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  1. Elijah Seed Active Player

    I am interested in learning what exact styles are needed AND where/ how I can get them in game for the Doctor Fate appearance as his NPC in Chaos Gotham. Also, what are the color codes for his appearance there? I think his NPC in Chaos Gotham looks good and I would like to copy it for one of my characters.

    Thank you.
  2. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    Open world collection in chaos Gotham will give u his cape & if I remember right, one of the briefings/investigations gives his belt style
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  3. Elijah Seed Active Player

    Thanks. What about the rest of the outfit? Any ideas?
  4. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    I forgot about the dr fate gloves, they are a lower lvl iconic gear drop, drops on the villain side I think? Sentinels of magic citadel challenge? (It’s tradeable too, so it can be on the broker)

    head can probably be either (seeing mostly these head styles when searching)
    Fate’s faith (t1 pve gear in magic wing)
    Aegis of Eternity (retired pvp style, but need 800 pvp marks, between magic and meta wing, the vendor nearest to the meta wing side

    Not sure on chest and legs, I’ll look around
    Looking at chests, the paneled flexsuit chest kinda looks like it, downside is, it only drops in the flash duo and I can’t remember if it drops for a certain role only, BUT it’s style unlockable if u have it on a alt, like with yellow and red part blue and the blue part more gold like, arms should be covered with dr fate gloves (still looking for more possible choices)
  5. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    Legs just find a character creation slimline, since it’s only 1 color

    First foot style that came to mind was the Mayan, idk if they can all look the same color well, but it’s pretty close in appearance wise (I’ll check for other feet styles
  6. Postman Level 30

    Panel suit actual drops in the Brainic duo's as well.

    I use the fate's faith chest on my doc fate character my self
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  7. willflynne Unwavering Player

    Aegis of Eternity can be snagged through Promethium Lockboxes as an alternative method, just depends on how lucky you feel. LOL

    As for the Paneled Bodysuit, that's a drop from the Battle for Earth duos. I spend more than a fair amount of time doing walk-ins of those duos trying to get both the Paneled and Daggerpoint Bodysuit pieces on my characters (head, chest, legs). :confused:
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  8. Michael7269 New Player

    You can also get Dr. Fate Managrips from Sentinels of Magic Citadel challenge. If you have it you can use the scuba suit. You can almost get the same look

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