EoG + pheromone bloom? (Earth tank)

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  1. fm0987 Committed Player

    Is this combo any good? (I tested it briefly in fp Gotham on Doomsday, seems ok, the supercharge anyway). Now that’s it’s 2x xp I’m considering replacing my 120 Everyman Prototye with Eye of Gemini. Usually I don’t run a supercharge as tank and run two shields instead (earthen grip, fortify, hard light shield, jackhammer, gemstone shield, brick). I was thinking maybe something along the lines of: earthen grip, fortify, gemstone, jackhammer, brick, pheromone bloom. The only thing is you lose out on some dom/ defense if spec 100 points into resto for the 10%. I know people sometimes use the movement mode shield supercharge as tank but I’m flight and don’t really care for dustoff (shoots you up into the air). My other two tank arts are manacles and mystic (both 120 as well).
  2. fm0987 Committed Player

    Ran a raid with pheromone bloom in loadout, seems hardly necessary if you’ve got a decent healer in the group, although it is kinda good for that “oh ****” moment every now and then. Also since earth doesn’t really have any self heals, might be good for times when running without a healer. I never really run elite content besides solos or duos, I suppose that might be a deciding factor as well.
  3. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I personally like that combo. I run grip, gem shield, HLS, fortify, brick, pheromone bloom. You really don’t need jackhammer. If you need the juggle you can choose a weapon that can juggle. Earth grip also stuns so you can grip jump and role to get out of tight spots to kite. The gemini effect will also heal brick and when you get gemini to 200 you will resto, dom, and health. For earth the dom means more defense too. So if you need that oh s*** button, you will gain defense in top of the pheromone heal
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  4. DCUO 21Savage Active Player

    Yeah replace it tbh use eye and see how much you like it
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  5. BaelinFishman Well-Known Player

    So for artifacts for earth tank I'd say Manacles, Symbol of the 7, and Circe's Mask (If you're not using EoG). Reason being if you're doing it right your health shouldn't be getting low enough to utilize the huge buff from Everyman Prototype. However with Crice's mask and jackhammering your shields are always going down and you're always taking damage so it makes it easier to heal you. Also you get more shield strength from Circe's Mask over the Everyman Prototype.

    Now if you're using EoG I would use one of the movement shields. Because its going to be more useful because you're not speccing a ton of resto as a earth tank. But mind you, if you're superspeed and you're in a instance like COU or Inner Sanctum 1st boss, you get grounded and you're screwed because its an entire power that is useless.

    Edit: Also Circe's Mask stuns things too
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  6. Jcal Dedicated Player

    I can't imagine Earth tanking without EoG + PB anymore. I adore the combo so much! Wish I could use my movement shield SC instead, but I too am flight. Uhh, Dustoff is the worst.

    If you take EoG to 160, you'll practically always have a super on deck. So a big self heal every 30 seconds + the additional EoG heal + Brick gets heals too + the benefit to your team. Even at 120, Gemini is quite useful. You'll just have to work a little more to fill up your SC (but not that much more).

    I wouldn't worry too much about speccing into Restoration, certainly not 100SP. Get your Dom and Health as high as possible first, as usual. Tank gear already has a generous amount of Resto, tank artifacts come with Resto % boosts, and any OP items you may have come chopped full of Resto. Dominance is part of the healing formula as well, so you're already increasing the heal as is.
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  7. fm0987 Committed Player

    Well originally I was spec like this (I have like 390ish sp?): After weapon etc, superpowered, 20 in dps crits, 100 health and the remainder in dom. With pheromone bloom: superpowered, 20 in heal crits, 100 resto, 100 health, remainder in dom. Guess I just figured boost the heal a little bit but idk. I’ve messed around with different specs like that (100 dom rest in health etc), doesn’t seem to make a huge difference, in regular content anyway. Suppose higher dom is better for shield strength/ defense.
  8. fm0987 Committed Player

    Guess if drop jackhammer for hard light shield, spec hybrid instead of superpowered? 5% dom and resto from that alone.
  9. fm0987 Committed Player

    If using EoG, is it better to use extended supercharge over the hearty chest mod?
  10. L T Devoted Player

    I would spec hybrid for Earth Tanking, and if you're Brick Tanking I would not use Jackhammer.

    For Earth, you can run your movement shield super for Eye of Gemini instead of Pheromone Bloom. The Heals from the Eye are generally good enough without needing the extra burst from Pheromone. Plus I think the plant effect looks dorky.

    If you're using Healing Abilities like Pheromone Bloom, and you find you need them for the healing, you're probably better off getting healing crits over damage ones. For the rest of your spec, I would suggest Health first, then Dom.
  11. L T Devoted Player

    I would suggest Hearty. I suspect you'll find that, once you get up a head of supercharge, you can keep using it more or less constantly without really running out. If you find with your playstyle that's not the case, then go with extended supercharge.