins (in Zoo raid, they cute) :D
  3. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    i want amazon fury lions.
  4. Balton hero Committed Player

    I want the dog from the Ace Chemicals hero open world mission. That's all. No cape, no cowl, no hero emblem. Just the dog.
  5. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    That’s wonder dog I’m pretty sure ... looks just like him anyway
  6. Bzzzztt Active Player

    The loins? OMG, I really hope that was a typo . . .
  7. Balton hero Committed Player

    No, not the one from the Teen Titans alert. The ones from the original Gotham open world mission at Ace Chemicals where you decontaminate mutants, and if you do it to the mutated dogs, you have what I believe is a rottweiler following you around helping you until you leave the zone.
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  8. Zoe· Loyal Player

    Phoenix for sure!
  9. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    Doh!!! Lol I didn’t read the whole thing I agree with you tho the regular no frills dog would be awesome in my penthouse
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  10. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    In addition to those mentioned so far, Cerberus would be nice. Especially if really small and had puppy sound effects.

    Does Glomulus count? I'd like to see him turned into a base pet.

    I think a small Gorilla Grodd would be neat, too.

    I'd also like to see the Brine Shrimp(? I think that's what they're called. They attack you in the pipe room in Spindrift Station), Alligators, Lions, Gorillas... Hell, screw it... just make them all.
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  11. FoolsFire Loyal Player

    So you want a mini-taur? :D

    I think it would be hilarious to have a little Clownsanity chasing your other base pets around the place.

    Villains might like Glomulus.

    I think it would be great if we could get Alfred dusting!

    Not pets, but wouldn't it be cool if we could add sound effects to different areas?

    Near windows we could have wind blowing.

    Near the computer terminals add sound effects.

    More wind effects around trees to sound like leaves blowing around.

    They could be placed like any normal base item. Have a rod shaped form which would disappear after being placed.
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  12. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    Haha omg, I was so tired I didn't catch that......awkward...... T_T
    Yea I meant lions
  13. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

  14. Raven Roth Well-Known Player

    Gotham Wasteland Imps, the mutants in Ace Chemicals, and those ravens in 8th Precinct
  15. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    Friendly Chemling is the only correct answer.
  16. Mermaid Dedicated Player

    Base pets are nice and cute and they add life to your bases but they are just vanity and wears off eventually.

    I'd like a system not too huge or overwhelming where you can have pets/sidekicks and they could grow with you similar to artifacts/augments but not as big as them. I just love having pets/back-ups aiding me in combat/doing my bidding.

    But on topic, I'd like Brine Hatchlings, Eagle, Lion, Ravens.
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