Do people who sub on PS3 have access to test server on PC?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by sonryo21, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. sonryo21 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if this has been. I believe it has but if someone would be so kind as to explain whether or not PS3 legendary subscribers have access to test server or not. And also if they don't could you give a reason as to why they do not get access to test server. Thank you in advance :)
  2. WorldsDown Well-Known Member

    To the best of my knowledge, no... it's not accessible to PS3 Legendary subscribers.
  3. ZEUSofGODS Well-Known Member

  4. Darth Well-Known Member

    No and because the PC and PS3 sides of the game are separate.
  5. sonryo21 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your responses. I wonder if there would be a way for them to make it available to PS3 Legendary players so that they could test things out like PC players.
  6. Corrupted Ertai Well-Known Member

    Yes but the PC and PC test servers are seperate as well. If I have a DCUO account on any platform I think I should be able to use my PC, which is way more than capable of running it, to hit up the test server. This would not be a hard thing to implement.
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  7. Kintuse Well-Known Member

    May I ask why? I mean, If a PS3 player is subbed and pays the same amount as a PC player, why can't they test on the PC as well?

    Seems a bit backwards to me, oh well.
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  8. sonryo21 Well-Known Member

    I doesn't make sense to me why they aren't allowed to. They should have been giving access to the test server from day one. Or do the powers function totally differently on PC compared to PS3. Are the powers not nerfed across the board and are the functions not the same accross the board or are there differences with how final ruin functions on PS3 than how it functions on PC.
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  9. Darth Well-Known Member

    You should. But for monetary reasons, you never will. I don't agree with it but your PS3 account cannot be linked to a PC account because they are separate accounts and are billed separately. I was told this when I was on PC for a little bit and asked Customer Support if I could be a premium member since I spent over $100 on the PS3 side. Unless you pay for a subscription on PC they won't let you on the PC test server.
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  10. Notangie Well-Known Member

    A lot of PS3 players don't play on the day a DLC hits because the lag, disconnect, and malevolent glitches are excessive. A PS3 test server would make launch better. With Origin Crisis they made the DLC only available to Legendary for the 1st week. Maybe that's how they're implementing a PS3 test.
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  11. Abstrakt Well-Known Member

    The pc test is a clone of the pc server....
    ps3 has different account settings because it uses an account name thats based on psn.
    As far as i can tell the pc test shares pc installer files and vice verse. My guess is that it would cause issues with the way the game runs on the ps3.
  12. sonryo21 Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't mind if they just had ps3 legendaries download the test server client to their pc and used a verification through the email account linked to their psn. Seeing as that is simple work around that a junior high programmer could have implemented.
  13. sonryo21 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the insight ;)
  14. Abstrakt Well-Known Member

    I agree im not sure why they wont allow it either , more people actually testing would be good. when i go to test im usually the only on on hard to test group content that way.
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  15. sonryo21 Well-Known Member

    That is how I see it also. They really need to start thinking more about how to make and keep a better game running instead of how can we milk more money out of our player base. If you take care of the player base the money will come.
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  16. Corrupted Ertai Well-Known Member

    I understand all of this. I don't think I stated my point very clearly. It would take almost no effort whatsoever to link the test server logins to be PSN available. There are tons of 3rd party gaming sites that do this so your trophies and play history can be linked into your profile. You can sign into the 3rd party site using a PSN sign-in ID because it is that easy to validate it. These people actually work for a division of Sony. You can't tell me that PSN account validation is out of reach. Hell I could program the interface and validation sectioning in an afternoon. It wouldn't even have to interact bet ween PS3 and PC servers. Just a check through using the site server as a validation agent for the PSN account and run what is essentially an OK signal to the TEST server allowing account creation for the player. Simple stuff. Maybe not entirely as simple as I have stated here, but I was trying to make it understandable to people not familiar with multi-server interactions.
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  17. Corrupted Ertai Well-Known Member

    It would actually help a lot in my estimation. If you consider that most of the people infamous for finding exploits and bugs are on USPS3 anyway *cough*One Pieced*cough*
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  18. Potent Well-Known Member

    This, it would take absolutely no effort to link your PSN account with an SOE account. You know how I know this is possible?

    Because my PSN account is linked with a Valve account for Portal 2, as well as a SquareEnix account for Final Fantasy XIV,.
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  19. Darth Well-Known Member

    I'm with you on that. I don't think it would be hard to program at all. It would be nice if a Dev could come in and let us know why it hasn't been already. Not that I'd enjoy being on the test server much. I don't have the PC for it. I have a 3 yr old laptop with a stock graphics card. Running Sub Construct was a pain in the *** and lagged like crazy lol I'd be useless on it :p
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  20. sonryo21 Well-Known Member

    exactly what I was getting at. So in essence dcuo devs are just being lazy ***** who don't care about our experience in gaming.

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