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  1. MidLifeCrysis41 Level 30

    Can’t get anything done! Waiting literally hours on alerts and raids. (Many raids aren’t popping for days! Sometimes the entire week) when they do - they’re filled with CR skips.

    Something really has to be done!

    Remove the Cr differential. Allow people to solo enter ALL raids. Something!

    I’m paying to not play!!

    And before anyone chimes in with “join an active league” it’s the EU side. Not “MERICA” there are about 87 active players.

    No-matter what though - something needs to be done!!!
  2. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    Really not much better on the us side of things. Takes a good minute or two just for the stabilzer instance to queue. Took a good twenty minutes just to find dps for the new raid.
  3. MidLifeCrysis41 Level 30

    Even more reason to open up ALL raids and alerts etc. I know it’s meant to be played a certain way for teamwork etc, but the numbers don’t exist anymore. The ones who are there are new, having bought Cr skips. Absolutely no idea what to do, then leave.

    The fact is - if you’re unable to consistently run content, week in and out - then you’re paying to not play. It’s pay to wait! Leagues are beyond dead! Something has to be done to allow players to keep playing. If you can’t enter events - you’re logging off after so long. FACT!
  4. Dragonnes Committed Player

    EU is okay. There are more people than you think.
    If you don't want to join a league, at least use LFG. Most of the old stuff takes time on any server just because.
    If it doesn't pop, make it pop. Join or gather your own group, don't just sit there waiting.
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  5. nawanda Dedicated Player

    Join an active league.

    I run an active league on the EU server. There are others.

    Or, go to the US server.

    Also, CR differential hasn’t existed since 2017.
  6. MidLifeCrysis41 Level 30

    I’ve never understood people like you! It seems like you’re actually opposed to changing the game to allow more accessibility.

    I’ve played this game since 2013. Do you honestly believe people take the time to write on a forum asking for certain changes - if they don’t feel it’s necessary?

    The EU is that bad! Leagues are dead! Queuing is dead! LFG is dead (only wanting to run the latest stuff) like I said! I don’t pay to play just certain parts. I pay for ALL content.

    You honestly think i stand around in CH statuing like most of the drones? Or outside LB pvp’ ing and screaming OMG! HUGE FIGHT! COME ALL FAST?! :/ lol!

    If you’re in a wonderfully helpful league - that’s super swell! But please don’t be trying to invalidate my suggestions, because my others experiences are different. If allowing access to everything solo would make it easier for MANY. How would that affect your personal play time?! (But it’s an MMO; you’re meant to play as a team!) that’s the way it was - with so few numbers (and most are alts) that’s not how it is anymore.
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  7. MidLifeCrysis41 Level 30

    Which is why the suggestion was to ‘remove it’ :/

    Which active league do you run?

    Been on American side several times. Lag is too much! And I have 330mbps and an 18 ping on average. I wouldn’t use the EU servers if that wasn’t an issue.
  8. nawanda Dedicated Player

    I run one called Omertà but I could name half a dozen others on the hero side. Don’t know much about the villain side. It’s obvious from doing a bit of research on the census whether a league is active or just hoarding inactive characters though.
  9. MidLifeCrysis41 Level 30

    I was in Omertà last year before my old account was removed. Dårk Måtter! Hãzza ßiggun! i left because i couldn’t get help! I’m not saying it was a bad league. liked that league a lot! I liked the chat. But as for helpful! No! Not unless it was running the top stuff.
  10. nawanda Dedicated Player

    It makes your comments about the lack of active leagues on the server a bit strange.

    I think the bit about not getting help was nonsense, but we will just have to agree to disagree. We are an endgame league though. You are more likely to find players wanting to play endgame than old content in an endgame league.

    Not really appropriate to have this conversation here, but sorry we didn’t meet your expectations.
  11. Dragonnes Committed Player

    So have I. And I never really had a problem getting into whatever content I wanted.
    I also play on the villain side, miracles can happen there as well.

    I'm in a league of two. I mostly play all alone by myself, but again I don't have that many problems getting into content.

    There are lots of complainers asking for things just because they feel entitled to it or for the sake of complaining.
    You seem to take the situation too close to heart. Would you please calm down and bring more logic-based arguments why that and this has to be done? :)

    If everyone is allowed to walk-in into old raids, it would hurt queue times even more for people at level. Not to mention all the technical difficulties. Paradox Wave walk-in teleporter was removed for a reason.

    Now, I don't say server is completely healthy - even US has some issues. But saying the server's completely dead is wrong.
  12. MidLifeCrysis41 Level 30

    Which part is strange? The fact that there are very VERY few actively helpful leagues? That LFG is dead? Queuing is dead!

    This is what I’m talking about. About opening it up and removing Cr differential, let ppl solo stuff that they can’t get into.

    And i still remember asking for help with feats for almost 3 days straight. “Sorry! Busy atm” or no response. Don’t tell me I’m talking nonsense. I made a speech upon leaving. And cpt muttered something just before i left about drama.

    You’re trying to talk like it’s a helpful league for all - but now wish to add in the “endgame” part. I was end game last year! Asked repeatedly for help. Blanked!!

    Why don’t you wanna talk on the forums? Where else is appropriate? PM’s?! Mail?!...
  13. nawanda Dedicated Player

    A number of our members didn’t want to play with you because of your political views. I don’t blame them.
  14. MidLifeCrysis41 Level 30

    Like I said! That’s swell that you’re in a league you enjoy.

    Please don’t tell me to “calm down” I’m not excited!

    And I do indeed feel entitled! It’s entitled to be able to run content i pay for?...

    If you have no issues - then this post doesn’t concern you. I can’t understand why you’re even replying tbh lol!
  15. MidLifeCrysis41 Level 30

    My political views? LOL! I’ve never once talked politics on DC. Are you ill? Honestly trying to make up some mentally ill excuse. They wanted to play when we ran raids. Alerts.

    I’m actually embarrassed for you with that response! It was well beyond pathetic lol! Political views LOL!
  16. MidLifeCrysis41 Level 30

    P.s. what political views did i express? And who found these nonexistent comments disagreeable?! I actually can’t believe you just said that! Lol!
  17. Dragonnes Committed Player

    Same reason why you're posting, it's an open forum, people are free to express their opinions and agree/disagree. :)

    Now, imagine devs are reading this - and they probably are. Do you think your emotional rant (sorry if it sounds harsh, can't find another word for this) would appeal to them?

    I said what kind of league I'm in. I get the help from outside, mostly LFG.
    We have the same tools to play the content. Why it works for me and doesn't for you?
    I'm not trying to blame or devalue your opinion or anything, I want to understand.
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  18. MidLifeCrysis41 Level 30

    It is a rant! Of course it’s a rant.

    And I hope the devs read it! That’s why it was posted.

    The reason to open up content is to allow access where a raid can be solo’d. Rather than trying to find for hours - groups to run older content! The way i used to be able to run Para in under two mins solo. Or most lower content. TP’s would allow one or two people in to do raids. It helps keep people playing. The reason Para’s TP was removed was an exploit that they just cbf fixing. Easier to take the TP away!

    Less and less people play this game. FACT! It’s harder almost impossible trying to play lower content. FACT! Opening it up and removing the differential would help with those scenarios. FACT!
  19. MidLifeCrysis41 Level 30

    P.s. queuing times can’t be hurt more if they don’t pop to begin with. TP’s are the only feesable way to give access to ALL content. And most importantly. It still wouldn’t hurt anyone wanting to run as a raid/alert only.

    But for those who wish to be able to run content faster and for specific feats, it would help a lot. The gap grows larger by the DLC RE: sp. allowing people to access things to run sp runs would benefit the game a lot. They don’t do it - because it loses money on replays etc.

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