Central City T2.5 Armor

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  1. Kaminokamen New Player

    For real? 600-650 for a piece? 400 MoT even? Why so high? I mean, I busted out 3 journal entries and got 60 MoT, but still, it seems way too high to get this. >.>
  2. FlipsTips New Player

    Its not that bad, not as bad as Tier 3, which is 3000 MoT a piece. Just do FOS. :]
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  3. MeleeHappy Well-Known Player

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  4. Kaminokamen New Player

    LMFAO! That's kinda how I felt! I was like: "Yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh I'm in Central City now!! Wait.... Wtf.... Dayum!" Lol

    And are you suggesting I do FOS right now, or when I go for T3??
  5. Rellik_de_Nubs New Player

    i would suggest doing ur solo missions and getting those monthly reward boxes...

    dous and alerts also should easily net u the CC gear in about a week
  6. FlipsTips New Player

    Well yes, in my opinion FOS is the fastest way to complete 2.5 gear. Doing all three easily nets you enough to get maybe 3-4 pieces of 2.5, then doing your solo missions and T3 duos, as well as alerts, and by the time you're done with all that, you'll have enough to get the rest. That's why I'm not bothered by how high they are as getting the marks for the whole set can be done within 2 days or so. (Maybe more if you don't have replay badges)
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  7. Binary Zero New Player

    I didn't bothered much with the CC gear, except for the mask, ring(s), necklace, weapons and the trinket. The rest came from drops during alerts/raids.
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  8. Kaminokamen New Player

    I'm looking on the On-Duty menu and don't see a straight up FOS... So when people are talking FOS1, 2 or 3, what do they mean?/ I'm excited to try it!
  9. REEEPR New Player

    I suggest checking out some Youtube vids before you go in. There are situations where it's easy to get the whole group killed by simple mistakes if the group isn't overgeared.
  10. Kaminokamen New Player

    Yeah I just read a strategy article about it, but sill, how do I que up when I feel like I can do it?
  11. THE BATWING Dedicated Player

    Type in the chat box lfg "your role, lf fos " someone will pick you up
    P.s. do not que for this by yourself it will just cause headaches
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  12. Daolon Zar New Player

    FOS = Fortress of Solitude. They're Tier 3 Alerts (8 Player). Their names are The Chasm, Sunstone Matrix, and something else. (Nobody cares, because FOS 2 is usually a nightmare without a legit group.)
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  13. Wizz Tron New Player

    Only thing worth getting from CC is the trinket and weapons (until you hit T4 then the weapon becomes useless)
  14. Kaminokamen New Player

    Sweet guys, thanks for all the info!
  15. MeleeHappy Well-Known Player

    You are wrong. Why waste your marks on t3 gear when you can get to cr65 with full t2.5 gear?? put on all Mod 1's, you're at cr70.
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  16. Johnny_Prime New Player

  17. T20thoughts New Player

    Now that you're looking into FOS raids, three things to read up on beforehand. Basically the main skillchecks in each raid, and the things where a lot of pick-up groups will assume that you know what to do:

    The Chasm: Sunstone Broodmother. Ask the raid you're in which tactic they're going for, because there are two different ones, and they require some of the roles to behave differently.
    Power Core: The endboss. Everyone needs to know what to do in that one, otherwise they will die.
    Sunstone Matrix: MEDICS and, to a lesser degree, snipers. Short version: Never ever ever attack medics who have a red aura around them, because you will kill everyone around them. This includes AOE attacks, so be extremely careful with those. Some tank/troller powers can interrupt medics, but for now assume that you will be relying on single-target powers and attacks. Also, never melee the big robots.
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  18. Rahiel New Player

    Why waste marks on t2.5 gear when it's lower-level than the drops from t3 alerts and duos? ^.- I'd rather have full 64s and a single 70 than full 62s. Also, a piece or two of t3 can make it much easier to cross that CR 70 threshold.

    The Central City weapons and accessories are nice, but I've found the armor to be much too expensive for its usefulness (except possibly to fill that one slot where you just can't seem to get a drop).
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  19. Wizz Tron New Player

    What the hell are you talking about?
    Not once did I say anything about T3 gear and like I said there's nothing worth getting from CC other then the trinket and weapons
    by the time you get to CC you can already do T3 content and get better gear from drops then you would from CC, mod that and get more then CR70
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  20. FlipsTips New Player

    Its not wasting MoTs when you could always use replay badges to get more. ;)
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