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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Flair, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Flair Well-Known Player

    So I'm usually a one MMO kind of guy. I've been playing DCUO since friend and family beta and nothing has really taken my attention away from it for more than a week or so. With EQN on the horizon however, I see a game that could compete for my attention with DCUO.

    Lucky for me, both games are part of the same company! My question is will I have to pay a separate fee for what amounts to legendary status on both games? will there be a singular cost or some kind of deal for paying monthly on both properties?
  2. Sechuran Fox Dedicated Player

    I'm not sure if it will be part of it straight away (I imagine it wouldn't be), but I have the All Access Pass (because I am an MMO *****).


    Gives you access to all their MMOs except Wizardy at the moment (although no loss there really...) so hopefully EQN will become part of that eventually.
  3. Ankh_Legacy Loyal Player

    You can have the same account for most of (if not all) SOE games, you will share your SC balance if the game uses SC but each game is its own thing which means memberships are only per game.

    I have activated 5 games on my account over time. It would have been 6 with Dragons Prophet but my sister beat me to it and sadly it seems I cant play it, the best guess is the graphics card isn't enough for it.
  4. Kid Kaos New Player

    Gotta love All Access. Just wish I could still hold all the games on this PC.
  5. Zuse Loyal Player

    To the funhouse
  6. WonderValkyrie New Player

    id play EQN if it came to the ps4. My first mmo ever was EQOA on the ps2, very fond memories

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