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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Zpred, May 18, 2013.

  1. Zpred Well-Known Member

    Hey guys sorry to sound like a noob or if its been posted before but could someone actually explain to me how core strength actually works/activates please? I've read the description but I'm still not sure on the affect.

    I'm mainly a dps so I'm not worried about the control mode as such.

    What I mean is do I switch to control an back to dps for it to work?

    Do I have to switch back n fourth every time I log in? Or go to a new instance?

    Reason I'm asking is cause I'm not seeing any changes to damage or anything, an was thinking of putting in the super charge mod in instead, thinking it may come in more handy with these new T5 raids.

    Any help on this would be great thanks.
  2. AllanPage Well-Known Member

    I think that mod works mainly for role players like healers, trollers, tanks. When you play Healer or Tank you get Damage reduction. Core strength removes that debuff from Tank and Healer role. Controller role does not get the damage reduction but they also don't get the damage modifiers from powers like 50% increase from Guass Grenade etc. If you are a controller I would use the Reserve Tank mod I find that more useful adds 875 extra power. So basically what core strength does is

    Healer - Removes Damage Debuff
    Tank - Removes Damage Debuff
    Controller - Gives 10% Damage Bonus
    DPS - Gives 10% Damage Bonus
  3. Zpred Well-Known Member

    Ah thanks so its pretty useless for a dps then?
  4. The Johnny army Well-Known Member

    You just have to equip the mod in your chest, it activates immediately, if it's in the chest you are using, it won't matter if you switch to Controller or DPS. As for the changes in damage output, well it all comes down to what you prefer. I don't use this at all, I use the Reserve Tank one, my reasoning is "bigger power pool to use, more powers I can use to do damage". But there is also the penetrating strikes in there, ignores defence/toughness of your enemies. Try some of the different mods and analyse what you feel to be the best for your style of play.
  5. OMAAR Well-Known Member

    You hit you do 10% more damage in damage role.
  6. Quagmire Active Member

    I have been confused on this as well.
    So you put it in the chest socket and it just activates? You don't have to switch from troller to dps?
  7. AllanPage Well-Known Member

    Its not useless but its not useful either. 10% damage increase is nothing. I use the Reserve Tank mod like the above player as well, having power is more useful imo.
  8. AllanPage Well-Known Member

    It works according to role. Just put it and it automatically activates like all other mods. Play whatever role you want the mod will adjust itself accordingly.
  9. One_Man_Army Well-Known Member

    Not really. You still get a 10% damage boost with it as dps.
  10. Maxx_Watt Well-Known Member

    As a healer i find it to be the best mod i have
  11. Schimaera Well-Known Member

    Hmm I feal more comfortable with Reserve Tank as a healer and extended supercharge as a controller. Don't see the point for those classes in PvE ... well maybe it works for solos but in endgame raid it really doesn't matter if the healer does 25% more damage or so..
  12. Zpred Well-Known Member

    Wel I'm using the reserve tank mod now an I'm liking the extra power it gives an I haven't noticed any damage loss from core strength so thanks guys.
  13. ZEUSofGODS Well-Known Member

    I like core strength... When I activate a power without it and crit for 1500.... With it, it would be 1650.... IMHO reserve Tank is useless... With a good troller, u wouldn't need that extra power cause he will keep u full... Plus he will have to give more power cuz u have extra.... But everyone should play their way... So enjoy...
  14. Quagmire Active Member

    ok cool.

    It just bugs me that it does not show up in the Current Effects.
  15. Gokaigerbay Well-Known Member

    Its a great mod for healers. Problem is the game has a hard time registering the mod to work when you log in.
    So usually to 'refresh' it for it to work, when you log in, if your in healer role, switch to dps, then back to healer to get the effects.

    With everyone now having multiple ways to heal themselves increasing their survivability. Healer ability to do damage has also been steadily being added in as a side effect.

    If you're one of those healers that end up with doing 5000 damage at the end of a raid, you're getting carried so much. Seriously, I seen many prime raids where the other healer only ended up doing 5000 damage the whole time (usually a sorcery healer, no idea why)

    Nowadays, healers should be able to do at LEAST 40%-50% of the lowest dps role with even level gear.
    Even in Nexus, what the scorecard usually ends up looking like after the first encounter in a smooth finish with no wipes.

    DPS1: 150,000
    DPS2: 120,000
    Me(Healer): 35,000-45,000. Healing Difference between other healer is 10,000~ which is pretty much even if you know how much heals go for. Its even.

    Then everyone else for some reason is sitting only around 15,000-20,000. That 20,000-25,000 difference may seem small, but it is what makes the or breaks the raid on the next two encounters given you're on a timer. Imagine if the other 3 (healer and 2 controllers) could put out the same numbers. Its equivalent to another whole DPS and a half in the raid.
  16. Schimaera Well-Known Member

    I must honestly admit that I'm not being carried, I'm healing alone everything except T5 content, so ofcourse I focus more on healing than on dealing damage. And in Tier 5 raids I still focus more on healing, especially on devastating attacks. There is really no point doing the job of the damage dealers who do their job well for the complete T5 content. A higher damage score on me affects the raid maybe on several seconds. I do have that time :)

    As mentioned above, its just my opinion :)

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