Could you please start taking actions against people who benefits from the hackers?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Echi, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Darth Piper Loyal Player

    There are a lot of us who would like to see that happen. However as it has been correctly pointed out this does require an update to the TOS... but this update would strengthen and clarify the position that knowingly running with a speed hacker is the same thing as being the speed hacker. Once that is done (it will require legal review from Daybreak's legal team) and implemented, there will be changes and I think it will work out well in the end.
  2. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Its pretty obvious that fishy stuff went down this year by the amount of people who are walking around w the lightning back, alot alot ... but be careful what you ask for, it could be your homie getting banned next and instead of logging on demanding action be taken against people involved in speed hacking, youll be pleading for mercy for you friend that got sent on vacation. Tables turn, remember that.
  3. Proxystar #Perception

    That has nothing to do with whether or not you gain initial access or not, it's just a membership status check

    It would work like this

    check 1 - account status good Yes - log in, No - Suspended

    check 2 - what membership status does player have, are they entitled to rewards.

    Rest assured Daybreak do not need Sony's approval, consent or even have to hold a conversation with Sony to ban a DI account.
  4. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    Haha this exact scenario has already happened this last week

    I can only speak for myself, but if one of my friends got caught hacking and was banned, I definitely wouldn't be putting my name up to defend them. And if they start hacking, that would be the end of my runs with them. Too much time, and effort spent getting to where I am in game to have it tossed in the trash
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  5. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    I know, i have the thread saved to my notes for whenever they wanna act up again in my threads
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  6. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    Buying RB's isn't cheating, people are already trolling in missions to prevent people to get feats.

    The dev's don't make money from the speed hackers, & bots. This way they can make money.

    Heck the game is post to be a team base, this would help.
  7. Reinheld Devoted Player

    No, using RBs to unlock feats on your own account is NOT cheating. If this were implemented even buying them off someone in league or friends with RB is NOT cheating, however, as we (as a community...and not everyone so don't everyone get their panties in a bunch) have shown we don't care as much about cheating as we do about getting SP or being 'the best', I'd say this will likely open a door for most leagues to have a cheat on staff...even if only brought in for a few hours to share their Ill-gotten gains, then removed from league.

    At least today if I wanted to cheat my way to round 30 stuff I need to get in a group with a cheat...then sit and read the paper as he/she blasts through 30 rounds for a few hours. Much easier to catch someone this way vs an inv to league 'share feats' and then remove from league.

    And if all it is in the end is a way for DBG to make some cheap bucks...well I'd like to think they are better than that. While I know DBG is in it to make some money, I'd hope they wouldn't put something this blatantly exploitable in game just to generate some RB sales.

    Yes, the game is a team thing. Get your team together and go get those feats as a team. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  8. Essential Exobyte Level 30

    If you have to cheat, then you need to move to a game that is comprehensible to you. Maybe a game of tic tac toe, perhaps?

    For those that are accomplices...shame on them too! they know it is cheating as well.
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  9. nawanda Dedicated Player

    You’re the guy who thinks speed hackers charging people money are akin to hustlers on a street corner gritting to make ends meet, aren’t you? You’re the guy who posted to justify cheating in this way not long ago. Your crystal ball must have come from the same junk shop as your (in game) moral compass.

    I hope all your grubby little cheating friends - sorry - homies - get the ban they deserve.

    The only people who have anything to fear from a clampdown on cheating are cheats.
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  10. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    So it's ok for bots to make money from the game & not the game dev's.
  11. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Yep i sure did, i also said that when they start banning people associated w the hacks and not actually hacking thered be someone coming on here crying about someone they know getting burned. I was 100% right about that. Its clear that people are hacking they probably shoulf be more discreet about it, but if they dont get got then it looks like they hit a clean lick, dont know what you want me to say? That i was right?

    I still stand by there shouldn’t be sweeping legislation to hammer people associated w hacks.
    Also after all that crying yall did about wanting hackers gone Im 100% pi ssed if that dude got his perma removed
  12. nawanda Dedicated Player

    I legitimately have no idea what you’re referring to.

    How about you stop referring to people who complain about things you think they shouldn’t complain about as “crying”? You claimed to be an educated person in that other thread.

    It’s patronising and reductive and it detracts from anything valid you might be communicating.

    If you would like to explain what it is you think you’ve been proven correct about, no problem, but nothing will validate your condoning of cheating and that ‘street hustle’ defence you came up with.
  13. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    You dont know, but other people know bc someone quoted me about it in this same thread, i think you do know what situation im talking about but are trying to trap me into a blacklist.
    Also, every problem in the top 5 of gotham could be solved by people not pocket watching. Heres the thing with this thread, in particular... you dont know if someone is coming back from a vacation because it’s against tos for them to tell about the discipline they handed out. The people could be coming back from a week, 2 week month suspension and we wouldnt even know, i doubt the devs would remove styles from their accounts that they bought. who knows if the devs are cleaning stuff out.. obviously they are because we saw that big thread early last week ( if you dont know what im talking about, then i cant help you). So why not just send the report on and go about your day, it seems like people want a superstar sticker sent to them describing what was done to the vacationers... thats not going to happen, so why keep making threads about it.

    the greens dont even feed into these threads anymore, they just say things like “ this thread isn’t constructive” and lock it. Then a few days ago there was a dude talking to himself on different accounts that a greened called him out on.

    But again. I will always always always say no to sweeping legislation that would make being in a group with a hacker just as big offense as being the actual hacker.
  14. nawanda Dedicated Player

    No, I really don’t know what you’re on about. I am not trying to trick you. I guess you’re referring to someone being banned and reinstated on a server I don’t play on and know nothing about. But anyway, if that’s what it was about, I’m not interested in drama and individual cases. The point I wanted to get across is that people who wilfully group with speed hackers should be banned, they aren’t being, you condone cheating, I don’t. We will never agree.
  15. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Who the heck said anything about the bots? No, I'd say kill them off if they can. To say that DBG should just put in garbage 'improvements' just to make a buck because 'bots' are still allowed to farm and sell gold is just plain dumb. I guess we should go out and sell drugs and rob banks because there are still 'bad guys' who do that stuff? Seems logical.
  16. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Well-Known Player

    It's really depressing watching friends who you were running SM with for weeks suddenly jump up several rounds and not return your tells asking what lineup they used for those tough rounds.
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  17. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Methinks your friends might have caught the hammer.
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  18. Megastar Active Player

    Always GREATLY disliked how SOE would hide the names of who they banned.
    At least perma bans should be posted on the forums for full transparency and exposure.
    Hell, put them on blast on Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook too.

    Also, every banned account should have all their characters completely zeroed out and names released back into the pool.
    Don't even have to announce it so the scumbag name squatters can't pillage as easily.

    It's time to shine the light.
  19. Megastar Active Player

    I'm all for Daybreak finding these ppl IRL and chopping off their hands as just and fair punishment!

    You know...something relatively on par with the severity of their offenses.

    Who's with me?!
    More hands for us all!!

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