Up-Votes Needed Dark Multiverse Card Game Bug

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    During the Dark Multiverse Raid, you will come across the card game where a few people have to go into the pocket void to collect cards and the other group will deal with Dark Robins and use those cards to beat The Batman who Laughs cards. Well there is this bug that sometimes happens where one of the cards, usually Superman, that spawns near the edge of the invisible dome around the pocket void and if you click on it, the add that normally spawns from the card will be outside the map. Can you make it so that the add will always spawn in the middle if a card gets stuck near the edge? The add remains outside the dome and thus you cannot continue without DPS'ing the add down causing a disband each and every time.

    Also while you're at it, fix the UI for the card names as sometimes they display the name and sometimes they don't.
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