Can Powers Do More Than 2 Roles?

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    I certainly think so. and instead of going into a paragraph discussion about it, I'm simply going to put the name of the power and list the roles it does currently and the roles it should be able to do with ease. Lets Begin

    Electricity currently is Healer/Dps, But wouldn't it make since if it could be a Controller as well. Would kinda work similar to healing but restoring power instead of healing, also using electricity to debuff.
    Nature is a Healer/Dps, But I'm sure it could be a excellent Tank and Controller. It would use Vines to pull a target closer to you, tree bark armor that constantly regenerates, different animals like rhinos or elephants to charge or push back, Herbs and plants that restore power, Poisons that debuff
    Sorcery currently is Healer/Dps, but it would make a good controller and tank. It would use spells that transfer power to people, spells that debuff the target, a summoning that can have damaged transferred over to.
    Munitions currently is Controller/Dps, But It would be a excellent healing and tanking power. It would use guns that can shoot healing rays, grenades that have a healing pheromone, Mech Suits for defense.....(Like Iron Man I guess), supply drops that is received through teleportation.
    Gadgets currently is Controller/Dps, but it could also be a good healer and tank power. It would use probes that heal and shield, small robots that target the group and heal, and gadgets that scan and heal its target. Liquid metal as a body armor reinforce. or maybe just add the recently cancelled serums to this power
    Hardlight currently is a Controller/Dps, but it would be a excellent power to tank with. It would use construct armor as a armor reinforcement, Constructs that can hold aggro or have damage transferred to.
    Quantum currently is a Controller/Dps, But if can restore your power using the power of time, than it should be able to reverse wounds or damage the group has taken and restore the groups health
    Atomic currently is a Tank/Dps, It was originally going to be a healer power, sooo yea.
    Celestial Currently a Healing/Dps, But it could also be a tank and controller power, Using spells to restore power and debuff, shields that protect you from damage, shadows that can pull and grab aggro,
    Mental currently is a Controller/Dps, But it could also be a good healer..... and possibly a tank, but I don't know about that. But it would use physic abilities to sooth the mind and restore health,
    Final Thoughts (No need to read this part)
    I think if the Devs actually do this it would inspire more people to play more than just 1 or two roles, it could potentially cut down the massive number of Dps we have at the moment, and also add more variety to powers we have now.
    Plus it could also push armory and power tokens :D
    Well what do you think about this community
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  2. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    I like it!
    This has been brought before i think, and personally i think it would be great.
    Especially when you PUG and some role just underperforms, you could cover for them without the need of crippling the whole run.

    I know some people run alts but some people dislike alts, others (like me) lack the time and thrill of rerunning content we already re-ran a lot on the first char.

    I'd really like to see an option like this in the future, probably it wouldnt even be necessary to add new anymations, just adapt the already existing powers for the new role? idk.

    Anyway, i do like the idea!
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  3. Derio 15000 Post Club

    No, we have enough power problems already.
  4. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    I think you have a nice rambling fantasy life that has nothing to do with the game in reality.
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    It's been a bit over five years since the game started. During that time it's probably been suggested a minimum of twenty times a week. 52 x 5 = 110. 110 x 20 = 2200.

    So I'd guess it's been brought up at least 2, 200 times, but more likely on the order of five to ten thousand times now.

    But maybe it's only been suggested one to two thousand times now. I'm not planning on counting.
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  6. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Controllers are good tanks, when they are overgeared and the player knows the secrets how to do it.
    Otherwise I'd have gone crazy bored on my controller character....:(

    Healers are also secondary tanks - involuntary :rolleyes:

    And Grand Summoning summons a healer, tank and more damage anyways... :D
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