DCUO census data may be unavailable for up to 2 hours.

Discussion in 'Developer Notes' started by airmetforums, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. airmetforums Administrator

    Due to an emergency with our systems dcuo census data may be unavailable for up to 2 hours starting at 2pm PST 3/25/2015. Sorry for the short notice. We will get things working again ASAP.
  2. airmetforums Administrator

    DCUO census data is back online. Please email data-feedback@soe.sony.com if you see any further issues.
    Thanks for your patience!
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  3. dudoffvn New Player

    Thanks admin for timely support.
  4. stärnbock Devoted Player

    what about the character pictures? can they get an update once in a while`?
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  5. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    This would be great, too bad this is a 2015 necro post.
  6. stärnbock Devoted Player

  7. BurntMind Active Player

    great time for noobs to get a carry by saying they got 200sp+
  8. Here2Help Devoted Player

    Well, I'm joining in with the necro as it seems like the census is broken. Tried Wavedox and DCUO Bloguide and I'm unable to search for characters and leagues with either of them.
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  9. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    Census Data has been down over 24 hours.
  10. GoldenDodge Dedicated Player

    Yep, I posted a thread on this just a little while ago. No replies.
  11. wavvy trappn Active Player

    Yeah fix wavedox or everyone jus going to run stuff with league mates
  12. Hakurent0690 New Player

    I need someone to explain to me how it is possible that 4 cr197 2 160 1 200 and 1 126 have not been able to remove even one-tenth of life in the Cr-116 warning for 38 minutes, with the revamp of the balls You have ****** but well. This does not make the game more interesting, people get bored and go away, it's a game that I love and I take a lot with it, but it has gone out of your hands.
  13. Dr.Moire New Player

    bring bak tha API plz
  14. xpoipoix Well-Known Player

    Any Information would be kind ! Any admin here to tell us ?
  15. Tygerfyre Committed Player

    Updates for newer content would be nice too. The census sites are all several episodes out of date in terms of feats and gear info, and they say it's because the API doesn't export the newest data.
  16. DockturDucktur New Player

    Really hoping this doesnt get buried but is there still an active conversation regarding the FPS issue/Vsync and Controller support glitch on PC? This has been a concern for many many years
  17. Artour New Player

    can you guys put the smoke and plasmic auras in the marketplace=) ty I'm sick of seeing the radiant and vapour auras
  18. Artour New Player

    and if possible put the cosmic mat in the marketplace pleaseeeee just sell it for 100$ ill stil buy it^^