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  1. xoLucyxo New Player

    might be my low sp and low iq that causes it, but i feel like i'm out of power after using 2 healing abilities.. any suggestions on how to keep your power up when you don't have a troll? thanks for answers:)
  2. Tilz Loyal Player

    What cr are you?
    How many SP do you have?

    Whats your loadout?
    Are you weapon / hybrid / superpower Focus?
  3. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    I do most of my healing using Galvanize and Arc Lightning.

    You'll want a 80+ Demon's Fang for this, but basically: Hammer Throw - > Arrow Storm, Arc Lightning - > (c) Galvanize.

    That's the combo. Every 12 seconds use Electrogenesis for a solid background HOT.

    Also, yeah, context, it would really help if we knew what you were using now.
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  4. Shalayah Committed Player

  5. Oceanly Well-Known Player

    don't use your abilities as much ellec is a power use it when you need it unlike some powers because most of it is burst so it use alot of power
  6. L T Devoted Player

    If you are Hybrid, Hand Blaster, Shield, and Bow regenerate power the fastest-- try to mix weapon attacks in as often as practical.

    If you are Superpowered focus, all you can do is increase your power pool and wait for it to regenerate.

    Either way, you can use Power generator mods to help out your pool.
  7. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Best advice i can give you is to switch your power if you want to heal.
  8. Lightnings Revenge Committed Player

    A electric healer is actually best if you want quick results
  9. Lightnings Revenge Committed Player

    Use superpowered so that you get a regeneration of power. Since electric uses alot of power I advice to never use orb because it slows down your healing and assumes alot more power. once you fully understand the rotation you will know the power is in your hands.
  10. Essential Exobyte Well-Known Player

    Just to add my rotation for an example:

    Powers: Galvanize, Bioelectric Surge, Bio Capacitor, Flux (w/back white mod cooldown), Electrogenesis (varies), Recover.

    Arts: Purple Healing Ray, Page of Destiny, Orb of Orion for some instances or Omegahedron for Power Return.

    Focus: Superpowered, 100 into might/power and rest into resto.

    Generator Mods: Power, Resto, Might

    White mods: Chest power efficiency, weapon power back mod, neck is resto mod, face mod is also power.

    It works for me and can solo heal end game raids depending on the group members and how damage hungry they are. I spec into power so I don't run out as quick and it seems to work well. Having league buffs and an omega and healing augs helps a lot too.

    Thats a lot of stats: 2 augs with 3% power and resto each, league buffs of 5% more health, 3% resto/dom both, healing out/in both 3%, power 5%, critical healing 1%, omega adding 5% for all stats, arts adding (omega, purple, page) 10% health, 15% power, 8% resto if fully leveled, and whatever personal buff like 5% healing bonus from seasonal drinks or 8k power soder. Thats like 51% more power or so and you will be almost 200k power with increased power regen (+40%) and extra healing abilities and double safety nets. Craziness!!

    If you do it right, you'll have so much power, lord sidious will pay you a visit asking for a cup of power. :D
  11. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Electricity is essentially a reactive healer. If you are pre-casting abilities, you are doing it wrong.
  12. Essential Exobyte Well-Known Player

    I believe all healers are reactive healers. hehe. Electric is also a preemptive healer with safety nets (biocap and page of destiny), this means casting these 2 before damage results in immediate healing without having to heal reactively. Of course, health will have to be low for it to kick in, but it has saved many players from dying when something hits them hard.

    So you can precast abilities for electric, just more so one of the powers, or two if p.o.d. artifact equipped.
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