Daybreak Winter Extravaganza

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Dec 18, 2018.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    There's no misprint. Different platforms have different offers.
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  2. Sammy Well-Known Player

    If you get the lifetime, do you miss out on the diamond material and bonuses?
  3. Vagrant Committed Player

    If I buy the lifetime would I have to buy the 199 12 month package still to get the materials?
  4. Batrederik Dedicated Player

    Hi, Mepps..

    I am getting a little bit confused. Don't know if you can reply .. But i need help on this Mepps. i would appreciate it...

    When? will i be charged? I am just little bit confused?
    will i be charged? i mean, if i choose to go with the twelve months subscription package, ? will i be charged immediately? or the twelfth month, or every months??

    Yours sincerely.
  5. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    I guess Daybreak is in bigger financial trouble than I thought. The last time they had this kind of membership sale on PC was during the revamp, when almost no content was being produced.

    Of course, this may be my tinfoil hat acting up again, but hearing about lifetime memberships for a game this old sparks some red flags.
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  6. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    So any word on how current Lifetime Members can get in on this Extravaganza?
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  7. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    Mepps Can you PLEASE confirm IF the PC Lifetime Grants the Bonus Items that the 12 Month Membership Does?
  8. candiFloss Active Player

    ok, so let me see if i have got this right. If i change my yearly sub to the new yearly plus sub, paying an extra $80.11 i will get almost $100 worth of extras. (which i am actually paying for anyway, with the extra money required) But if i continue with my yearly sub ( as i have for a few years now), i get nothing at all ! But if i was to use a playstation or xbox i get a whole pile of nice little toys/materials to play with! So what your actually saying is that my subs for the last 8 years meant absolutely nothing. And i can just keep carrying on as normal with not sweetener at all? And if i was rich enough to buy the lifetime membership( not that i want to), if per chance daybreak sells or shuts down i have lost over $500 NZ dollars. This promotion is not very inspiring at all.
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  9. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Happy Anniversary to me from my wife! <3

    Bought it.

    QUESTION: How do you calculate the recurring > lifetime conversion on what's left? Also, it still shows I'm on my old plan, but it also said it is definitely purchased. So will it kick in at the 1st? (When my last payment ends.)
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  10. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    For a game that has already been out for the better part of a decade that every major game change (GU36-WM/AM-PVP-StatsRevamp) has seemed to attract less players back to the game than previously it is kinda a head scratcher o_O What % of DCUO players even have accounts on Everquest and PlanetSide and the other lifetime games lol. I don't get personally why they just didn't make some large bundle similar to the PS/XB1 15,000 marketplace offer to just the DCUO playerbase. Here spend $150 USD or whatever and get a TON OF ITEMS etc for DCUO specifically that would make for a much better christmas gift than here is a 1 year or lifetime membership to the game you play and multiple other games you will never play....
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  11. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    When you Bought the Lifetime did you get the Bonuses that the 12-Month gves?
  12. Catastrophic Repercussion Committed Player

    Personally, I want the lifetime deal, but it is kind of fishy that these deals came hot of the heels of the recent house-cleaning...
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  13. Belthazur Dedicated Player

    The way it reads is it Overwrites your membership and grants DB cash for time not used on previous plan so Charges & Starts WHEN you purchase it
  14. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    Hmmm, everyone with a PC seems to want the PS offers, & everyone with a PS seems to want the PC offers.

    Contrary bunch aint we.
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  15. Catastrophic Repercussion Committed Player

    I wish there's announcement on how many of the 4000 deals are left...could they be sold in a day anyway?
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  16. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    No, it's either or.

    I'm not sure what to expect, I'll wait and see.
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  17. Jensu Well-Known Player

    i already have the 12 month membership, since September, what do i get?
  18. Vesper Dedicated Player

    Mepps please clarify:

    If we buy the LIFETIME membership, do we get the bonus package that the one-year does:
    • 1x Red Obsidian Material
    • 1x Diamond Material
    • 1x White Lighstream Movement Style
    • 350 Replay Badges
    • 40 Stabilizers
    • 2x Artifact Cache
    • 2x Perfected Nth Metal
    • 32x Catalyst Cache
    If not, why not? Thanks!
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  19. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    I think Meeps done checked out on us for tonight. lol.

    That man went, "Sigh...I will deal with this tomorrow." *Bottom Left, Power, Shut Down.* "I'M OUT!"

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  20. Heywiar Well-Known Player

    It feels like us PC players get shafted on deals all the time. Heck, I think the last membership sale we even were included in was 3 years ago.
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