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  1. Seismix New Player

    This might be old guide, but there are still people out there don't know that DCUO can run very well on Linux system.

    My current Linux system is :
    i5 3570k Processor
    8Gb Ram
    Nvidia GTX 560ti Graphics Driver Version 361.28
    Gentoo Linux OS 64bit
    Linux-4.1.15-gentoo-r1 Kernel

    First you need to make sure all hardware on your system is working. Such as sound and graphics. Then proceed to install Wine and Winetricks. Recent Wine and Winetricks got everything that you need. You don't need to configure anything. If you have anything, just go to Wine HQ to view what you need,

    Doesn't really matter what linux system you're in, its pretty much same. I'm using Gentoo Linux as test. Gentoo is known as hardest Linux distros after LNS (linux from scratch). If you using other distros, you don't need to worry much cause its easy, such as ubuntu and other.

    Here is few videos that I make. View in 1080p for best quality :)

    Installing Wine

    Installing DCUO on Gentoo Linux

    Playing DCUO on Gentoo Linux

    Brainiac intro : DCUO on Gentoo Linux

    On the right side of my screen, you can see the system information. DCUO use very small resources (RAM). Compared with Windows while running DCUO, you will need more than 2GB.

    If you have old system, this game will run just fine with Pentium 4 / Quad and 2GB of RAM. Make sure you got appropriate graphics card and latest drivers.

    Have fun :)
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  2. L T Loyal Player

    Some personal tips if you want to use linux:

    • Use wine-staging, not wine.
    • AMD graphics cards seem to work as well as NVidia ones for DCUO (though NVidia seems in general to be less buggy in other applications).
    • Instructions on WineHQ suggest a 32-bit install, but since Daybreak changed the launcher IE isn't needed anymore and a 64-bit install works just as well as a 32-bit one.
    • Emulating a full screen virtual desktop seems to improve stability and allows you to switch to other applications.
    • Here's the minimum winetricks installs that I think you need to get things going:
    corefonts (not needed but will make the launcher look quite a bit better)
  3. Slave-Zeo New Player

    Hey, guys, what kind of frame rate do you get on DCUO running under your chosen flavor of Linux? I get pretty low FPS on my system, although back in the day running DCUO via wine on a lesser system I easily got twice the frame rate. The relevant specs of my system are as follows:

    Fedora 23 w/updates as of today
    Wine Staging 1.9.7 (i have also tried lower version of wine-staging over time with same results)
    Nvidia Binary Driver 358.16
    CSMT enabled
    Intel i7 5820K
    32GB DDR4
    Geforce 980Ti

    Any advice or comments would be appreciated.
  4. L T Loyal Player

    Just saw this reply.... but if I'd seen it earlier, I'd be just as perplexed.

    Try disabling CSMT-- there may be a bug there, and you really shouldn't need it.

    Other than that.... I got nothin. DCUO just isn't that demanding-- it shouldn't be slow especially on a system that powerful. The only other thing I can suggest, is if you have an older graphics card lying around try swapping that in (assuming you do that sort of thing-- most linux users in my experience aren't afraid of messing with hardware, but there's always the exception).

    If there's a bug in the graphics drivers causing the slow frame rate, it will probably go away if you use an older card, since the bugs tend to be newer features supported by the newer cards.
  5. Slave-Zeo New Player

    L T, I'm not sure what happened but DCUO has straightened itself out. I'm getting fair FPS while playing.

    Performance aside, I had one major victory for DCUO under Linux/Wine. If using a PS4 Dualshock 4 game pad connected via bluetooth or USB I can use it to play DCUO. I tried with several other game pads but none of them worked properly. I suppose the DS4 controller has the right button mapping from the start.
  6. Kitchen_snk New Player

    Okay, so I play for fun and rarely read the forums, let alone reply. It would be much easier if the devs would simply publish a build for your particular *nix system (since I highly doubt they'd publish the source code even with licensing restrictions). It shouldn't be too terribly hard since at the... *spoken dryly* ah, root ... of the PS4 system lies the heart of a Berkeley, which is POSIX compliant.

    On a sidenote: although I rarely use a Linux-derived system in favor of a BSD, I was under the impression that Slackware was "harder."
  7. Stewie10 New Player

    Has anyone run DCUO on any distro of Linux recently?
  8. L T Loyal Player

    Not since yesterday ;)
  9. Stewie10 New Player

    I'm surprised to say, that right now i have the game running on Fedora with Crossover. its a bit laggy, but it runs. first time i've had it running on Linux
  10. L T Loyal Player

    I've been running it on opensuse with various releases of wine and sine-staging for years now. Some recent versions of wine-staging create issues with my usb headset, so I have to use a slightly out-of-date version. It's no more laggy than under windows for me.good luck!
  11. El Marcios Level 30

    Wine + PlayonLinux is a solution xD

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