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  1. Nerdagain New Member

    I'm a long time WoW player. Been playing since the start. I tried DCUO just looking for something to do and I'm glad I found it. I been having a ton of fun in this game. I haven't done any group content yet just because I don't want to ruin the group Im in with my lack of knowledge and skill. Also, Im only level 21. The leveling here is really fun and the combat system is what makes it fun for me. I'm a end game raider in WoW and know a lot about the game and classes, as well how to play my main really well.

    My point of this post was to see if someone had a link to the list of terms and meaning for DCUO. I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out the meanings. Like when people use three letters to describe a heroic or raid. I have to say heroic and raid because I have yet to know the DCUO terms of the same thing in WoW. When people talk about mods, I think of addons that I need to download. I'm just a complete noob and was looking for some links to educate myself. Thanks in advance!
  2. Splinter Cell Well-Known Member

    Well let's see here.....
    GLF = group looking for (insert x amount of controllers, healers, and tanks here)
    LFG = looking for group
    troll = controller (regenerates your blue power but also helps with crowd control and reviving fallen allies)
    premades = Groups of people from a league or pug that united for PvP and PvE
    mods = modifications from plans you get that allow you to craft mods for your gear
    PST = please send tell (private message)
    GTG = good to go

    Raids are raids, you might see an alert referred to as T1A or T4A, you'll get shortened raid locations like FoS1 (Fortress of Solitude part 1: The Chasm). You'll also see the term "ninja" thrown around quite loosely. Technically there is no "ninja"-ing in this game as you are free to roll on any loot as long as you can wear it. So if you're a DPS but your powers are Nature (a healing power) then you can roll need on that loot that is meant for healers. Loot rules are usually agreed upon before entering an instance (dungeon), and it's usually only to roll need on the current role you're in. So if you're a tank you could only role on tank specified gear for example. Weapons at the end of endgame content like Prime Battleground (a Tier 4 raid) or the 8-man Operations (open-world raids) that are currently the best in the game are usually called out before the final battle in that instance to allow for fairness.
  3. Maxx_Watt Well-Known Member

    Some of the unspoken terms you'll want to become familiar with:
    Person standing over your corpse repeatedly blocking = teabagging
    Troll in a group not giving power or P.O.T(power over time) = bad player leave or kick from group asap
    Healer not healing in a group = bad player leave or kick from group asap
    DPS running ahead of the group and starting boss fights before players get there = bad player kick from group asap
    DPS spamming powers, constantly low on power = bad player kick from group asap
    DPS = bad player kick from group asap
    DPS complaining about other roles = bad player kick from group asap
    DPS lowest in damage = bad player kick from group asap
  4. Breedin Bull Well-Known Member

    CR - a stat based on your gear which is a requirement to get into raids.
    SP - an irrelevant stat that elitists wish someday to be a requirement to get into raids.
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  5. Goony Active Member

    all the grouping content that you are able to get into now you should get into so that you can learn about grouping, it wont be high end raids or anything it will be level appropriate and you will have other people around your level in there
  6. Motive Active Member

    People just shorten the names of raids/ops. Some are quite obvious:

    Batcave1 = Batcave: Outer Caverns
    Batcave2 = Batcave: Inner Sanctum
    Batcave3 = Batcave: Brainiac Subconstruct
    FOS1 = Fortress of Solitude: Chasm
    FOS2 = Fortress of Solitude: Power Core
    FOS3 = Fortress of Solitude: Sunstone Matrix
    Themy/GoT = Themyscira: Gates Of Tartarus
    PB = The Prime Battleground
    WaV = With a Vengeance
    BD = Black Dawn
    Mbot = Morrowbot
    Obot = Oolong Seige Robot
    LoA = League of Assassins
  7. Death Throe Well-Known Member

    Pet names for these player types :D
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  8. Nerdagain New Member

    Is there a way to see what my spells do by mousing over them? I didn't know if there was a option or command that shows my mouse cursor on screen so I could mouse over them. I been going to the load out screen to see what they do but I keep forgetting.
  9. Splinter Cell Well-Known Member

    You can see that by hitting the hot key "K" on your keyboard. Go to your power trees and move your mouse over them to see a description of their use on the left screen.

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