Broken record. Been 24 hours and still missing membership.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Muadeeb2069, Dec 4, 2019 at 8:53 AM.

  1. Muadeeb2069 New Player

    I don't understand or know what else to do except to request a refund for lack of service through Microsoft. It has been 24 hours since my purchase of a 1 month legendary membership and it's telling me now I have 16 days until my current membership ends. None of the support links are working so I can't put a ticket in through the daybreak website. Could a Dev at least acknowledge this?
  2. Raclue94 New Player

    I've only done the year sub, so I'm sorry if this is obvious:
    Can it be that it won't show the new 30 days until the 16 are over? Or are you expecting it should show 46 days now?
  3. August Moon Well-Known Player

    is it barring you from all the episodes as well?
  4. Swamarian Committed Player

    Considering that this won't become pressing for you for 2 weeks, and the devs are working on another crisis right now, you might have to wait a couple of days.
  5. High Troller Loyal Player

    use this direct link to file a ticket:
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  6. Muadeeb2069 New Player

  7. Muadeeb2069 New Player

    I would say missing memberships from people who pay real money is more pressing than people who are glitching the in game fake money.
  8. Trexlight Loyal Player

    If you want a Dev to acknowledge it you could try PMing Mepps about it. But you have about 2 weeks til your Sub is up. It'll most likely just carry over if the payment has already been charged. The switch gives me the same countdown notice and it refreshes after ive paid. Its never really given me an increase on time until the Sub runs out. I understand youre wanting to get ahead of this just in case but if your card has already been hit with it, then you should be fine.
  9. High Troller Loyal Player

    what was the error message? that is a solid link. you must log in with your daybreak account then it will take you to the support page. you use the drop down boxes to answer some of the questions. i get it. you're frustrated. you have to let things play out unfortunately.
  10. Muadeeb2069 New Player

    Well it's a matter of receiving a product when it's already paid for. I renewed my sub on the 3rd so I should get my replays and loyalty and time automatically added. Who likes paying for something and being forced to wait to see if you actually will receive it?
  11. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Loyalty Points are giving on your renew date, Replays are given on a different day. So even if you paid early for the next month, you'll get and the other later. Wont get them both at the same time.
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  12. Thisisbu11 New Player

    Im having the same problem as him trying to write a ticket.

    I log into my daybreak acct. It tells me i have to verify my email to submit a request, and ask what platform im on. I click the ps4 link and this comes up-

    "Sorry, we are unable to process this request.

    The system has encountered an error. Please come back and try again later."

    Been trying since yesterday
  13. High Troller Loyal Player

    have you clicked on the confirmation email to confirm your daybreak account? alternatively, you can write to daybreakgames on twitter.
  14. Thisisbu11 New Player

    yep. Thats the problem. I had to make a new acct to try to contact support becausr my main just gets an error 44 message when i try to log in.

    I submitted the ticket. Now the waiting game. Fingers crossed

    Thank u very much for your help.
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  15. Swamarian Committed Player

    He's got his current membership for over 2 weeks, and won't get his monthly stipend until then anyway. All he's missing right now is a confirmation.
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