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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Batuba, Apr 16, 2020.

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  1. Batuba Developer

    Hey all,

    This thread is to talk about the new artifacts released for episode 37.


  2. XgreenXarcherX New Player

    Will source shard upgrade my collectors edition bat drone if i kevel it up?
  3. CraccaGeneral Level 30

    You can not complete the feat for collecting all three artifacts. Constantine will not sell you an artifact for a different role. For instance I am a tank and can buy the tank and DPS artifacts but not the troll one.
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  4. Batuba Developer

    I'll look into this. Thank you.
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  5. XgreenXarcherX New Player

    Why will no one answer my question
  6. DarkMugetsu New Player

    Ranked the BOP Commlink Artifact to 139, while using it it puts out ok power but the problem is power it gives out is inconsistent when all 3 debuffs are applied.

    At first I thought the radius was just too small for the Siphon weakness to give out power to the team, but the radius is about the same as the targeting range from your character to the enemy.

    During Phoenix Cannon especially on boss rounds it felt like the Siphon Weakness part would not work all the time when all 3 debuffs are applied.

    Might have to do with the timing since I have to use a regular power attack debuff with BOP since it is rank 139.

    Also unsure if this is a problem or not but it would be nice if the radius of Siphon Weakness could be increased a bit beyond target range to cover rooms for the team.
  7. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    The collectors edition bat drone is a pet.. just like any other trinket pet. Therefore godwave strength will buff the batdrone, considering the batdrone is very far down on the list of damage trinkets spending your money is highly inadvisable to level the source shard just for that. But that is up to you
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  8. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    I am curious about source shard, is it intended to be used with low cost powers ? I ask because when using low cost powers my dps is subpar.

    Putting it into a JH focused loadout I began parsing 60k... This is with only ~50k might at cr292. Instead of tectonic break and unstoppable, I put in GHW And debris field. I imagine with elite gear and op items I could push it further. I was looking forward to using stoking stones and shards as they are visually pleasing but it seems like supplementing God hand wave into a load is more beneficial that trying to build around it. I only have it at 132 right now so when it get to 160 and I get the cooldown reduction.

    Do you have a recommendation that maybe we haven't thought of? It feels like earth , who was designed as the pet focused power gets a bit of the short end here when it comes to changing up my loadout. As some people have noted you can build around it with sorcery but for earth it seems like it just has to fit in with your roation
  9. EP Ice Loyal Player

    I see that the feat requirement for “Party like a Flock Star” has changed to “collect at least two Birds of Prey artifacts”. However, the feat did not pop once I acquired the second artifact.
  10. Batuba Developer

    Because changing the feat to work 2/3 artifacts was not retroactively completing feats for people that had two artifacts, we are changing it back to three, however removing the "Controller Only" to BOP so other roles can now attain it off of Constantine.
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  11. Shadobi Level 30

    Have you ever considered the idea that people with all 3 Artifacts at 200 get a Extra Bonus.

    1. Timers are reduced by one second.
    2. Super Charge no longer has a restricted waiting period after use.
    3. Purchase a 4th Artifact slot in the market place.
    * ( Only activated with 3 Artifacts at 200)

    Just my thoughts...
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