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  1. SigmaAtom Committed Player

    Hi guys

    So I hadn't bothered with this arti until few days ago..I leveled it to 'in the door' 80.. really enjoying it so far. Been a troller since year dot.. and while many people myself included complained that troller is/was broken.. the raid I was in last night.. this arti made it feel.. old school. No broken charge (priority group heal), plenty of power..

    I have Claw of Aelkhünd (which everyone calls 'monkey paw thing' hehe), Parasites Power Harness and the Omegahedron.. I'm badly missing the Soul Cloak like I have on all my other trollers, but if this feeling continues.. its worth losing that.

    TBH it was just the one raid, but when I went out.. I was like 'wow.. back in the day..'

    So for me.. when we lost the charge in the switch over (stat clamp/stats revamp/stats matter) .. I went from an average vita troller to.. a plushy bebo mascot for the raid. I could have gave them more power if I had just coughed down the mic to them..

    This situation did improve..but it left me unsettled and unconfident.. it didn't feel the same, but last night.. man I hope I amn't saying this too early.. last night it felt like the old days. I found I could manage people's power much more easily .. I'm not even sure how the thing works tbh.. I just got rid of Rings of Azar and popped the monkey 'claw' in and.. bam!

    my pot on myself was much lower than normal (1086 vs 1696) but I could work with that.. but the ticks seemed more often and people seemed to be getting power more quickly overall..

    Don't get me wrong, Sigma was always a good Debuff troll.. and has always had the uncanny knack of CC'ing people he shouldn't be able to.. seriously, your not supposed to be able to CC bosses, but from year dot.. Sigma every so often has been able to.. the most memorable one by far is when I turned Doomsday (KCT) into a huge Purple Monster with horrific visage .. everyone just stopped.. and starting laughing in the chat! :D


    Good times :)
  2. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    Please tell me your Controller character name, so I know never to group with your Controller on my healers. It's nothing personal, I just HATE healing with Claw Controllers (unless they are a secondary Controller... but I almost never see groups run with a primary and secondary Controller). Every Claw Controller I've been grouped with gives worse power regeneration than the no-Controller passive buff.

    EDIT: Your signature says you're on the EU server world, so I have no risk of getting grouped with you. Still... Claw of Aelkhund is a menace.
  3. Melusine Midnight Well-Known Player

    Claw below 160 is a good reason to kick a so-called troll. I'd rather you have no artifacts at all than a 1-159 claw, total garbage. If you have a full Vit spec, and a 160+ claw it can work, but still only in the right groups. It might be the only artifact that actually makes you worse.
  4. SigmaAtom Committed Player

    Why so upset?

    Relax Tabby.. wasn't my OP friendly enough? I thought it was clear, this was a friendly post..

    Why not lead with 'Hi' and 'I disagree'.. idk.. take two imodium, turn off the lights and listen to some chill out.

    Disclaimer: always consult a registered physician before taking medication.
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  5. SigmaAtom Committed Player

    Okay I'm seeing a pattern here.

    Let me inform you both..

    Max vita + 3 'good' artifacts = everyone empty.. and this has been my troller life for the last couple of years, because even filling all the SP slots and having purple artis.. charge (priority power heal) is broken. Only the soul cloak does anything because you can do the group shields on SC.

    Now.. I don't want to overstate last night.. it was one raid.. ONE RAID.. but it felt good.. and I felt I should share that feeling..
  6. Mazahs Loyal Player

    If you've found a way to make it work in your groups and enjoy it, then do it.
    I will caution that just like a few responses here, many have seen troller try to use that build and just flat out SUCK at power out.

    I think back in testing they showed it was something like 30% loss of power out @ Lvl80 and really doesn't help until at least 160.
    I'm an old school HL troll, tried it out and then consumed it going back to my Soul Cloak.
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  7. Melusine Midnight Well-Known Player

    Power heal is working fine.
  8. Dragonnes Well-Known Player

    How exactly is "charge" broken? :confused: It does what it's supposed to, gives instant power.
    Claw changes it into group buff with no power.

    I think Claw is something that should be used only as secondary troll or in old/easy content where group doesn't need that much power. Yes your POT gets higher but you lose your instant power heal and most healers and even some others can get upset with this fact.

    Couple of days ago I queued into DMn on my quantum dps/troll, who is still undergeared and was the lowest CR in the group.
    I dps'd until last boss fight and then I had to switch to troll because our Claw Controller couldn't keep power up for our healer.
    In the end I gave more power than that guy did for the whole raid. At least he was debuffing so I could concentrate on pumping up power. :oops:

    While the artifact itself is nice, it has a certain niche and shouldn't be used every now and then. :)
    If you enjoy it, that's fine, just please make sure your group does the same. :)
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  9. L T Loyal Player

    Claw + Cloak + Parasite might work. If the group is really good at managing power. And they know that they need to do so. The thing is some groups complete end game content with no troll at all, and some groups complain they're out of power even with a decent one.

    One day I want to run as a second troll with Claw + Tetrahedron + Cog. One day....
  10. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    Wouldn’t strat be better for the 3rd slot over parasite, this being because it’s the only one that actually gives power out?

    When I first read parasite I thought it said that it gave power when using your debuffs. Maybe one day they will actually make that into an artifact and it will work well with the claw. Until then the claw is just a gimmick artifact
  11. L T Loyal Player

    Since it increases everyone's power pool, it speeds up how fast they passively regenerate power. When everyone is superpowered it works awesome. When people are weapons masters... Not so much.
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  12. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    That is true. Never really thought it that way. I’ll have to check it out more.
  13. Mazahs Loyal Player

    It works well with SP players, but losing power dump can get real sketchy if you have a spammy healer or tank.
    Even with the added buff to SP it's a hefty loss in power you can generate for your team.
    It's a stat buffing and with Prec players or those that try to "battle" troll you can increase damage significantly.

    It's drawback is also pretty bad. If you get a group where a healer or tank tend to be a bit spammy with powers & they get into a jam.
    Your gonna have a hell of a time getting adequate power to them.
  14. NotObsidianChill Dedicated Player

    In a claw build you wouldn't want the Strat as since it is based off the crits and with the claw you only have POT active you will not have the opportunities for it to crit on a player as opposed to a regular power troll setup which will have a regular instant power every few seconds which would have multiple opportunities to crit and proc strategist
  15. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    Yup you are 100% correct. I just thought that since it’s the only other way to get extra power out. Haven’t used the claw in a while since jld. My question is that since the claws give crit chance at 200 and the current head augments give crit chance as well. This might help a bit with getting a better chance at getting the strat power. Thou not sure.
  16. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    I run with a Claw Troll and she uses Scrap and Amulet with hand blasters. If a might player has low SP, they will struggle. But I have no power issues when I tank unless I have to keep pulling for some reason. If our healer gets low on power, she pops a super. Granted, she has about 450 SP and her Artifacts are high rank. If power truly becomes an issue, she can swap it for EoG but that rarely happens. Most people don't realize she runs Claw.
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  17. Perdition Committed Player

    To jump in on this claw debate. It all comes down on how good the group is. Like blaq said, if might dpses have low SP (for might/power) spec they will struggle on power. Same goes for healers or tanks who are spamming like mad.

    I run 2 troll setups. One is with Soul Cloak, Amulet of Rao, Parisyte Power Harness. That setup is purely focused on giving as much power as possible.

    Now, the other setup is made to buff the group, which i mostly use with good groups. This setup is made out of Claw, Cog, Parisyte. This buffs precision players by a huge amount since the change to the cog which was changed so trolls can use it aswell, same goes for tetra.

    The level of the artifacts are: Claw at 200, Parisyte 161, Cog 120, Soul Cloak 160, Rao 160, if people are intrested in that.
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  18. gemii Dedicated Player

    Long term advice on the claw

    1- don’t level it pass 160 unless battle troll is your main role

    2- ask before using it in random pug groups
  19. Melusine Midnight Well-Known Player

    Oh we realize. It's very different with her having the Claw at 200 versus at 1-159, big ol difference. She also has excellent timing with her SC and can pump one out every 24 seconds with Cloak, since she's quantum.
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  20. Ryazan Well-Known Player

    3- Have a backup troll artifact if things don't get well.

    The scoreboard said you gave more power because it disregards the troll's PoT, for some reason. Only our power dumps count, that's why claw trolls usually have a low output in the scoreboard if they don't use the shield SC.
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