CR106 DPS/Tank LF League

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Little MD, May 30, 2014.

  1. Little MD Well-Known Player


    I'm USPC Villain Rage DPS/tank CR106/SP157.

    I'm looking for a league to run T5+ content as well as a league ready and inspired to take on this survival mode when it comes up. I really want to get far as possible in this game, and am looking for a league to get better and better with.

    I also started to learn PVP, and want to go down that side of the game (currently PVP CR88), so a league with PVE and PVP component would be ideal.

    I am usually on 8 - 12AM during weekdays EST. Please let me know if this sounds like your league. You can try me out as both DPS or tank. I promise I will not disappoint.

    In game name: Omega Pi
  2. Little MD Well-Known Player

    welp, survival mode seems to be a bust.

    Now just looking for a league to run T5+ content as well as active PVP core. I don't mind a try out for dps/tank/pvp.
  3. RlVER Well-Known Player

    to bad you are a villain, we would love to have you.
  4. Little MD Well-Known Player

    :( That's a shame.

    Still LF USPC villain league for T5+ content and PVP. Again, I don't mind try outs or what-not.
    Oh, it'd be nice if majority of the league was on 8PM - 11PM during the weekdays too :D
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  6. Akroma New Player

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  7. Dark Suzumebachi Well-Known Player

    Haha yea fail that was
  8. Little MD Well-Known Player

    ;) appreciate the offer mate! Apparently I can only find villain leagues on ps
  9. Little MD Well-Known Player

    Still LF USPC villain league. full T6 DPS geared, few T6 Tank gear. try me out for dps or tank or pvp. LF a bit of a more T6+ oriented league.