Dc DEVs: A look at Quantum’s two useless abilities.

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Kanmaru, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. Kanmaru Well-Known Player

    In no way am I going to sit here and say my favorite power is weak or whatever, but I’ve actually made this thread to address the things wrong with it. One being that it’s most power costing abilities are useless or terrible to an extent. Why isn’t gravity bomb or singularity a 300 power cost yet “gravitonic field” and “alcubierre wave” is? One is only a a 1 target power that actually does less damage than “lift” which is a 200 power cost and the other has terrible range and a long cool down time. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

    Why not make gravionic field a 200 power cost ability that applies graviton charged PI, then make singularity a 300 power cost power that increases damage when enemies are graviton charged? That’s how it was Pre-revamp regarding singularity anyway. Also, alcubierre wave should only be a 200 power cost power for what it does. It’s not even that useful if at all. Make gravity bomb a 300 power cost ability while bringing back its cc affect to ground enemies and root them in place.

    Or make gravitonic field a multi target ability that also hits nearby targets next to the one you are attacking. It’s a shame what happened to Tachyon blast as well but that’s a topic for a different story. Anyway, if just those two changes could be made I would be very grateful. Thank you.
  2. Schimaera Loyal Player

    I could settle for some minor improvements. I just want to add that quantum is a power that can hold its own as it is. The ST rotation is viable, the aoe one does good damage and even more so in midrange where you can actually use Alcubierre Wave.

    I believe it would be just fine if the cap on Time Bomb is increased. It shouldn't be removed or we would have the next nerf this and that threads on our hands.
  3. Kanmaru Well-Known Player

    Again, I know quantum isn’t weak but I would prefer if those changes could be applied. Even though it’s not by much, there are still some powers that are more powerful. The changes I mentioned would definitely make it more even.
  4. gemii Committed Player

    Graviton side: Singularity should be a supercharge generator

    Destabilized: the destabilized attacks are quite weaker than the graviton side of quantum and could use a buff

    In general with quantum: I feel timebomb should never miss it’s target for a move that is quite slow
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  5. Kanmaru Well-Known Player

    Would be nice if the devs made these changes.
  6. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    This is a style game now. Don't expect any more changes to powers or combat lol
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  7. Kanmaru Well-Known Player

    Lol, it’s a scary thought. I miss those good old days. Don’t get me wrong, I love artifacts and augments but I hated AM, TC, revamping power interactions, etc. I actually think them taking out old Weapon buffs or hand buff interactions caused most people to stop using their weapons in general. Now it’s a spam fest until you run out of power. WM is broken and not even worth using but it “can” be fixed. I could care less about cosmetics when there is so much to be fixed power, weapon and environment wise.

    Some times I think the devs do read certain posts. I just think they have forgotten what it means to be “for the people.”
  8. NotObsidianChill Well-Known Player

    I think you are missing out on what alcubierre wave actually does for you and then you'd realize it is one of the best mid-range abilities in the ENTIRE game. Alcubierre wave brings a whole level of greater positioning to quantum dps because of its ability to hit all targets directly behind you in addition to infront. The easiest examples being in GCZ and HIVE where with manbats spawning all around you 1st boss and in the hallways I can position myself to hit all the npcs behind me while still focusing on the main group infront of me. This works just as well in HIVE on Terra where I can still lock target on Terra for the single target damage but I can position myself to hit all the rock creatures for extra damage. The majority of mid-range abilities in this game are frontal cones for their damage spread with a few being 360 degree aoe but say like munitions dps they aren't hitting anything unless they are facing their target while with quantum I can still maintain my dmg while still hitting any target behind me the tank hasn't pulled or is separated that many other dps won't even be able to damage at all.
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  9. Kanmaru Well-Known Player

    I know exactly what it does, it’s just the range and only rarely are you in position to use it appropriately. Also, you are pretty much saying you are one of those players that tries to DPS close to the tank which is a bad idea depending on the content. The range on the ability forces you to enter into a dangerous distance with very little reward. Distortion wave is 300 times more useful and less risky but higher reward with better mechanics. My proposal is still justified when there are better powers in quantum by a great margin. If they would just fix those two changes I asked for I’d be a happy camper and move a long peacefully.
  10. NotObsidianChill Well-Known Player

    I didn't realize this type of range was playing close to the tank?


    Distortion wave is definitely not 300 times more useful
    a) The ability is still focused on your target so even with the aoe secondary explosion it may still has the possibility of not hitting targets behind you
    b) The damage from the secondary aoe explosion is not instant like AW is so that presents the situation, however unlikely it is, that the npc you are fighting could be killed before the explosion proc by another player etc where all of AB wave's damage is instant.
    c) The PI on distortion wave is the inferior PI for the powerset
    d) On average distortion wave does less damage then AW

    Your proposal isn't justified because it only makes You happy, these two proposals do nothing towards making quantum more balanced or a much better power than it already is, its just fluff.
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  11. Kanmaru Well-Known Player

    First off, yes I feel that’s a little close in my opinion to mobs and especially bosses. If you have a bad tank, guess who they are jumping toward next?And Distortion Wave is not inferior actually. The range is one of the longest in the power tree while also doing aoe burst damage. Sure it’s not in the GT Pi mechanics but it used to be. Also, can I ask what your load out is so I can verify something?
  12. Mazahs Dedicated Player

    That's mid-range and quite safe distance to play at in any content in game..and to be honest if you have a bad tank, it's not gonna safe now matter what distance you are at.

    The only thing DWAVE has over AWAVE is distance- Yes at max range it does hit where AWAVE can't but that's it.
    In a short fight the PI using DWAVE is slightly inferior but that's in 10 second fights or less and still inferior.
    The longer the fight the bigger the difference
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  13. Schimaera Loyal Player

    You feel that way, and this is okay. Just remember that this does not mean that it is bad. Don't go by the assumtion that "every other dps" is bad and will die because of things like this. Matter of fact, close and midrange are way more possible than people make them here on the forums.
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  14. Schimaera Loyal Player

    You should join this tank/aggro-related thread in the Gotham Gameplay Sub Forum. This is another assumption that is basically not correct. As long as npcs don't have proximity aggro, they won't jump to you just because you are closer. They will still go after their hate table and get to the second person after the tank.
    If you have generated the second most threat/hate after the tank, it does not matter where you stand. If an NPC wants to lunge you, it will - no matter how far away you are, as long as you're in range. If you're not, well they take a few steps and then lunge you.
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