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  1. Hawk Active Player

    So... is there anyway to just make them scale so they're not episode specific. It's kinda ridiculous to slap on an old DLC augment. I can run w/o them but the benefits are well.... beneficial.
  2. Caroline Dedicated Player

    You already said it yourself - every episode augment is beneficial towards its DLC. You don't have to wear it if you don't want to, but changing them is pointless.
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  3. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Partially, yes. However, for certain elite runs it is still beneficial (but not neccessary) since most elite mechanics are percent based and their reduction even one or two episodes later still holds value. :)
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  4. Trexlight Loyal Player

    They most likely wont because they are part of the Episode grind to level them up and stay only apart of those episodes. Just apart of the mmo grind. No changing that.
  5. Darth Piper Dedicated Player

    So true. In fact, you'll find that if you are at current end-game levels your key stats will actually be higher if you put in the adaptive augments for that DLC than when you use the Power Suit Cores because of that percent increase. For some things, it's still required if you want a better chance at surviving.... "Raving Mad" in SGE for example. Put in the Dark Phylactery augments and your healers will thank you for it because of that reduction in damage taken from the madness tick.

    People sacrifice all of these augments to get their newest ones maxed out as quickly as possible... but when you still have feats to do (or will be helping friends and league mates with them) or like to run some of these older instances, sacrificing them for the latest and greatest can be a mistake. Read the perks they give you before you get rid of them... because no matter how high you get some of these instances seem to have it set that to not have them, even when you're way above the level of the instance, can be instantly fatal while having them will prevent things from turning into one-shots.

    What would be nice, however, is when you get into one of these older instances.... if you still have an appropriate adaptive augment it should either ask if you want to install it or automatically replace the matching one(s)... precise replaces precise, dominating replaces dominating, etc. QOL suggestion?
  6. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    I imagine the UI and coding could be unwieldy, but it would be nice if we could merge the olders ones and retain the buffs. Have some sort of "ultra adaptive augment" that we put two fully loaded episode augments into and it gets those buffs and the latest max stats. You'd still only get the buffs applied in the content you're running, so it wouldn't start multiplying into crazy areas, but you'd only have to wear the one set for older stuff. Have a set of "current" augments you level for the feats and buffs like normal, but then roll it into the older ones.
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  7. Darth Piper Dedicated Player

    Or possibly just the fact that you have them in your inventory alone would cause them to take effect. For example, let's say you retained one Mighty Cybernetic Core (Teen Titans). If you enter TT:JC content and you have two Mighty War Suit Cores equipped, one of them would automatically be "dropped" in favor of the Cybernetic Core. It would only cause a matching one to be overruled... meaning if you have that same Mighty Cybernetic Core but are in healer role and have two Restoring War Suit Cores installed, no "changes" would take place.

    I would just like a better way to retain the effects and have it be automatic vs having to remember to add them, save them to your armories to run the content (just in case you have to switch roles in the fight), and then more importantly remember to restore it to your previous build.

    Hmm... snapshots of armories. That thought just hit me as I was typing this because I was thinking about VMware snapshots (multithreading happens to us sysadmin types). What if you could expand the abilities of armories to hold snapshots... meaning I could set up a "default" (the one you use in any content unless otherwise specified) and then establish a snapshot for specific content that would just automatically be used when you enter that content? If you consume the adaptive augments in that snapshot, the snapshot has to go away because it no longer is valid (missing a piece or two) and then you would revert to the default.

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