Disappointed in the way powersets work

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by peteed1985, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. peteed1985 New Player

    Low level nature powers seem very weak in the damage department and thier graphics are rather horrid.

    It also kinda sucks that I can't mix and match powers, would be very cool if I could have some nature and some water powers or some of all 4 elements for example. As it stands i'm guessing all players with the same powerset are carbon copies of each other :(

    Also I picked up hand blast for weapon expecting it to be a ranged energy beam from hands but apparently it's melee -_- if i'd known i'd of gone guns or some other nicer melee.

    Looks like none of the powersets let you grow into a giant or shrink like antman/wasp?
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  2. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    Low level everything in weak in the damage department, but Nature does very well in endgame. Handblast can be used in melee or ranged, just like every weapon. The list of combos should be in the weapon tree menu.
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  3. peteed1985 New Player

    The left click for hand blast seems to melee though.

    I suck at combos sadly :( I'm looking for an easy to play powerset but idk what ones are easy to play. Basically as few abilities as possible in the rotation and not reliant on combos.
  4. nawanda Dedicated Player

    So you want high damage for minimum effort, and Marvel iconic abilities in a DC game.
  5. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    Hand Blaster is mostly range combos, you can look at what combo does what in the weapon tree.
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  6. xxHELLSTROKExx Well-Known Player

    Read further down in the what's new tab and you'll see people talking about how nature is too powerful. You're low level so anything will feel underpowered. But if you're looking to be op and don't want to deal with combos, this is going to be an unenjoyable experience for you unfortunately.
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  7. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    Left click is...but there's a whole other button. The "combos" in this game are easy. It's essentially like "tap, tap, hold", like this one:

  8. peteed1985 New Player

    I'm horrible with the timing and with the counting so if it says tap x3 hold x2 before i've even realised i've tapped 4 times because i'm clicking so fast lol and it doesn't work. Plus hold x2 doesn't really make sense because how long is each hold meant to be? Plus combos like this are harder when you have latency like I do being Australian :(

    Umm what's Marvel iconic abilities? Growing and shrinking? Surely your joking? Bumblebee a DC hero that is almost a carbon copy almost of the Wasp with the ability to shrink, The Atom a DC hero able to Shrink, Atom Smasher a DC hero able to grow to 60 foot tall...Growing and shrinking isn't only Marvel...

    I also never said I wanted high damage for minimum effort I wanted a powerset I could play with my disabilities (and the aussie latency) that limit my memory and fine motor control. Rage even at the same level as Nature seems to do alot more damage but idk how they end up at max level with rotation length and the like.
  9. xxHELLSTROKExx Well-Known Player

    Personally, and because I use it with great results, sorcery is your best bet. Use a pet, fury for dps role. Source shard artifact and equip godwave in your loadout when it's leveled enough.
    My character is high leveled but I'll give you my loadout/ setup and it's rare I don't top the damage charts.
    Arts: source shard, grimorium, la mort. 200, 200, 160 so will take you a while to get there but:
    Fury, feed fury, godwave, .5sec cooldown blast (forget what its called) finisher, 3 pet supercharge.
    Have an orbital, a trinket pet, and a sidekick. No combos, feed fury, pop godwave, he's hitting for 75k min for me btw, then finisher and quick blast till godwave and feed reset. Over and over and enemies melt. Adds at endgame are a 1shot for me. Bosses take a little over 30secs in solos and I don't move at all. My augs are also maxed as is gear usually but if I can help online, feel free to friend Azraihell.
    Other character is rage, if you don't combo constantly and move around a lot, bad choice. Won't do squat for damage.
  10. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    I'm going to try and not be insulting, but if you can't count to 5 and try a few things like "how long do I need to hold" to get a feel for it...I'm not sure this is the game for you.
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  11. Apollonia Well-Known Player

    The game is an action MMO. You need to be able to do basic combos to play it. You get lots of practice as you level. That said, if you don't feel like that playstyle works for you, this game won't be for you.

    And no, there are no shrinking and growing powers in this game. There aren't in any game that allows players to build their own custom characters with custom appearances because of the technical limitations and resources required to build tech that would allow that. Such a game does not exist.
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  12. Illumin411 Dedicated Player

    Pulse beam is one of my favorite combo attacks in the game and is ranged. It’s not really viable in difficult raid content but I have fun pulse beaming open world adds.
  13. Highplains Sailor Well-Known Player

    There are certain powers (like Atomic and Light) that require a lot of 'power' combos. I admit, I am terrible at 1) remembering what the power combos are and 2) getting them to work twice in a row, so I tend to avoid those powers. I'm sure if all I played was a Light-powered character I would become proficient in power combos (I guess that's where the 'muscle memory' kicks in). Also, being old and having lousy coordination doesn't help. There are times when my mouse hand knows what to do, but just can't do it.

    From what I've seen of Weapon Mastery, you only need to get good at two different combos to switch between weapons. If you are using just one weapon, you will probably figure out a few attacks you like and stick with them. My Nature character uses a Bow, and I've gotten to the point where if I've played another character for a while and switch, I can do my preferred Bow attacks without much thought (again, the muscle memory).
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  14. Kimone Devoted Player

    Stick to Nature, it'll pay dividends in the output category right after you have the four Abilities necessary to use the Poison DOT cycle.

    You mentioned a disability; Nature will allow you to PFTT - "play from the tray", i.e. use mostly Abilities in a continuous, sequential manner - in order to maintain a consistent damage output without needing to muck with timing intensive combos.

    By the time you get to level 30, you'll have the following Abilities - Serpent Call, Briar, Vine Lash, and Harvest - the first three set up Poison DOT, Harvest spreads and refreshes that DOT, follow up with Savage Growth for a big burst of damage. I usually insert a weapon combo, then Harvest to refresh (of whatever it was you were fighting is still alive; it is generally not by then).

    There's a variety of this combo that was recently on video doing 53K (or more) damage a second to a single enemy. So. Yeah. Give it a chance yo.
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  15. Barbara Lopez Well-Known Player

    Graphics of those powers go back to about 10 years ago. Not much of an expectation . . .
    And people have been asking for Hand Blasters upgrade for years. Better just be quiet and let the developers team do what they prefer in the area of powersets and weapons.
  16. Brit Loyal Player

    Contrary to many other players, I am going to seriously discourage you from playing Nature. Yes, Nature is very powerful DPS towards the endgame. You are just starting out at the game; the endgame is a long ways away. And with your interest in the aesthetics of the game, I'm sure that Nature's awkward looking shapechanges hyjacking your character's style appearance, along with forcibly converting your movement and weapon modes, is going to be frustrating for you. Additionally, from a particle effect, purely appearance standpoint, Nature is one of the least satisfying powers, as the Flora and Fauna trees are so different that half the time you've got vines shooting out of you, and the other half you're using some sort of mystical green energy or covering yourself with bugs. Plus, again, the shapechanges which will change your appearance, movement, and weapons, which are a cause of frustration for many players who are more interested in being customizable rather than being powerful.

    Try a power like Fire. Every Fire power looks like you are using Fire, but each of them animates in their own way. There's even a crazy Dragon Ball style fireball throw. And Fire does not involve any Power combos.

    And then select the Play From The Tray build, and push heavily into Might, so that you do not require combo'ing on your abilities. Instead, it just basically is a bit of whack-a-mole with your cooldowns. Hit Power A, wait for it to finish. Hit Power B. Clip Power B with Power C. etc.

    As for combos, I do believe you can learn them with practice, but the Might build can also allow you to largely just work without them. In a nutshell, you only really need to know 4 things about your weapon.

    #1. Left Click will always be a melee attack for every single weapon.
    #2. Right Click will always be a ranged attack for every single weapon.
    #3. Hold Left Click (Hold Melee) will be a LUNGE. If the enemy is doing something interuptable, this will interrupt them. This will also move you forward towards your target for any weapon except for Rifle.
    #4. Hold Right Click (Hold Ranged) will be a BLOCKBREAKER. If the enemy is blocking, this will break through their block, often knock them down, and deal extra damage.

    That is it. With just a single point invested into your weapon, you will be capable of doing those very basic things, without ever having to time a combo.
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  17. peteed1985 New Player

    Ty for the advice :)

    How would I find this Play From The Tray build?
  18. TheLorax Unwavering Player

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