Can't download GU46 USPS4

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Chocolate Enforcer, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Chocolate Enforcer Committed Player

    I have been trying all afternoon to download GU 46 but it gets half then restarts with 99+hrs left. Please help so I can throw my $$$$ at your Booster Bundles!!!
  2. EP Ice Loyal Player

    Are you wired in or wireless? If you are wireless then try moving the PS4 closer to the router.
  3. Chocolate Enforcer Committed Player

    Yeah I'm wireless and it's maybe 10ft at the moment
  4. DustyAnkh Loyal Player

    You shouldn't be wireless.
  5. Chocolate Enforcer Committed Player

    Never had a problem before today downloading a GU. Plus I downloaded Bloodborne no problem today
  6. DustyAnkh Loyal Player

    There's just probably so many thousands of players downloading the update, I imagine being wireless isn't helping.
  7. Trevlyn New Player

    im still getting the same prob ,, at 10.334 gb / 11.199 gb , it will download just a little then go back to preparing to download , then start back at the 10.334 ...
  8. GJGBlackDragon Dedicated Player

    Being wireless in about 10ft from the router shouldn't be an issue unless your router is starting to get damaged. Try doing a Network Test with your PS4 and that will show your Connection Speed. I'll recommend you to restart the Router. If the problem persist, please contact your ISP.
  9. SYNDICOR2525 Dedicated Player

    Had this issue last night when I first started running the update. What I did was just try to launch the game instead of running the update from my Notifications tab. Upon launch it required for me to obviously run the update prior to the loading screen. Worked that time around. Not sure if this is a resolution but it worked for me. I am on a wireless network.
  10. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    Is anyone else using the internet for anything? Is your wireless connection password protected? Are you watching Netflix on the PS4?

    All of these things can impact your download time.
  11. Trevlyn New Player

    Not using the internet for anything and connecting ps4 straight to mifi device . 4G
  12. Chocolate Enforcer Committed Player

    Its fixed itself and download. Thanks anyways guys
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