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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Wizz Tron, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Wizz Tron Well-Known Member

    I've heard someone mention on here that after DLC7 drops T4 gear will be purchasable with MoT like everything else but how much will it cost?
    Will it be extraordinarily high like T3? Or will it cost just as much as T3 and force a price drop on lower gear?
  2. Azrael Well-Known Member

    its not confirmed if T4 will be converted to MoT. but if it does it will be expensive like T3 b/c the of conversion rate 65 MoT: 1 MoW so a chest piece now cost 60 MoW--> (60 x 65) = 3900 MoT. But the huge advantage is that you have SO many ways to get MoT- so awesome for free players
  3. Nekron 99 Well-Known Member

    Good question. My guess and its purely a guess is that it will cost more than T3 currently does but T3 would become cheaper. Also I presume the instances that drop War right now will drop huge amounts of MoT.
  4. KaatrinaReturns New Member

    If you farm every alert,raid,duo, and challenges you will get the gear pretty easy. That's if they decide to make it MOT.
  5. BumblingB Well-Known Member

    I don't think it will be converted to MoT. The post that Spytle was saying sounded like he was just telling you it will be easier to maintain your lair by converting your MoW to MoT as you will be working on your T5 gear.

    But if it does, I think it will be using the 65:1 conversion. So a full set would be 26k as 65x400 = 26,000. They might also lower the cost of t3 to the 25:1 coversion to make it more accessable. Which would make it 10,000 MoT.

    These are are speculations based on personal interpretation of what Spytle said. There has been no real word on the subject.
  6. Aiden Warren Well-Known Member

    Maybe if they change T4 to Marks Of Triumph. They probably will Times it by 10.

    or maybe new marks and soe knows people are going to use replay badges in which some of my friends already got 5,000+ replay badges :D to get T5 as fast as they can. So with the new marks, probably going to cost more than T3 PVP gear. and maybe make it a total of 1,000+ marks of ???
  7. neptunesBeard Well-Known Member

    It is confirmed. They put out an update an announcement saying T4 gear will be purchased by MoT and most of the PVP marks will be replaced with a universal one.
  8. Azrael Well-Known Member

  9. Wizz Tron Well-Known Member

  10. neptunesBeard Well-Known Member

    Check the announcement page.
  11. Old Gravyleg Active Member

    Double checked and it's entirely feasible that freebies will get t4.
  12. The Johnny army Well-Known Member

    Ok, was just looking for it in the announcements and there is only confirmation on the universal PVP marks, nothing about T4 gear being MoT. Or did I miss a post?
  13. Statman Well-Known Member

    There's been nothing specifically mentioned about Tier 4 cost when Tier 5 comes out (that I've seen at least), but there was a comment around the time of the marks unification that the devs wanted to streamline their PvE marks so that everything is purchasable with a single mark, except for the top tier of gear - which we assume is going to continue in the trend. We don't know whether this will happen the moment Tier 5 comes in, or if it will take a game update or two afterwards.
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  14. mecha Active Member

    why do people complain about t3 prices, you guys have so easy compared to people back in the day

    practically everything you do can go towards buying t3
  15. Jayeto Prime Active Member

    true and it was also confirmed that every person could play under any mentor w/o choosing one but that was changed lol. so i say until its in the game its not confirmed.
  16. The Johnny army Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply, Statman.

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