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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Apr 19, 2021.

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  1. Zoe· YouTuber

    Mepps, if some styles got eliminated, will they ever be considered again even not for the community initiative?
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  2. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player


    Like, if the amazon style or the Atlantis style got voted for as the top two picks I won't be upset just so long as it means Blue Beetle and all the other suits suggested don't end up being forever on the backburner.

    And... to all the people saying yes there's a big barda suit, your not wrong; but boy is it ugly lol.


    Personally, I'd like it if there was a variation of the suit without all the metallic armor; or even just calling it 'enhanced furious' style and upgrading it.

    Just my 0.02
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  3. Zoe· YouTuber

    Yeah tbh I wouldn't mind an upgrade. Most old shows really need it anyway, and if people wants Barda why not?
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  4. Miss Martian Well-Known Player

    If we simply have a long and plane Cape that covers neck with a ring in the middle, the rest of his suit can easily be set with the current styles of the game. Rocket would be a better choice tho. I mean his styles are all just slimline. Maybe if we have him in an episode later, the vendor should sell his styles.
    BTW, I'm afraid we can not have styles included in TV series.
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  5. Super Lantern Active Player

    Icon is well known character to us comicbook fans and nerds, It's just the casuals that don't about him, these casuals would stop trying to blackwash Clark Kent if they knew if Icon existed within the same universe.
  6. Mermaid Dedicated Player

    I hope that we can all find a common ground with all the entries that were selected. I mean if they were all approved by DC then they should be easier to implement in the future should they not win.
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  7. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    Oh that's totally fair. That would probably happen lol.

    Oh, yes please. That's more of what I was thinking when I asked. I was curious how, say, my favs did in the polling; sure. But was also curious why they (but not just my choices--choices in general) got disqualified. I'm taking some heart in hoping my favs are already on the to-do list, but I was thinking some older designs (like bronze and silverage costumes) probably aren't, so wondered about your criteria. If that makes some sense. So, it's really just about understanding your process since this is such a mysterious project. Also very much asking with an eye to the future incase you guys do something like this again down the road.
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  8. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    please never share specific reasons for what didn’t get picked. Because I choose to believe at least 2 of my suggestions were no picked for the reason there are future plans. Don’t want to risk that dream getting crushed. Lol

    it would be interesting to read why these 9 were picked. Assuming the risk of arguing and people being rude is worth it on y’all’s end.
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  9. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Just because something doesn't get picked here doesn't mean it won't ever come to the game. Making this list *also* doesn't mean it will.

    The whole process has been quite interesting and informative, so it's totally possible in the future we won't have an immediate plan for a suit and we'll slot the runner-up in (or whatever).
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  10. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    All of these options were suggested in the call for suggestions. As an aside, we submitted 24 options to DC, and these were what were approved *for this* project. Actually, a 10th was approved, but between submitting and getting approval we had already pulled the trigger on making it.

    Azrael received many suggestions and we see potential in the suit really standing out. Knightly armor, but also sleek. Cool cape. Unlikely to come up in content any time soon based on our best crystal ball readings.

    Big Barda made the list because we felt what's in-game just doesn't do her justice, and with some more recent redesigns, we thought we had a lot to pull from.

    Blue Beetle has been loudly requested for a long time, perhaps by a vocal few, but they are dedicated. The suit itself is really different and interesting, so we think there is a lot of room to get creative and make something special. He's also obscure enough that we don't see an episode focused on him any time soon.

    Brainiac made the list because people just keep asking for brainiac. There are a lot of different versions of what he or his ilk look like, and the coluans have several designs that we think would translate well into the game.

    General Zod and kryptonian things in general get asked for a lot. His armor and cape and overall look leave us with a lot of room to build a suit with striking profiles and badass, like, everything.

    Hawkgirl (Earth 2) made the cut because of how sleek and interesting her outfit looks. We have some hawk-stuff, but we thought there was a lot of room here to really double down. Also, Earth 2 is cool.

    Jonah Hex is really different from most characters and costumes. He has that weird west/horror vibe, and his clothes are basically Western cowboy but better. People generally like jackets.

    Queen Marella, if you image search her, has crazy cool fluidity in her outfit and skirt, and really clean but spot-on elegant features. But, yeah, that skirt, plus some interesting ideas to translate to the male body type. This was an artists' favorite.

    Yara Flor because she's such an interesting character with a really interesting Amazon-that's-not-Amazon suit. We also got a lot of suggestions for future state across the board and wanted to include it.
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  11. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    Good to know. I have a long memory and I hold grudges. But, no pressure. :p

    (I don't really. I can barely remember past breakfast; you're safe).

    Thanks for posting this Mepps. I realize this probably doesn't mean anything to many other people but I found the reasoning really interesting and informative like you said above. I get why you won't disclose why some weren't selected but I'd be lying if I didn't admit I'm even more curious now actually. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  12. Super_Lantern New Player

    Sounds reasonable however I don't think Blue Beetle (Jaimie Reyes) been obscure, He's been in Smallville, Batman Brave and the Bold, Justice League vs. Teen Titans, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, Young Justice seasons 2 and 3, Lego Batman 3 and Injustice 2, when most people think of Blue Beetle it's usually the Jaime Reyes version, Dan and Ted versions are more obscure.
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  13. Burning_Baron Loyal Player


    Team Azrael , LET'S GO!!!!!!
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  14. Beastmaster Well-Known Player

    Damn wish i choose the marella costumes now though looking at image searches for her kinda regret i didn't choose her now.
  15. Miss Martian Well-Known Player

    I am absolutely grateful after all. At least we have the opportunity to opt for the styles we have been long asking for than weird spooky never-going-to-use style like that ghosted armour from the Justice League Dark episode, or main gear sets of metal part 1 and 2. But in fact the 2nd gear sets almost always were the best. So iconic and extra. I'm just hoping if we are going to have one of the styles from this list created that is not Blue Beetle's, we have his suit designed as a 2nd gear set. It even matches the theme of the previous content, Aqualad, Donna Troy, Robin. Anyway best of luck and congratulations in advance to those who will have their favorite gear set designed.
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  16. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    I think this contest is for something outside of DLC. I feel some style requests specifically did not make it because they plan to use them in future content. All of these in the list were styles that were highly unlikely to be featured in the main game. (Zod and Barda are the only ones I think we may see in the future).

    I hope they do more contests like this. This engages the community in a big way.

    Even though Azrael is my top choice (would have preferred the batman azrael costume ...don't shoot me lol) , I think I can get behind all the choices on some level except for maybe Yara's. She has an awesome design but it is just too similar to a lot of the greco roman inspired styles we have(bits of armor with form fitting body suit). Even though we have a good amount of Atlantean styles, Marella's offers a unique challenge with the abundance of cloth.
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  17. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Go team Beetle!

    I hope sometime, Dan, Ted, and Jaime can come to the game, but for now, I will be very happy to see a Blue Beetle costume! <3
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  18. Batman2099earthcold Committed Player

    team azreal for st duma
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  19. HelloKittyPowa Active Player

    It would be so nice if there were more feminine armor. I'm not sure who Queen Marella is as I don't follow much of a majority of dc heroes or villains, but what I do know is that there should be more feminine styles. I asked long ago on the forum will we get Zatanna's fishnets back on the marketplace? They still have not returned. Something small like that makes a difference to me and I'm sure to other players needing to complete her style. Overall, I hope you consider giving us each gender winning styles. I understand you all make a female version if a male style wins, but to me it's not the same when something is technically meant for a specific gender. Marella's looks beautiful and got my automatic vote each round because that's what we need, more variety for the ladies, for anyone. Thanks.
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  20. HelloKittyPowa Active Player

    Hi, Mermaid. I follow ya on Twitter, here, and added ya on dc, I admire your work you have done for dc and I too hope Queen Marella style makes it. She's got my vote!
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