Test Discussion Episode 35: False Idols 8-Player Raid

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Charon, Aug 23, 2019.

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  1. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I think we should be given the gear from this dlc so we can test the elite raids in last dlc's gear then again in the new gear to get a good feel of the difficulty. Using last dlc's gear isn't always the best judgement cause we might think something is to strong but we don't really know cause we do not have the new gear to compare it to and say well I guess with a few pieces of new gear it's not bad.

    With the new gear it would also help determine how much of a buff is needed if one is. If we could get elite to a place were we can't beat it in last dlc's gear that would be fantastic!!
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  2. Charon Developer

    Sorry gang, had to be out of office right when this dropped on Test but am back now. I'm prioritizing client fixes currently due to Switch pipelines but after that will address balance and overall feedback/suggestions.

    Some notes:
    • I plan to shorten the waves for the Ares fight and will balance the Gorgon Snake Handler and Satyr Flutist
    • The plan was to introduce new monsters to counter roles - pet class, controller, tank, healer, etc.
      • Currently a lot of these use the same abilities as the ones in GoM and where as i don't see a need to redo things that fit the bill with the roles they are associated with, I do plan to add more stuff to them - hence the note in the Known Issues
      • Examples - the Satyr Flutist will target people with his music and snake charm the snake turrets to attack that target first
      • Minotaurs will Shatter Restraints on those CC'd around him
      • Phoenix healer will pick up and toss you (in general) but also toss you into fire pits created by the Sunblade
    • Cerberus should not be healing - please provide video evidence of this
    • Operation Teleporter from WT/HoD is fixed and incoming soon
    • Drachma Amazons should be controllable in normal but ultimately break out quickly - the best way to manage them is to distract them with damage - in elite they are resistant to CC so a very high dominance is needed for them but they aren't immune
    • I can look into lowering forged weapon numbers
    • They are intended to be tankable but they are tethered close to the anvils they guard, until that anvil has been struck then they are free to fly
    • Merciless bow/worship attack isn't a damage check but rather, if you break out of the worship animation fast enough and block then you will survive, at least more likely than you will when not blocking and still stuck in that worship animation
    • Lava eruptions and lightning strikes will soon ground you if you are over them right before they do their thing
    • Lightning strikes I cobbled together with auras, fx and some form changes so thanks for that, while they aren't a particular mechanic other than environmental awareness - there will be feats associated with them
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  3. Penryn Loyal Player

    I throw a Sticky Bomb at the Hoplites on Normal Mode and nothing happens. Don't even see a breakout or an "IMMUNE" tag.

    Something did knock them back here:

    Was that due to Wonder Woman standing back up?
  4. Charon Developer

    WW does knock anyone back when she gets to or gets back up at the spot in front of the Drachma.

    Still haven't figured out why they're doing that in Normal mode but will keep looking. The end result is to have them controllable but with quick breakouts so you can supplement the DPS checking with some control.
  5. Charon Developer

    For weekend testing and feedback, the build later today will include the following notes along with some other smaller tweaks.
    • Collections have been added
    • Fixed issue where the Operation Teleporter in the Watchtower and Hall of Doom wouldn't bring you back to the proper spot in the operation
    • Added a grounding effect on the lava eruptions and the lightning bolts in the Olympus map
    • Reduced the Ares wave event by 1 wave
    • Reduced the Ares amount of creatures in the first wave and again in final wave with Cerberus
    • The second wave, not the third, now has the Sunblade mechanic, which starts right after the first monster is defeated in the second wave
    • Reduced range and damage, if blocking, on most of the Gorgon Snake Handler abilities
    • Reduced amount of Forged Weapons in Normal and Elite by 1 per group
    • Fixed issue with Wonder Woman not initiating the melting of the Drachma in Elite mode as soon as she should
    • Lightning won't strike you if you're in the worship Merciless phase
    • God Killer reflect phase won't reflect damage from NPCs, it's player only now as intended
    • Pheonix Flamekeepers have gotten additional abilities and behavior
  6. Penryn Loyal Player

    Charon, can you fix the following?

    After the Living Forge fight, the distance tracker makes it look like the Merciless fight is going to be in a different room than the "arena." However, the cutscene starts as soon as you enter the arena. Unsuspecting players that don't see the cutscene are just going to fly through the room and follow the tracker. If they do that, the end up in the wrong room and the arena door closes. Anyone that gets locked out of the arena like that has to Warp Rally to participate in the fight. Just watch the radar and you can see what is happening.
  7. Charon Developer

    Yeah, I'll shut the door as soon as it's triggered. I did the marker on purpose as a "surprise" he's ambushing you sort of thing but didn't account for people who didn't get caught by the camera and could zoom on past as it played. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    I noticed that Earth DPS are juggling Olympians with Unstoppable.
  9. lllStrichcodelll Well-Known Player

    Question for First Boss in Elite (or in general):

    Is there a tactic or trick to it, to not get turned into Stone by the Gorgon?
    In "God of Monsters" the way to go was to not look into the Gaze, but this does'nt work in False Idols.

    If there should be a mechanic, please let me know ;)
  10. Charon Developer

    Local testing has it behaving the same way. It's the same ability but these gorgons have other abilities that can force players to look at them a bit more than other gorgons (fears, pulls, etc.) if you can show me a video of it happening I can investigate further.
  11. Charon Developer

    Some notes that didn't make the forum post just yet:

    • Feats have now been fully implemented and are ready for testing and feedback
    • Lightning Strikes and the Merciless’ compulsion attack will no longer overlap
    • Elite Mode: Wave specialist monsters have had their damage reduction removed
    Now that all feats are done, I'll be focusing more on balance and Elite content and addressing other concerns/feedback.
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  12. lllStrichcodelll Well-Known Player

    I cant provide Videos, but i can explain the Situations. I got turned into Stone while Tanking The Gorgon, even tho i stood 2m away from a wall, with my camera facing the wall AND my character facing the Wall. The Gorgon was behind me. So either the Walls are reflecting the gaze or its something different.
  13. spack2k Steadfast Player

    well i have to leave a feedback here about how hard those stones thrown by cyclops and minotaurs hit, i mean i thought maybe i am not geared enough to run a melee setup for the NORMAL raids yet... but today i run it with full vendor gear( cr 281) and the experience was the same as with cr271... no change at all those stones thrown by cyclops and minotaur were one shooting players left and right and even if they get CCed and they let the stone drop everything around them will also get one shooted even if u block , it just doesnt matter... that way the melee playstyle which was only available in normal raids is no fun at all... rip melee weapon users and rage & earth melee powers... and the end boss is also impossible to melee well i guess not all bosses are made up for meeleing but when even the adds in the hallway one shoot you then u know dcuo made up its mind about meleeing in this game... at least dropping the stone should not count as throwing and should not do damage.
  14. Charon Developer

    Thanks for the feedback. I just now reworked the boulders to not last as long, do different amounts of damage based on blocking vs not, scaled the damage more between difficulties, and when dropped they'll explode or when they hit collision other than a player (if it misses a player) it'll explode.

    In Elite - the Merciless can now be countered in melee when he's not empowered by Battle-Lust, the Drachma, or dead set on getting to Ares.
    In Event and Normal - the Merciless can now be countered except when dead set on getting to Ares.
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  15. Yvtq8k3n The 7 New Player

    Review of the raid(Elite):3
    So me and my buddys went for it last night.

    First Boss
    So waves, the WAVES, the WAVVESSS......
    Boy everyone hates them GJ;D
    Gonna be honest 1st boss is pretty lame:D, but after all the effor a guy has to do to reach it. I will take it xd:D.

    2nd Boss
    Second boss is fine. I had the possibility to tank adds and boss.
    Boss wise: I was crying for big heals all time:D (Shame counters work so lamely)
    Adds wise: Adds were meeh. The forge adds combining with the enviroment was challenging thought)

    Final Boss
    To be honest i really liked the final boss. It had a few nice group interactions:D I would lower his hp in 10% thought.

    Review: This raid will be very likely the hardest:3 Its fun, thought:3
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