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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Flair, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. Flair Well-Known Player

    So I've been doing the holiday event like a banshee on all my toons. One thing I've come to realize is the lack of management available for collections. Perhaps this will be addressed with the app being released in tandem with the PS4, but if not, here are some ideas.

    When you place your mouse over a spot with an uncollected collection piece it stays blank. Put in the name of the missing piece so we know what to look for. It would make broker shopping easier and would let us know what to keep our eyes open for when out collecting.

    If a collection has a rare piece, tint the rare a different color so its easy to recognize that you have a rare. This would be helpful even after the piece is collected for those who want to know when they have scavaged up something more than trash.

    The collection reward shows a rough idea of what you will receive when the collection is repeated. Change this so that you can see what the actual item is named when scrolled over. Its relatively easy to visit the boards or a fan site to find out this information but switching over always feels like it breaks the immersion of the game to me and I like to stay in Gotham/Metropolis without going to my browser whenever possible.

    Lastly, make it possible to see which toons on your account still need a collection piece, Maybe the app is the best way to do this, but there should be a way to check without having to log over to another toon.

    I realize that non of these suggestions are game-shaking. Anything that makes the game systems more immersive and convenient is something that I believe is worth taking a look at,
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  2. 13igtyme Loyal Player

    I just don't like how I can't look up a price for a collection on a toon that already has the collection. I have to change toons before I can sell it. I was hoping they would give us an option rather than force us to not see anything we already collected.
  3. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    All of these ideas are fantastic and need to be implemented into the game. The easier the game makes basic things like this, the better the overall experience. None of this will damage the game or ruin anyone's reputation or anything. They're all necessary changes that will make things easier when handling collections.

    Good analytical eye, Naitch :)

    Just uncheck "Usable by Me" and you'll see ALL collection pieces on the Broker.
  4. N4TURALKILLER New Player

    This should apply to EVERY rare item in the game not just collections.
  5. Statman New Player

    Another one of those menus that needs a remodel!

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