card game BAD!!!

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    Not on event. I've been in Event versions where they let everyone out but if players don't try to target one at a time, things won't go well. It actually makes the instance go longer because it's too much for a tank to manage, then they go down. Then maybe the heal, then the top DPS, etc, etc

    At least in Phoenix Cannon a tank might be able to sneak in a block and gain some immunity. It's not as feasible with Barbatos and his pulse beams. Also, Dark Robin's can lock up the tank which will mean death usually.
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    Almost all raids have mechanics that need to be solved, as do many alerts. What, we should get rid of all mechanics?

    The point is that it is necessary to use one's brain, not just button mash until a high HP boss is worn down. And, yes, sometimes it's necessary to learn from others, whether via in-game tutoring or one-on-one or league chat or via YouTube.
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    There is. However it's so much easier to 2 tank and 2 heal it for the feat. I am not saying that there aren't guys that can solo their role...however the majority cant on that feat and I have seen dummies toggle every boss without talking about it prior.
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    true no communication it won't happen lol
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    A lot of players just farmed dme card game for renown. What happened to making the first boss one of the more challenging bossses. This was just free renown given. Definitely was not a fan of the card game at least not as a first boss thing.
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    you guys thought the card game was hard.... wait until the next set of raids. at the very least, the combat log tells you who killed you. might have to start keeping tallies of the player with the most at fault death causes.