Did free lvl skip ever come out for switch?

Discussion in 'Oracle’s Database (Guides)' started by Krylissa, Nov 17, 2023.

  1. Krylissa New Player

    I've made two separate accounts, 5 characters, deleting a few to make new ones. And never once did I ever see since being on switch an option of any kind to skip to lvl 25. Was it never added to switch? I also have sent 3 emails for help to the devs over a period of two & half weeks and haven't gotten any reply, I am very busy & don't have time to grind, I get maybe 10min every day to play so I wanted to skip to lvl 25 but there's no option whatsoever that I can see on switch.
  2. Destinywlf Active Player

    Are you still not getting the option for level 25 skip? I just made a character on the switch, and after character creation it gives me the following options "start game, skip tutorial, skip to level 25, skip to CR 333" these options pop up right after i press the + button for finish.
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  3. Krylissa New Player

    No, after creating many new characters even, it only give the skip tutorial or skip to 333 aka lvl 30 options. God I wiash this was cross save so i could use my maxed out character from ps4 on my switch
  4. Destinywlf Active Player

    hrmm thats odd. cause i get the option on the switch. i do have a high level charcter as well. maybe that makes a diffrence? it wont ever be cross save. because of the diffrent business relationships between them and the platform owner, sony, microsoft, and nintendo.